Why? Why? Why? Why? WHY?! And other quotes.

Time to post more of the funny things my kids have said lately. But first, I thought I'd give you just a teeny tiny little snippet of what our inquisitive 3 year old likes to throw at us all.day.long. I literally wrote all of this down as he was asking it...all within a 10 minute car ride. You gotta love the Why Stage, right? ;)

Why? Why? Why? But Why?? WHY?! BUT WHHHHYYY?!?!?!?
 by Harrison Boyd

Why is water wet? What's inside of a blueberry? Why is a mountain that shoots out fire called a volcano? Why do water and dirt make mud? Why do red and blue make purple? My next question is why is fire hot? Why is the window shaped like a circle but it's definitely not a circle? Why is it hard to run in squares? Why don't motorcycles have doors or windows? Why are you turning left instead of turning right? Why didn't you use your blinker? Why did you break the law?  Why do beaches have seaweed? I don't like seaweed because its painful to my little toes. Is it tomorrow? Why isn't it tomorrow? Well, can you just ask Siri? Why don't you give me good answers? (starts blubbering and crying) Why won't you teach me anything? I just want to learn. I need a new teacher so I can learn things!

The End
For 5 minutes, at least.  :)

April 2013:

Harrison: Is it time to take a break yet? All of this exercising is making me tired and hungry. (as he's sitting in the stroller while I'm the one jogging and pushing a collective 90lbs)

Harrison: Can we stop at Bucees and get an Icee? I'm "hungry-thirsty" so I need to get an "eating-drink."

Harrison: Why does my nose have to have holes in it? I want one without holes, please.
Me: It has holes so we can breathe and smell things.
Harrison: But I want one without holes so my snot and boogers can't fall out. 

Harper climbed to the top of the Chick-fil-A play place and stripped down naked from the waist down. Oh yes, she did. I had to climb all the way up there and retrieve her and her dirty pull-up and then do the mom walk-of-shame while I carried her naked, poop-covered tush across the entire restaurant. And that day is the day we officially began potty training...

Harrison: I very, very love you.

Harrison: This whole house is very terrible! 
Me: What do you mean?
Harrison: I made a big mess with all these toys everywhere and now this house is terrible.

Harrison: (in the car, on the way home from the grocery store) I feel really nervous, Mommy.
Me: Why?
Harrison: I'm nervous because I acted very badly at the grocery store and I'm ready to repent. So I don't need my 2 spanks anymore, okay? 

Harrison: It hurts my feelings when you have to go to work, Daddy.
Rick: But it's my job to work so I can support our family.
Harrison: Oh, okay! You should go to work so you can buy me lots of toys. 

May 2013:

Harrison: I don't want to go to the outlets. I want to go to the indoor mall. Can we go to the "inlets" instead?

Harrison: Why do you always make me want to throw a fit? 

Me: Look at that big crane! 
Harrison: It's not a crane, Mom. It's a cement pumping truck.  
Harper: Cement tuck, Mom. 
Me: Oh. So that arm pumps cement?  
Harrison: It's not an arm, Mom. It's a cement hose...
Harper: Cement hose, Mom.

Before I can even get my car door closed, Harper is quick to tell me every time: seat belt on, Mommy! And as soon as it clicks: Go now, Mommy!

Harrison gave us all super hero names: Work Man, Laundry Girl, Super Fly, and Burrito Baby :)

In the mornings, Harper yells from her crib over and over in a sing song voice:  Momma? Mommy? Where are you? Mommy? Where are you? Momma? Mommy? Where are you?

June 2013:

Me: I'm tired of hearing you two arguing. 
Harrison: If you are tired then you should go to bed and get some sleep.

Harrison: I'm frustrated, Mommy. I'm just a little kid, and sometimes bigger kids think different things than me. They aren't scared of some things that I am. But I'm just a little kid. I'm only 3 1/2. That makes me frustrated.
Harper: Tash tuck! (trash truck)
Harrison: No, it's a RECYCLING truck.
Harper: No, tash tuck!
Harrison: No, recycling truck!
Harper: No, tash tuck!
Harrison: No, recycling truck!
(on and on and on and on. And on.)

Harper: (any time she sees any type of construction equipment) back hoe! 
Harrison: That's not a back hoe, Harper! It's an excavator. Moooom, Harper is calling that excavator a back hoe and that's not fair!

Me: Harrison, why did you choose to disobey me just now? 
Harrison: I choosed to do it because...umm...just because I love you soooo much, Mommy?

A very common conversation in the car lately:
Harper: Mommy?
Me: Yes, baby?
Harper: Ummmm....
Harper: Mommy?
Me: What, sweetie?
Harper: Ummmm....
Harper: Mommy?
Me: I'm listening....
Harper: Ummmm...hi, Mommy.

Harrison: Mom, chopping vegetables is dangerous because you could cut yourself. From now on you should only use the counters to make chocolate chip cookies because that's safe. Okay? 

Never a dull moment around here, folks. I'm so going to miss all of these cute conversations one day!

(Total side note: I've been keeping track of a lot of their funny quotes and sayings in a note on my iphone since I don't always have my planner with me. Well, I went to add something this morning and the note was GONE. Don't you hate that sinking feeling? Like man, all those times I've thought that I really should be backing up my phone and I maybe I REALLY should have gotten around to doing that? But good news -- after some internet research I found out that my phone was backing up my notes to my email account automatically. I had no idea they were even linked. So while the note vanished from my phone I discovered it in my yahoo account on my laptop. Just thought I'd pass that along in case it ever happens to you too)


Tienna said…
I wish I didn't have holes in my nose too, Harrison. Because then the snot wouldn't be falling out of it from the tears of laughter I'm currently shedding. Oh and btw, I just read out loud to my co-workers this entire post. I see big things for your little smarty pants. Big, big things!
Jocelyn said…
Cute... these all made me smile!

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