Monday, February 29, 2016

Baseball & Karate

We are going WAY back here. This was back in early September, if I'm not mistaken. Rick scored us free club level tickets to see the Astros. We are huge Astros fans but I hadn't been to a game in a couple of years. The kids were really excited and I didn't want to miss out, so I dragged my miserable butt along. It's weird to think back to The Pregnant Days. Even though it wasn't really that long ago, it feels like a lifetime. I am soooooooooooooo thankful to be feeling normal again and not nauseated every waking (and sleeping) moment.

The kids and hubster enjoyed scarfing down hot dogs and popcorn and nachos and cotton candy while I breathed through my mouth to avoid all the lovely smells.

Harper was so cute with her pom poms. Or at least for the first 5 minutes. Then I quickly regretted bringing them along. The kids started fighting over them. Then Harrison knocked over Rick's beer and dropped the pom poms in them...which we didn't realize until she picked them up and flung disgusting beer juice all over everyone in the crowd. :/ Everyone was looking up at the roof to see what was dripping on them while I quickly stashed the incriminating evidence. My crew is always keeping things interesting. lol.

On Friday nights, they always have a big fireworks show after the game. We were very tempted to call it quits and leave before the game was over since it was way past bedtime, but I'm so glad we decided to stick it out. It happened to be Force Friday, which if you don't know (that's anybody wouldn't know), was the day The Force Awakens merchandise came out. All the stores were decked out with Star Wars stuff and the Astros celebrated, too. When they announced that the entire fireworks show was Star Wars themed, I wish I would have had a video of a certain little boy's reaction. I spent more time watching his ecstatic face than I did watching the fireworks.  It was the perfect ending to a good night.


I'm not sure if I've mentioned that Harrison is in karate. He begged us to sign him up for a long time but we had our reservations. I'm pretty sure he had no idea what it actually was and instead thought it was ninja training and he'd be fighting bad guys with cool weapons. I'm really glad we ended up signing him up over the summer, though. He has learned so much self discipline. Here are pictures from his first graduation back in the fall. He's now advanced another belt since this and just received his application for another advancement in April. 

ready for his yellow stripe belt!

Performing for the crowd

bowing to each other before I gave him his new belt

Just try to mess with me...

my boys

so proud of him

being silly

with Mr. Sean

Mom, just TRY to put me in a headlock!

Friday, February 26, 2016

Living Up to the Legacy

My laptop died. Which is part of the reason I haven't been posting much lately. I'm using Rick's laptop now, but all of my pictures are on mine. Thankfully they are all backed up, but I'm waiting to get it fixed or replaced before I upload any more and until then, I don't have easy access to any photos. So for now I will just finish up all the dozens of drafts I have waiting to be published. I'm clearly a slacker. And now I think after opening these drafts up I may cry that my Hadley Hoo is not a newborn squish any longer!! It really does go by so fast. Sob.


Harrison and Harper both have quite the collection of poop stories in the books and I would be remiss if I didn't document Hadley's as well. The kids love hearing all about their stories. They giggle and giggle each time. Apparently poop is very, very funny.

Or at least until you're a little too close for comfort.

what in the heck was that noise??
that wasn't what I think it was, was it??

oh man, I'm starting to get a whiff...

Abort, abort! Mission Hold-the-Baby has ended in disaster!

There is just nothing like those first few weeks of newborn poops. You wonder how something that tiny can produce something of such great magnitude. And Hadley decided to kick it up a notch and demonstrate the forcefulness of her bowels sans her diaper. It was AWESOME. You should be very jealous that your weren't here for that lesson in physics. Good thing I took a picture of it for you!

I literally had her diaper off for 3 seconds when she did that to me. I'm not sure you can tell from this picture, but poop shot 4 feet across the room and landed all over her crib and carpet. That is talent, folks. It still replays through my mind in slow motion. It was one of those moments where you just freeze because you have no idea what to do or where to start the damage control. I picked her up and yelled for Rick to bring me a towel...and then she started peeing all over the place too. Super Fun Times! Definitely one of those memorable moments that will be retold to her teenage boyfriends. :)

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

3 Months

Hadley turned 3 months old on the 3rd.

She weighs 13 lbs, 3 oz. and is 24 inches long.

She wears 3-6 month clothes and a size 2 diaper.

So, Hadley, what have you been up to this month?

You started laughing this month. Best. Sound. Ever. You are such a happy baby the majority of the time and have the biggest smile. You smile with your whole face...I love your happy, squinty eyes!

You still take most of your naps in your car seat, but you are snoozing less and staying awake more. You are a really easygoing baby and are content most of the time. You happily sit through your brother's karate and your sister's dance classes and just look around and take it all in. You went with Beda and me to Canton and never fussed once the entire 2 days of shopping. As long as you had your paci and the white noise app on my phone, you were good to go and drifted in and out of sleep in your stroller. I'm sure it will get more challenging as you become mobile, but for now you really are a breeze! (THANK YOU!)

You are nursing about 7 or 8 times a day. We aren't on a strict schedule but it usually averages around every 3 hours during the day. At night you usually sleep 8 hours before the next feed and then go right back to sleep until it's time to leave to take Harrison to school. One night you even went 12 hours between feeds! I try not to stretch it out that far though because I don't want my milk supply to dip. You are an efficient eater and are usually done nursing in under 10 minutes. And you are such a good sleeper once you're down for the night. (once again, THANK YOU!!!)

You make the funniest expressions. For the first month before you became really smiley, you looked mad all the time. In fact, one of the nicknames your daddy gave you is Angry Baby. You aren't actually angry very often, but you can give some mean glares. You still have RBF from time to time but you also make so many other silly faces as well and you LOVE to stick out your tongue.

You are a wiggle worm and are getting so close to rolling over. I have a feeling it will be any day now. You are also getting too big for your swing. You still aren't a very big fan of tummy time but love to lie on your back and stare up at the ceiling fan. We got out the bumbo but you aren't too fond of it yet.

Let's see...what else? You had your first trip to the zoo. You love chewing on your hands. You are a huge mama's girl. You are baby number three, and yet all of your firsts and milestones are still just as exciting and when I look into your gorgeous blue eyes, the love I feel for you literally makes my heart hurt. We adore you, Haddie Lou, and are thankful for the joy that you bring!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Christmas Eve

I'm attempting to catch up the blog once again. Here is how we celebrated Christmas Eve 2015. Or at least what I took pictures of.

As usual, we went to the Christmas Eve service at our church. My grandparents came with us and since Harrison isn't in PeeWees anymore and they don't have Creek Kids on Christmas Eve, he was excited to go into the service with us. Of course this also made Harper want to go as well, so our row was quite "lively". They actually did really well. Hadley didn't sleep through it but she wasn't fussy. And to the shock and disbelief of his dad and me, Harrison fell asleep during one of the ending songs. This is a kid who NEVER falls asleep outside of his bed or rarely his car seat. Much less during loud music. He was one tired boy for sure.

Our friend Hamilton was Joseph at the live nativity. He did a great job! The kids were excited to see him there.

After church, we went back to Mom & Tim's house for dinner. My little brother was there so she's now met 1 of her 2 uncles. He looks so awkward holding a baby, ha!

Harrison cooperated when I asked him to smile...because I told him he couldn't open any gifts until I got a nice one ;)

The kids opened up some of their gifts but we waited until Christmas Day for the adult exchange since Tim had to work Christmas Eve. And then we just hung out for a little bit until it was time to come home and get ready for Santa.

can't believe this boy is 15

GG & Papa

Mom & Uncle Steve

the pink teepee was a hit!

roughhousing with his Uncle Connor
We came home and got ready for bed. The kids were so excited about Santa coming and remembered hearing footsteps on the roof and jingle bells last year. They were giddy with anticipation. We went outside to scatter the reindeer food on the ground and I looked up and saw this:

This goofball is constantly cracking me up

Hadley left a little gift for the reindeer as well:

We came back inside and read the bible passage about Jesus' birth and then 'Twas the Night Before Christmas.

I love how Harper has her hand on her sister's head

The big kids wrote Santa letters. I laughed when I read Harrison's. He felt it necessary to remind Santa twice in one sentence that he was good this year. Sort of a last minute convincing, I suppose.

I love seeing how he spells things out on his own. It says, "Dear Santa, I'm proud that I was so good this year because I was just good this year which was awesome!" His list was completely random and aside from #1, I had never before heard him talk about the other items. 1. a bike, 2. a dog house for Hogan (his stuffed animal), 3. a scout trooper, 4. a speeder bike, 5. a satellite that is going on the dog house., 6. a real speeder bike.

Harper drew a picture for Santa and then drew out a list for him.

And then Santa came. He went a little overboard. I think he forgot how much he had accumulated over the year. But the majority of it was practical stuff that they needed anyway. My Uncle Mitch and Aunt Yong sent the kids a 6ft stocking to leave out for them as well. They scored big.

I got up to get a drink of water and took this next picture. The kids were thrilled to find it on my phone ;)

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