Tuesday, October 29, 2013

My Little Cowboy & Indian

I finally finished making the kids' Halloween costumes. A whole day early -- can you believe it?? I had my doubts that everything was going to come together the way I saw it in my head and several times asked myself why in the hell I didn't just buy their costumes and save myself the headache. But I couldn't find a cute Indian costume I liked and the cheapest chaps and vest of decent quality I could find anywhere was $50. No bueno considering I bought all the material and supplies for both of their costumes for under $10 total.

I found this tutorial to make the vest and chaps and it wasn't difficult to follow. The biggest issue I have with craft projects is a major lack of space and a major lack of child-free time to work on them. You know how kids are -- the second you start working on something they start demanding your undivided attention. And think the sewing machine pedal is a race car. And don't understand why needles aren't an acceptable toy. And you're all, for the LOVE, children!!!! Can't you see I'm busy being a super great mom by hand-making your Halloween costumes and don't have time to be bothered by you?!?!?! Can't you feed yourselves and hug each other and leave me the heck alone?! Now, go watch some more tv!

 Anyhow, a simple project usually gets stretched over several days and takes over our kitchen table and kind of stresses me out. But the moment I saw Harrison's face light up when he saw his chaps and vest and Harper got that tutu on and began happily twirling around like a ballerina, all the frustration and hassle became completely worth it.

Next year, however, we will be going to Target. Ha!

I got them dressed to make sure everything fit and we took some pictures in the backyard. I figured it would be a good idea to get pictures done early since it looks like torrential downpours are in our forecast for Thursday. Man, those kids are gonna be so disappointed if they don't get to go trick-or-treating.

Now, I may be a tad biased, but is this not the cutest little cowboy & indian duo that you ever did see?


Sunday, October 27, 2013

Bow Tie Baby Shower

Stacie and I hosted a baby shower for our friend Rachel yesterday. It was fun celebrating her and her baby boy #2.

This post I came across on Pinterest was my main inspiration. I kind of feel like the "little man" theme and mustaches are a little overdone so we stuck to more of a classy bow tie theme instead.

I designed the invitations, cupcake toppers, water bottle labels, and guest card game sheets myself to save money. I'm a nerd and love details that I'm sure not a single other person would even notice, so I was excited when I found postage stamps that matched our theme :)

 We also had the Frank Sinatra radio station on Pandora playing in the background. The little details like that make me so happy.

Rachel & Stacie

So thankful for our friendship!

Stacie and I stayed up until 4:30am one night working on these little dudes. We got the idea here and thought they looked easy-peasy...which they were...but they just took way longer than we anticipated.  I should have taken a close-up picture because they really did turn out cute. The hand-stitching really made them.

And now on to food and drinks. We served "Little Man Munchies," "Dashing Dips," and "Bow Tie Pasta Salad." Trina made the scrumptious spice cupcakes. They were seriously SO good.

Bow Tie napkins and utensils

I cut out vinyl bow ties for the cups. And here is the yummy orange lemonade punch recipe I used.

We didn't really do any games but we had the guests write funny comments on newborn size diapers so that when Rachel & Tobias are up in the middle of the night changing the baby they will hopefully get a little chuckle or a note of encouragement. I also made some cards for the guests to fill out with wishes for the baby, predictions, and any other message they wanted to write Rachel.

And here is the mama of honor opening her gifts.

She revealed his name to us but I don't think they are sharing with the whole world yet, so I'll just say that I am looking forward to meeting "Baby S" soon!


And on a complete side note, I had to share a good find I came across recently. I had to run to Target to get a couple of things and got distracted like I always do at Target. They had a lot of cute dresses on clearance and I scored 3 of them for $12 each! So if you are looking for a little black dress on the cheap, you might check it out.

And. AND! I actually followed through with a hair tutorial I pinned forever ago. If you know me then you know this is huge. I am SO not a hair/makeup/fashion kind of girl. But I wanted to wear my hair up and the only hairstyle I know how to do up is my trademark ponytail. Ha. I have really thick, course hair and it's hard to manage so I usually don't ever try anything new. But I was feeling adventurous and followed a YouTube tutorial and actually got my hair to somewhat cooperate. It was this double bun tutorial. It totally didn't look as cute as hers but I'm just happy for baby steps. She is a hair stylist and has lots of cute hair ideas and tutorials so I thought I'd share in case you are looking for any new ideas. :)

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

And he's back!

Harrison kept getting worse and worse as the day went on yesterday. By dinner time I felt like I might need to take him in to the pediatric after-hours clinic so I made a call to the nurse to see if she felt it was necessary or if I could just keep taking care of him at home. Since he had been vomiting every 15-20 minutes all day and hadn't urinated since 8:30 that morning she told me to skip the after-hour clinic and get him to the ER right away because he was likely dehydrated.

Let me tell you, catching puke in ziploc bags while trying to fill out paperwork in the waiting room is not easy nor much fun. But I think it got their attention because they skipped us ahead and we were back in a room within 15 minutes. My poor baby was so lethargic that he didn't even cry when they drew blood and stuck the IV in him. We managed to get some Zofran in his system and it wasn't long before he started to perk up a little and get some color back in his cheeks.

He and I snuggled together on the hospital bed and watched Full House reruns in between vomiting episodes and they discharged us after about 3 hours. He still hadn't peed but the doctor felt we got him hydrated enough to ride the rest out at home. I made us a pallet on the floor and by morning he was feeling much better. Today I've been pumping Gatorade in him every 5 minutes trying to get his electrolytes back up. And thankfully this afternoon he seems to be back to his old self. I missed him!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


A conversation this morning:

Harrison: My head hurts, Mommy.
Me: Did you bump it on something?
Harrison: No. I think I've just been using it too much.

Ha! That boy is always keeping us laughing. Unfortunately though, hindsight is 20/20 and his headache was a hint of more to come. Today was the first day that Rick has been able to go with me to drop the kids off at school and I am SO thankful. We got the kids out of the truck and Harrison asked his dad to carry him (hint #2). 30 seconds later and Rick was covered in vomit. So while our breakfast date got swiftly canceled, I was very grateful that a) I wasn't the one who got puked all over, and b) he was there to stay with Harrison so I could still go in and get Harper pottied and situated in her classroom. I think Rick was thankful too...he was originally just going to take the kids to school and go straight to work but I convinced him to let me tag along and treat him to breakfast. Poor guy would have been a deer in headlights if he would have had to deal with that situation all by himself. ha!

poor baby :(


 The climbing-out-of-her-crib situation with Harper is not going well. We did pick up a twin bed for Harrison over the weekend and I plan to move his toddler bed into her room. It won't help with the napping/sleeping issues but at least I won't have to worry about her breaking her neck. 

Downside: she thinks she doesn't need to nap any longer or go to sleep at a reasonable time at night. (Even though by 4 or 5 she's a monster and like this day, fell asleep in the car at 5:30 pm)

she. was. OUT!

Upside: She's growing her palate for new foods. I've been trying to get her to eat raw carrots for months, but now that it was her idea to raid them out of the refrigerator in the middle of the night, she's all about them. :)


Last week we got to see my cousin! She was down in the area so we met up for dinner. We don't get to see her nearly enough.


The kids go to Awana on Wednesday nights. I had never heard of this organization until last year but I'm so glad I did. It's class that kids go to throughout the school year and graduate up to the next level each year. They memorize bible verses and sing songs and play fun games. Each kid gets their own vest and as they get to certain levels they get patches to iron on. Harper isn't old enough to be in the Cubbies class yet (she goes to the Puggle class) but she has learned everything Harrison has just because he's so excited to sing the songs and we work on his verses and his workbook together throughout the week. Just in the last month and a half he's memorized 7 verses! Which means that I have too...just one more example of God working through my children to continue to grow and teach me. I have never been good at scripture memorization and that has always been an excuse not to even attempt it. But I am proof that anybody can do it! And I admit, listening to the songs on repeat in the car drives me a little batty at times but then hearing both my kiddos speaking truth makes it worthwhile in an instant. I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you. Psalm 119:11

They LOVE going and always have so much fun


I'm hosting a baby shower this weekend for my friend Rachel. Stacie came over Wednesday night after our kids were in bed to work on some of the craft projects and homemade gifts. I don't know if it was because we were enjoying each others' company or because we're nuts and decided to design and hand-stitch 5 onesies, but we were up until 4:30am. Who said we were too old to pull off an all-nighter? Nope, we are freakin' rock stars! ha! I got two hours of sleep before it was time to get up for the day...but there is definitely something to say about adrenaline. I may have been delirious and loopy, but I was more productive the next day than I average on a full night's sleep.


Harper wanted to take a picture next to her pumpkin. I made her outfit and she kept pointing out to everybody that "H is for Barper!". And then today...less than a week later...she officially began calling herself "Harper." It totally caught me off guard. It's been a running joke in our house since before she was 2. We ask her, "What's your name?" and she always smiles and says, "Barper!" and we say, "Not Barper with a B, silly, Harper with an H! Ha-ha-ha-Harper!" and she laughs and says, "ha-ha-ha-Barper!". And then today, just like that, she's Harper with an H. I'm not sure I'm okay with that.


For Family Night on Friday, we had pizza over candlelight. We put a tablecloth over our coffee table and the kids were practically giddy. It's the little things in life, like getting to eat in the living room.  After dinner we played Chutes and Ladders which always causes my blood pressure to rise. For some reason my 2 and 3 year olds don't care about following the rules and advancing the correct number of spaces. :)


Rick came through for me in a BIG way. I've shared on here before about my beloved relationship with Rainbow Chip icing. (here, here, & here; I may or may not have a slight obsession) It's been my frosting of choice for every birthday since before I can even remember. Well I noticed it was disappearing from store after store until eventually I couldn't find it anywhere. I got that sinking feeling and google confirmed my fear. It's been discontinued. I can't believe Betty Crocker would do this to me. Anyhow, after a lot of FB discussion and internet research, I found out there is a petition to bring it back (which I promptly signed, of course) and also saw that there were a few containers for sale on eBay for $15-$25 A PIECE. I'm not gonna lie...I was very tempted to buy some. I even went back on that night but they were already sold out. Well, on Sunday I got the following picture texted to me from Rick:

On his way home from the shop he stopped at a nearby store and hit the jackpot. He bought out the remaining stock...which was SIX tubs of rainbow chip magic. I so love that man!


Sunday night we painted pumpkins. Note to self: next year, don't use washable paint. It didn't really stick to the pumpkins and when I set them outside to dry, I didn't even think to check the weather forecast. Yep, it rained. But it was still a lot of fun painting them and definitely a good thing it was washable paint because both kids thought it would be more fun to paint themselves. Sillies!


And now I have to go snuggle this poor guy some more. He has been in bad shape all day and I feel so awful for him. :(

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Houston, we have a problem.

Remember just yesterday when I said that my wake-up call is usually Harper yelling at me through the monitor?

 Well, she decided to mix things up a little bit today. You know, to keep me on my feet. It's her job, after all.

This morning I was surprised by a very happy little girl who greeted me with a big, cheesy smile. Literally. She had what was left of a piece of American Cheese in her hand and chunks all over her face and smeared in her hair. She was very proud of herself for breaking out of jail and fixing her own breakfast. Upon further investigation, she also raided some lunch meat and then took it upon herself to unroll a roll of toilet paper into the toilet.

The implications of all of this are too much for my tired mama brain to process at the moment. That girl is a rooster. There are many days she wakes up before 6 but will play contently in her crib until 7. I'm not ready for that to transition to her having free reign over the house for an hour. When Harrison graduated up to a toddler bed it meant the end of his naps and I'm very afraid that that is where we are heading. I am typing this after an hour-long battle of trying to get her to nap but she decided she'd rather party like a rock star than rest. I think I like the idea that Rick proposed: just slap a piece of plywood on top of her crib and call it a day. Yep, sounds good to me! :)

We totally jinxed ourselves on this, by the way. I kid you not, it was the night before last that I dared to mention that I was surprised she hadn't attempted an escape yet. Joke's on me, I guess!

The good news is this means I get to revamp their rooms. That's always fun. Harrison is overdue for a big boy room so I think we'll upgrade him to a twin and then give her his toddler bed. I know exactly how I want his room to turn out in my mind but the challenge is going to be achieving it on my teeny tiny budget...as my friend told me today, it sucks having champagne taste on a beer budget. I guess I should stop drooling over Land of Nod and Pottery Barn Kids and hit up some yard sales ;)

Monday, October 14, 2013

Barper at 2

 Harper turned 2! (almost 6 months ago)

These two-year old posts kill me. I always have intentions of getting them up right at their birthdays and then of course I don't, and by the time I wrap up the draft, half of it is no longer accurate. It's amazing how fast they change at this age.

At her 2-year checkup, she weighed 25lbs., 2oz. and was 33 1/4 inches tall. (29th and 31st percentiles unadjusted for prematurity; 37th % and 49th % adjusted. Now that she's 2 there is no more adjusting!)

And at the doctor last week she was over 26lbs. Currently (at almost 2 1/2) she wears size 2T and she just moved up to a size 7 in shoes. 

So Harper, what are you up to at age 2?

*You usually go to bed around 7:30 or 8pm and get up around 6:30 or 7am and usually nap for about an hour on average in the afternoon. You through the monitor yelling, "Mommy? Momma? Mommmmy, where arrrrre you?" is usually my wake up call each morning. As long as we follow your routine to a T (say prayers, turn off lights, turn on fan, turn on CD, rock for a minute, tuck in babies/stuffed animals, cover you up with blankets in correct order and I say, "I love you. How much?" and you shout "SO much!" :) ) you are very cooperative and don't fight bedtime. I never thought I'd say this about you and I'm so grateful to be past the no sleeping phase!

* You are usually pretty calm and laid back although your sassy and bossy side is definitely emerging. You like to point at people and tell them what to do and then if they still don't listen you will come grab them by the hand and tell them to get up and come in here.  But even though you like to give demands you are also a generally well-mannered little girl. You always say bless you when somebody sneezes and 'cuse me when you want to get by and 'cuse me, burp or 'cuse me, toot when you have gas. You also like to say no dank do (no thank you) when you don't want something or when your mom and dad ask you to do something you don't want to do :)

* You aren't a huge eater but you are an apple juice drinking machine. Even when I dilute it way down you still chug it. Your other favorites are squeezy pouches, cold chicken, tomatoes, and raisins. You aren't a huge fan of eggs or carbs (how are you my daughter?).

* Your vocabulary has quickly evolved from saying a few words to saying sentences. You know your ABCs, can count to 10 (in English and in Spanish), and all of the colors. It's so neat to actually have a conversation with you and we both understand each other! I love to hear you and your brother talk and interact. He is probably your best interpreter.

* You were officially potty-trained at 27 months. You have done great and don't even need a diaper during nap time. 

* You are super sweet most of the time but you have definitely had your fair share of "terrible two" moments. In fact, just yesterday you were fighting me as I was putting you in your car seat and you were screaming at the top of your lungs STOP IT, MOMMY!  NO! NO! NO! and then you reached over and smacked me across my face.  However, even at your worst moments you are usually very quick to turn your attitude around. I put you in your crib for time out and when I go in to get you out you smile really big at me and say, I sorry, Mommy. I have happy heart now. You are also very quick to apologize to others and often times say that you're sorry even when it is the other person who is trying to apologize to you. You are a little peacemaker.

* You love to give hugs and kisses. You are constantly climbing in my lap to give me a kiss or sometimes you just randomly walk over and kiss my leg and then go on about your way. I love, love, love this about you. You also like to play a game with me where when I go to give you kiss you say no kisses! and then tell me I have to steal my sugars! And then I om nom nom your chubby cheeks and soak up your laughter.

* A few of your favorite things: Minnie Mouse, all the Disney princesses, building "hotels" out of legos, coloring, singing, preschool, pink and purple, playing with your brother, having tea parties and cooking in your play kitchen, climbing, "helping" me clean, eating popcorn, raiding my closet and wearing my shoes, playing dress up, and carrying around treasures in your many purses.

* You are shy when you're not around people you know really well. In fact, "quiet" is always circled on your take-home sheet from school and your teachers told me you rarely say a word. I was shocked to hear that because you are such a jabber box at home. Looks like you take after me because I was (and still am) really shy. I feel for you, baby girl.

Oh, my sweet Harper-Barper, if only you knew what joy and happiness and laughter you bring to our family. You are so kind-hearted and loving and funny and smart and a million other wonderful adjectives. You are a bright ray of sunshine in our lives each and every day. We are so very thankful for you!

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