Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas Eve

We had a great Christmas. Man, is it true what they say about how much fun it is to see Christmas through the lens of your children. So much magic and excitement!

on our way to church...excited about our extra passenger

live nativity

This was the first year we brought the kids into the service with us instead of taking them to PeeWees. They did really good!

After church, we headed to my mom's house for lasagna dinner and to exchange gifts. 

cousin fun!

Mom & Tim
 This man...he has such a servant's heart. He is always so considerate of others and is the most humble man I know. For as long as I can remember, he has always quietly disappeared into the kitchen after meals to take care of the dishes. And he happily hums and whistles while he does them. What a great example to learn from.

Harrison with his GG and Papa

Harrison with his Beda and cousin Hunter

Say...candy cane!

macho boy talk going on in there

"Money for college? You mean, it's not free to go to school?"

Something I adore about Harper at this age: she is always so excited to show things off to her dad. Whenever I'm done fixing her hair, anytime she gets a new outfit or shoes, whenever I paint her nails, etc., the first thing she says is, "I can't wait to show Daddy. He's gonna love it!"  Every time she opened up a gift, she excitedly ran over to show him. :)

Daddy, look!

Those santas were taunting Lexi all night
 I am declaring this year as The Year of Star Wars. This kid is obsessed. And this kid was so happy ripping into his presents...90% of his birthday and Christmas gifts have been Star Wars themed.


Say Cheese!
 Harper thought she was done with her gifts, but Beda & Pappy had one more surprise. The wheeled it in and she literally did a happy dance. There is a funny story behind this bike. They had originally bought her a different one for Christmas, but that same night Harper happened to be over at their house and a commercial for this particular bike came on and she lit up with excitement. She was captivated by the princesses, baby seat, streamers, pink glitter, hearts...pretty much all of her favorite things. She told them something about how this was the bike that was made for her and how much she really really reeeeeeallly loved it. So back to the store with the original bike they went, and exchanged it for the frilly one with Harper's name all over it. :)

Steve was lucky enough to end up with Rick's white elephant gift. lol.

We came back home and baked cookies for Santa. The kids also sprinkled some reindeer food in the front yard.

My poor husband...about halfway through the evening he started feeling really sick. By the time we got home he had a fever and looked like death. So he went to bed early and I enlisted my cousin to be my little elf helper. Santa had a lot of work and assembling to do. I hate that Rick had to miss out on some of the fun. We got out our old baby monitor and put it in the kids' room so we could eavesdrop on them. Then Hunter went in the backyard and made some reindeer/Santa sounds. Listening to their conversation about it was absolutely priceless. So much fun!

After Santa's elf work was complete and the cookies were devoured, I settled into Harrison's bed for the night. Because a) I didn't want to catch the flu from Rick, and b) both of our kids sleepwalk every single night without fail and I didn't want them discovering all of the goodies before we were up and could watch.  It was a toss up on whose bed to choose because frankly, they are both terrible sleepers and thrash around all night long.

Love their Christmas trees in their room

But ultimately, it didn't matter. Harper woke up crying and started wandering out of her bed, so I quickly switched and laid down with her. And within 30 minutes, Harrison ended up over there, too. In case you didn't know, 3 people in a twin size bed makes for terrible, awful sleep. But I was more than happy to exchange sleep for sweet, precious snuggles with 2 amazing little people for whom my heart beats.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Santa Claus Came to Town

You might not know this, but Santa goes to my church. We're tight like that. We go way back. Rick and I used to serve on his greeting team when I was pregnant with Harrison. He and Mrs. Claus are two of the kindest people around. He starts growing out his beard in the summer (speaking of summer...he is also the one who helps organize the Teddy Bear Parade we go to every year on the 4th of July) and when December gets here, he is a busy man making a lot of kids very happy. And the best part is, he does it as a ministry outreach and teaches/reminds kids the real reason we celebrate Christmas. He stopped by our house when Harrison was just 2 weeks old and we have made it a point to keep the tradition to see him every year since. It makes it that much more special when your kids are sitting on the lap of a man who really does listen and care about what they have to say to him.




This year, I called to see if he would drop in at our friends' Christmas PJ party and surprise the kids. I could tell you about the excitement, but I videoed it so just watch it for yourself. Lots of very happy, squealing kiddos!

 He took his time talking with each child and it was so fun to see their excitement. Harrison was the first to go and he was a little bashful at the beginning, but by the time Santa left the party they were BFFs.

And Harper. Oh, Harper. What's a girl to do when you're sitting on Santa's lap and all of the sudden you get your panties in a bunch? Literally speaking, with a big fat wedgie? Well apparently, you pay no attention to the crowd watching you and camera filming you, and you dive in and take care of that business. HA!

Harper decided to switch things up at the last minute with the whole asking for a Pocahontas dress. That was news to me, and I'm the one who helped her write her letter to Santa. Poor girl is going to be disappointed because the Disney Store isn't carrying them right now and this elf is not paying $50 for a used one on eBay. Not happening.

Also, I guess Harrison wanted to one-up his sister with the awkward wedgie-picking, because here was his random, awkward comment when all of the kids were taking turns telling Santa how many teeth they've lost: "I lost 2 of my foster kids. They had to go live with their grandma and I really miss them." Did I mention awkward?? Talk about quieting down a room. Thankfully, Santa had met Lily & Violet and was aware of our situation and handled it very well. Harrison has been really worried about the girls lately and keeps asking how I know that they're safe and that they're going to get any Christmas presents, so I'm sure he was just making sure Santa doesn't forget about them.

And speaking of the girls, I got some wonderful news tonight! I had texted their CASA worker to see if it was okay if we got the girls a small gift and gave them some of the pictures and cards my kids have made for them. I didn't hear back so I figured she must not have thought it was a good idea, which I get. But she called me tonight to let me know that she had visited them today and checked with their family. They are okay with it and even said she could pick the girls up and meets us somewhere to visit! I immediately felt the tears and was smiling so big my cheeks hurt...I seriously had to put a lot of effort into trying to play it cool until I could get off the phone and do a big fat happy dance. I really didn't think we would ever see them again. It will be a joyful day if we do in fact get to hug their necks again soon! (!!!!!!!!!!)

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

I have a bunch of pictures to share from Thanksgiving this year, thanks to my cousin's new interest in photography and curiosity about my canon. It finally got some use again after some neglect lately.

My mom usually hosts Thanksgiving at her house and my grandparents come down from Oklahoma and my uncles, aunt, and cousins come down from Dallas. It was kind of hilarious this year when her cable all of the sudden went out and everybody was forced to make conversation instead of watching football. But alas, Tim was on top of the issue, and TV was soon restored. Along with huge relief among the guys. :)

It was a fun 2 days of eating way too much, visiting with family we don't see often enough, playing outside, watching football, and then eating some more. 

I don't think I've mentioned it here yet, but Harrison learned how to ride his bike without training wheels a couple of months ago! Growing up TOO fast. It's amazing the pride you feel in your heart when you see your baby accomplish something for the first time...even when it's something as small as riding a bike without training wheels.

Annual wishbone tug-o-war:

Getting intense...

And victory goes to the Boyds! (Harper wished to be a princess and Harrison wished to be a teenager so he could get a skateboard. lol)

my little turkeys

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