Thursday, December 31, 2015


Here is my attempt to document last month. November 2015 was a defining month for our family. It fostered some of the most precious memories my heart will ever hold as we grew from 4 to 5. While much of it was a blur, much of it will also be permanently etched in my mind and held dear forever.

last time out to eat as a family of 4

 I have a ton of hospital pictures to share but I'll do a separate birth post. So I'll just jump right in to her homecoming.

napping in the heirloom cradle I inherited from my grandmother

Mom & Tim came by and brought dinner on her first day home
Her Pappy's first time holding her

Both kids were over the moon excited when we brought her home. They couldn't get enough of her. I knew Harper was going to be thrilled because she's a little mother hen and loves any and all babies, but Harrison surprised me by just how interested he was as well. Every day as soon as he climbed in the car from school he immediately asked about her and couldn't wait to get home to wash his hands so he could hold her. He is such a sweet big brother.

Her first few weeks home were some of the best of my life. We didn't really do much other than hang out and spend time together as we worked on finding our groove. My c/s recovery was not easy, but the fact that I felt zero nausea and got to thoroughly enjoy my life again more than made up for the pain. I was sleep deprived but just felt so incredibly happy and overwhelmed with gratitude that God had entrusted me with these 3 little blessings. Seeing them interact together was and still is so heartwarming!

they love to help burp her when she's done eating
Those newborn lips! Those squishy cheeks!

I mean, seriously?? Om nom nom.
Rick, keeping me laughing.

this girl, too. I walked around the corner to find her breastfeeding her doll :)


we soaked up all the newborn snuggles we could get

Hadley's first outing was to Target and Olive Garden. I was really anxious about it for some reason and didn't want to go. But it was completely uneventful and everything went fine. She slept the entire time all cozied up in her car seat.

I mentioned my recovery...this was by far my hardest out of all three kids. My body did not bounce back nearly as quickly this time. I lost all my weight within 2 weeks but had a lot more pain. I think a big part of it was that I had a cold and every time I had to cough it felt like my insides were ripping apart.

My OB also sent me back to the hospital twice after I was discharged. The first time was a week after I had her because I was having some issues with swelling. I didn't swell at all while I was pregnant but for some reason my right ankle and foot ballooned up after she was born. Since it was mostly just one foot and not both, he wanted me to have an ultrasound to rule out any blood clots. Thankfully there weren't any and my freak of a foot went back to normal a couple of days later. Then when she was 2 weeks old I spiked a fever which also got me an automatic trip to the ER to rule out a c/s infection. Fun way to spend a Friday night, let me tell you. Rick stayed in the van with the kids so I could still nurse her without having to bring her inside and expose her to all the flu germs (and there were tons of sick people all around me, ick). Turns out my fever was due to a kidney infection and after some antibiotics I was finally on my way.

"just try getting a shoe on me...I dare you."

At my 2-week follow up, Harper kept Hadley content by singing lullabies to her while she was in the stroller. :)

She loves being a big sister and is always very helpful. She is constantly doting on her and talking and singing to her. We sure do miss Bubba while he's at school but at the same time the girl time is special and fun!

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

We broke the not-before-Thanksgiving rule and decorated for Christmas a week earlier than we usually do. The weekend after Thanksgiving we were busy redoing Harrison's bedroom for his birthday surprise (post coming soon), and the weekend after that was our annual Christmas party, so the weekend before Thanksgiving it was. I thought it would really help me get ahead of the game by adding in that extra week, but it's now time to pack it all away already and we never even brought in all of decorations to begin with. Whoops. Maybe next year I'll be better organized. This year I preferred to sit around holding a baby instead. :)

Speaking of Miss Hadley, she got her first package in the mail last month from her Aunt Ashley. I don't know why the picture is uploading sideways but I'm too lazy to try to fix it. She wrote on the back of the package, "I bought the outfit because I had to have the shoes -- Girl Logic!"

Gotta love it! So true.

cute little knitted elf booties
 We made a fun day out of it. We all got dressed in our Christmas PJs and had an Elf night. We trimmed the tree, watched the movie, and then had Christmas pancakes and candy for dinner. 

dressed in Christmas PJs and ready to decorate

Harper was especially eager to decorate. She has been so much fun this season. She's been excited about every little detail that pertains to Christmas. When we went to Hobby Lobby and she first saw all the decorations, I thought she was going to cry tears of happiness. She went from display to display hugging all of the santas and snowmen. When it was time to trim the tree, she unwrapped each ornament and delighted over every single one, wanting to know their stories and where each one came from. It is all so magical to her and I love getting to see it through her eyes.

Patiently (impatiently) waiting

I mostly watched from afar and my eyes didn't even twitch when I saw how unevenly they were all being hung.  I didn't care, because this was my view:


Family selfie in front of the finished (unfinished) tree

Monday, December 28, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

This Thanksgiving was extra special this year. A) because we had a new sweet baby to be thankful for, and B) I could happily EAT ALL THE FOOD! WITHOUT BARFING! It was GLORIOUS! Thanksgiving dinner is my favorite meal of the year and I remember reminding myself throughout pregnancy that when it came around this year I wouldn't be pregnant any more and I would get to enjoy it fully and that I had that to look forward to. And I was right. I went back for heaping seconds (or fourths, but who's counting) and completely pigged out and felt no shame whatsoever. Have I mentioned how great I'm feeling these days???

I tried to get a few good pictures but this is reality with silly kids at this age when you ask them to smile for the camera:

finally...only had to take 562 pictures to get this one

I still pinch myself that we have a new baby girl. It's so fun putting her in all of Harper's old clothes and reminiscing about when she was a little baby. Here is Harper at her first Thanksgiving in the outfit I made her and then Hadley at hers in the same onesie.


I cozied up with this little princess and took a bunch of pictures of her scowling and sneering at me. She cracks me up! She even looks pissed in her sleep. But she is really just the sweetest, content baby ever.

"Oh...the camera again. Yaaaay."

"You devoured all that food and all I get is breastmilk?"

"I may be sleeping but I will still punch you"
this one speaks for itself... ;)

My Uncle Steve and Grandma

As Homer Simpson would say...mmmm, pie....

Harper helped my mom make these cute miniature pumpkin pies. So good.

arts & crafts time. Harper picked out a ton of Christmas crafts at Hobby Lobby and asked me no less than 45,298 times every day after when we would work on them :)
GG & Harper
Harrison & Beda goofing around

annnnd, the traditional zoning out to football

It was a good day!

Down One Kid and One Kid Down

I took this picture this morning as we were getting ready to hit the road to meet their Mamaw. They were so excited to stay for a couple of nights.

And then on the way to meet her, Harrison announced that he needed to throw up. And then he did. All over himself and the car. Fun times!

After trying to convince us he was fine and that the additional 6 times he threw up didn't mean he was actually sick, he ultimately decided he felt bad enough to come back home with Hadley and me. Harper was eager to ditch us and I'm sure she's soaking up the one-on-one attention. The other two and I are camped out watching a Star Wars marathon. So far we've gotten through 2 1/2 of them. We saw the new one in the theater on Saturday and since then somehow his Star Wars obsession is even bigger than it was before. I have no idea how that is even possible...

Hopefully this downtime will give me a chance to get this neglected blog updated!

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