Friday, September 30, 2011

Beach Babies

We went to Port Aransas last weekend to celebrate Ashley's birthday. We all pitched in and rented a condo and it is definitely the way to go with kids. We walked down to the beach, played in the pool, cooked meals, and hung out. It was great!

On the ferry

Here is Ashley blowing out her pretend candles. I knew I was forgetting something! (Which is odd, because I'm pretty sure I packed up about 90% of our house). I am not a huge fan of cookie cake, but this girl and my husband LOVE it. It is seriously like crack to them. As evidenced by the fact that only a few cookie crumbs remained less than 10 hours later.

Here she is showing off the bracelet that we got her. My friend, Christy, makes these bracelets in honor of her sweet daughter that she lost in January. The beads are in the pattern of Kenzie's birthday and a portion of the proceeds go to the March of Dimes. I knew I wanted green beads because that is Ashley's favorite color, but I wasn't sure about the shade I picked out. How funny is it that it matches her dress perfectly? Guess I was safe on the color after all!

After lunch and cake, we headed down the boardwalk to the beach. Harrison ran straight for the water and never turned back...I had to chase him down until we were all set up and ready to go swimming. He wasn't a fan of the salt water in his eyes but he didn't let that stop him from playing in the waves. He is such a little fish and could have stayed there all day if we would have let him!

And....he's off!

Meanwhile, Harper snoozed in the shade.
Beach Bum

Cooling off. Ahhhhh.

Dad! Hurry up and take the stinkin' picture because there is an ocean calling my name!!!

So much to little time.

My little Joel-Joel. Or as Harrison says, "MY Do-Do."

Playing in the waves with Daddy

We didn't stay too long because Harper decided she may be a little young for the beach. Even though we brought the shade canopy and swing, it was really windy and I think she wasn't a fan of the sand that was blowing around. Plus, the nap on the beach really worked up an appetite!

Love these adorable pouty lips!

After the beach (and lugging two unhappy babies and all our gear back to the hotel, eating a few snacks, a nursing session, and showers for all -- funny how adding kids to the mix adds a ton of stuff and time, ha!) we headed down to the pool. The resort we stayed at had a really awesome pool.  This was Harper's first time to go swimming and she really seemed to enjoy it. 

Sissy, come swim with me!

Harper & Daddy

Me and my chubby-cheeked babes

Ashley getting in some baby time

Garrett, Ashley, & Joel

best friends

The only thing I'd do different next time is stay more than one night. I felt like I spent an entire day doing laundry and packing and loading up the car just to come back home and spend another entire day unloading the car and unpacking and doing endless laundry all over again. It definitely isn't easy to vacation with small kids (especially driving 5 hours (especially when I'm the one stuck in the back seat for 5 hours between the small kids)) but I'm so glad that we went. We all had fun and made great memories. Quality time with friends and seeing huge smiles on my babies' faces made all the driving and work totally worth it!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Do you ever get the itch for change? 

I do. 

10 inches of change

It was long overdue. Lately my poor hair has taken the back burner to life and the frumpy factor was beginning to really cramp my style. It was definitely time for change.

Out with the with the new.

Good riddance, sad ponytail!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Baby coos and a slobbery kiss.

I have a lot of things I want to blog about, but this is a busy week and so until I find the time to sort through and upload pictures I thought I'd take the short and easy route and share a video for now. Hope everybody had a great weekend!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday already?

I thought that when I became a stay-at-home mom my days would begin to run together. While I do somehow manage to lose track of the months (is it really coming up on October?) and even years (I seriously find myself thinking it's 2010 all the time), I am very much aware of the days of the week and look forward to Fridays just as much as I did when I was working. Rick has been working insane hours lately (I have some very exciting news to share soon! (and no, I'm not pregnant)) so we treasure the time we get with him on the weekends...and it sure does feel like it flies by far too fast.

{I think that's how you know you're getting old -- when you keep finding yourself saying over and over that time is flying by too quickly. Ha!}

Over the weekend Harper got to meet her great grandparents. They drove down to visit from Oklahoma. Growing up I always called them the very original "Grandma & Grandpa," but Harrison quickly nixed that and instead named them "Mamaw & Papa."

Harper happily obliged to the picture taking.

Harrison....well, Harrison, not so much.

Good thing there wasn't a camera taking pictures of my mom and me jumping around like clowns to get everybody looking in our general direction. Toddlers and cameras are a tricky combination, that's for sure. But we did finally get one!

We also had Harper's 4 month pictures made. I had monthly portraits done for Harrison and I'm carrying on the tradition with her. For $7.99 it's totally worth it...even when the session doesn't quite go so well. This month we got really good pictures but the experience was, how should I say it? Interesting? I guess you could call it that. Challenging?  Ha. Ha. Ha. One of those parenting moments that leaves your stomach in knots for the rest of the day because your child scared the living daylight out of you? Yep, that pretty much sums it up! I was with Harper helping out the photographer and Rick was playing with Harrison at the lego table right outside the room. Harper was extra pukey and in the 5 seconds Rick stepped away to get paper towels to help with the Vomit Situation our little houdini got up and ran across the entire store and disappeared out the door of the building into the busy parking lot. I don't think I have ever run so fast in my life. Thank God I got to him right before he made it past the row of parked cars and into traffic. I did my best to get myself together, discipline him, and drag him and his noodle legs back into the store, but it wasn't very pretty. I should add that I was carrying a spewing baby through the whole ordeal...yeah, I'm pretty sure those picture people will cringe next time they see us coming. Ha!

In other news, I've been busy cycling out the closets. Harper has long outgrown her 0-3 month clothes and I've been getting Harrison's wardrobe ready for fall. Here the two of them are in matching rompers. I tried to get a good pic, but this is all I got:

Harrison had a hard time grasping the concept that his "hat" was attached to his shirt. It was really making him mad. I couldn't help but laugh at him arguing with it and trying to get it off. And then he turned the joke around on me with a diaper explosion of epic proportions that quickly left the pesky outfit with the attached hat sad and defeated and very, very messy. He's crafty, that one!

Friday, September 16, 2011


I started working with Harrison on the alphabet last month when I noticed he was beginning to show an interest in letters. Santa brought him some flash cards for Christmas and when I got them out of the package I was shocked to see how many he already knew without me teaching him. I guess the obnoxious educational toys may be worth the annoyance after all. :) We've been going through the cards a few times each week and he loves it. I hope he continues to find learning fun as he grows and gets older. It sure is a joy for me to watch him learn and see his eyes light up when he figures out something new. I gotta say that this age of discovery is so much fun! He gets really excited when we're driving and he sees all the billboards and signs with letters he recognizes...his very favorite places to point out are the YMCA and HEB. It takes him about 15 seconds to spit out the names but he's very proud of himself when he's done. So cute! It's the little things, right?

Here he is at lunch a few days ago. You can see he's quite opinionated...not sure who he got that from? Not only is "G" really "ga" and "V" really "Y", but he also insists that "3" is really "E" and that crosses are not crosses but are in fact the letter "T".  And he will argue his case until the point of whining, head-shaking, and tears. Silly boy!

 And you can thank the heavens above I decided to turn of the camera before we started singing. Ha!

Saturday, September 10, 2011


I was backing up my pictures and came across a few I wanted to post.

{Sidenote: I am having a hard time figuring out what to do with the hundreds thousands gajillions of pictures I take on a regular basis. The OCD in me wants to print them all out in chronological order and file them neatly into photo albums, but obviously that's not very practical at this point. But I hate to just leave them stuck inside my computer or on a CD...what does everybody else do? I feel overwhelmed by sorting and narrowing down pictures for photobooks or scrapbooks because, like I said, there are gajillions of them. I did see a couple of websites that allow you to customize blog posts into a book and I'm thinking I'm going to go that route. Which is why I feel the need to post as many of them on the blog and annoy everybody because omg, is she really posting MORE pics of her kids already?? Doesn't this lady have a life? But then again it is my blog so I guess I can post as many almost-identical-pictures-of-my-kids-that-are-boring-to-anybody-except-their-parents pictures as I want to, right? Right!}

Moving right are a few pictures of our random adventures lately.

I discovered a nice little trick recently that I so wish I had figured out sooner (and perhaps would have if I didn't wear my hair in a pony tail The invaluable weapon? My hair dryer. Because it does this:

I first noticed Harrison glued to the couch after a couple of minutes of drying my hair, and realized he was not budging as long as that Mean Monster Machine was on. So I left it on for 30 minutes while I finished doing my makeup and getting dressed. Scaring my kid into submission while I get a little me-time in...does that make me Mom of the Year or what? Ha!

Lately I've been taking the kids to Chick-fil-A once a week for breakfast. It's been so hot and it gives Harrison a chance to blow off some steam playing while we all remain in the A/C...and it also gives me a chance to shovel delicious breakfast into my face. I love me some Chick-fil-A breakfast. I'm starting to get more comfortable taking the kids out by myself now that Harper is a lot more content. Sometimes it goes really well. And sometimes, not so much. Either way it's an adventure.

OMG! Do you see that moo cow over there?!?!

The face that Harrison automatically makes once our food arrives at the table...

...because he has a little something for Momma's cinnamon cluster. Good thing I'm nice and don't mind sharing...not that I have a choice in the matter really anyway :)

Harper snoozing through the action

Harrison has perfected the art of eating toast. It's just not as much fun if you don't cover yourself in jelly!

Harper isn't much of a fan of tummy time. But I can't say that I blame her. I'm not much of a fan of exercise myself. Also, Harrison has an obsession with shoes. I didn't even realize that he was strutting around in mine until I noticed it in these pictures. Ha! No wonder I'm always searching everywhere for them.

Harrison is starting to really get into books. He's almost got the alphabet down and loves to point out letters everywhere we go. I'm not sure, but I think his favorite book lately is slightly outdated. Here's an excerpt...judge for yourself.

Harper is really starting to engage and interact and it's a lot of fun. Here are a few of her silly faces...I'm so in love with her.

We've been enjoying hanging out and playing together at the house. Harrison kept wanting me to put the baby in his toy I did. But only for a quick picture. That boy cannot be trusted with anything that has wheels on it. Looks like his sister agrees with me.

Uh, Mom? I think you're having a severe lapse in judgment right now!

 Harrison loves his sister, and Harper adores her brother. It's incredibly sweet they way they interact, even with her being so young. I hope they grow up as the best of friends.

I have a feeling they will.

Friday, September 9, 2011

A post about my gynecologist because apparently I have no boundaries.

I saw my obgyn yesterday. I heart him. He brought both of my kiddos into the world and I saw him pretty much every day for 3 weeks while I was in the hospital, so we're kind of tight. (In a totally professional dr/patient kind of way and not in the creepy way that this post is starting to sound, ha!) I learned something kind of interesting about him recently.

He's a baby doctor by day...and a poker champ by night!

Here's the ESPN article...not too shabby, right?

I made sure to ask him if he's keeping his day job, and he assured me he is. :)

So the reason I saw him yesterday is because I decided to get the Mirena IUD. Rick and I discussed it and it took us about 3 milliseconds to decide that maybe we shouldn't go the I'm breastfeeding and therefore it is impossible for me to get pregnant route again. It worked out great for us last time, but only in the sense that Harper is an incredible blessing we were so pleasantly surprised with and not in the sense that our very scientific form of birth control went successfully according to plan.

Harrison was at peewee school and I took Harper with me because from what everybody told me the procedure is short and relatively painless. They were right for the most part, and she did great. But when we were walking out to the car I started feeling so dizzy that I could hardly walk. I managed to make it the remaining steps to the car before I threw up everywhere. My ears were ringing and I was so nauseated and dizzy and everything started getting dark and fuzzy all I remember thinking was you cannot pass out because you are all alone with A BABY! do not pass out, do not pass out, do not pass out, omg please do NOT pass out!! Thankfully I didn't but I had to lie down in my car for 20 minutes before I felt well enough to even think about driving.  I called the nurse to make sure I wasn't dying (because I'm not overly dramatic at all :) ) and she said I had some sort of rare reaction (I don't remember the name, but it's harmless). So strange! Really hoping it's the only complication this thing gives me because of course I had to google it and found all kinds of horror stories about IUDs...but then again, there are horror stories on the internet about just about everything, so what are ya gonna do.

Thankfully Rick came home to help with the kids for a little while and when he had to go back to work my mom picked up Harrison which gave me some time to rest. By the end of the day I was feeling a million times better and the ladies from my small group came over for some much needed girl time. Pizza, chicken nuggets, Oreo cake, and girl talk...all food for the soul if you ask me.

And because it's impossible for me to write a post without including a picture of my babies, I of course have to throw a couple in.

Can you believe that Mom wrote an entire post about her visit to the gynecologist?

Jeez. She's so embarrassing.
Happy Friday!!!

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