Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A Week in the Life {Wednesday}

5am - Harper came into our room crying. I guess she had a bad dream but I don't know. I pulled her in bed with us and calmed her down. Harrison was already in our bed at this point and I have no idea what time he came in there. Ugh. I'm ready for this phase to be over. I want my bed back!

6am - Rick was up and getting ready to leave for work and Harrison woke up and started sobbing that he didn't want his daddy to leave. I mean full on waterworks -- it was so sad. I felt awful for Rick because I know he felt terrible. We had to actually pry him off and then Harrison ran ahead and blocked the door and begged him not to go. This is the worst part of him working so much -- it really affects the kids. I tried to distract him with a tv show but he was too upset. He's not usually like this. Just an off morning and a terrible way to start the day for us all. After lots of reassuring that Daddy would be home tonight and reminding him of all the fun things we get to do today he finally started to calm down. And then I went straight for the kid's heart. I told him I bought him some special cereal and he was all smiles from that point on. Ha!

It's a rare treat for the kids to get sugary cereal but it's Harper's birthday week and when I saw this special edition of pink and purple fruity pebbles I thought of her. That girl loves her some pink and purple. And I may or may not have a slight addiction to fruity pebbles and used her as an excuse to buy me some. Ahem. Needless to say, the kids were happy at breakfast today. Harper said, we get to have candy for breakfast?! Yep, pretty much.

I ran around the house like a mad woman trying to get us all ready to leave by 8:30. You would think we wouldn't be running late considering we were up so early, but it never fails. 4 years later and I still can't seem to accurately estimate how much time it takes to get us ready and packed to go.

Wednesdays we have Bible Study Fellowship (BSF). It's become our thing to jam out to worship music on the way there. It really helps us reset our tone since we're usually running late and it also refocuses my heart and prepares it for my bible study. We usually pick one of our anthems and blast the speakers and all three sing at the top of our lungs. I'm sure other cars think we're nuts but it is one of my favorite things of the week to do with my kiddos. They get so in to it and to see them singing to the Lord with such passion is good for my soul.

parked at a red light, don't freak.

Today they picked "Glorious One" and "Lord, I Need You." Such truth in these lyrics.

God of infinite worth
with hands that carve out the ocean
You hold the universe
and still You run to the broken

Glorious One
Glorious One
Light of the world
You outshine the sun
King of all Kings
eternity sings
Glorious One

Where sin runs deep, Your grace is more
Where grace is found is where You are
And where You are Lord I am free
Holiness is Christ in me
Yes where You are Lord I am free
Holiness is Christ in me

Lord, I need You, oh I need You
Every hour I need You
My one defense, my righteousness
Oh God, how I need You

9am - We got to BSF and I dropped the kids off in their classes. Today was our last day of the year. I cannot even begin to describe how much I've gained through this Matthew study. I had read Matthew countless times before but God used this study to grow my heart more than I would have ever imagined. It felt like each week He was talking directly to me though the passages. I'm so, so thankful for the opportunity to participate and that Rick was able to attend the men's class as well. All four of us studied the same book throughout the year and it's amazing to see how we've been blessed through it. 

11:30am - Since it was the last class of the year our class decided to meet at a park and have a picnic and fellowship time. I grabbed me some lunch from Arby's and swung by Sonic to get the kids some food. I felt bad taking Harrison to a park since he's not allowed to play on any of the equipment, but it didn't bother him at all. He ran around and had a scavenger hunt and looked for bugs. And wouldn't you know it that he still managed to somehow get injured again?? I was walking him to the restroom and he tripped and fell on the gravel trail and ripped all the skin off the palm of his good hand and also scraped up his knees. That kid...not sure what I'm going to do with him!

1pm - We left the park and I stopped by Stacie's house to drop off her lesson since she was sick this morning. Then we came home and I made the kids do their quiet time. This is what Harper thought about that:

But within 20 or 30 minutes of resting in her bed she actually fell asleep. Most days she doesn't and just rolls around and sings the whole time but she wore herself out at the park and I knew she was tired. Harrison spent quiet time playing with his toy trucks. I just love listening in on him through the door and hearing him talk to himself and make a million different sound effects. He has such a creative imagination.

I spent their quiet time picking up the house and making lists for Harper's birthday party this weekend. She demanded sweetly asked for a ballet party and we're having it at a dance studio. This is the first of their parties we've had outside of our house and I'm pretty sure I'm never going back to the old way. SOOO much easier. But I do have one gripe. Whatever happened to the common courtesy of RSVPing? I need a final headcount for the dance instructor and I'm also making tutus for all the little girls. It really makes the planning process a lot more difficult and frustrating when you're having to guess who is going to be there or not.

Harper slept for about an hour and then they sat at the table and drew pictures. Harrison made a galaxy "book" with the moon and stars and aliens. Harper drew princesses of course.

4pm - We loaded up and headed off to run a few errands. Petco to get some dog food and Walmart to get a few party supplies. They were looking at all of Fishy Boyd's brothers and sisters and updated all of them on how happy Fishy Boyd is living at our house. And look how sweet they're being...I caught them holding hands. Sometimes they really do love each other ;)

Next up was Walmart. I know. Yuck. And I don't know if it's just the stress of being in Walmart but I feel like it's physically impossible for my kids to behave in that place. By the time we left they were punching and slapping each other and I'm not gonna lie...I finally stopped nagging them to stop and just let them go at each other. Less spanking I have to do, right? HA!

And as tempted as I was to cancel the next thing on the agenda because of their rotten behavior, I gave them some grace because I didn't want to get in the way of their dad's plans. He felt awful about how Harrison reacted this morning and wanted to surprise them with a fun little treat. We met up with him at Chuck E Cheese (Walmart and Chuck E Cheese back to back...I'm fairly certain I deserve a medal of some sort) for dinner and some family time. But what was funny is that I didn't tell the kids where we were going. They knew they were getting a surprise but they had no idea what it was. I told them I needed to go to Ross first, which is next door to Chuck E Cheese. When we got there, Rick was already in the parking lot.

Harrison: Daddy!!!!! What's our surprise??
Rick: I'm your surprise, buddy! We all get to go to Ross together!
Me: Yeah, Daddy came to meet us and we're all going clothes shopping. If you're good we might get you some new socks!

He cried the entire way to the door and was so distracted by his tears that he didn't even notice that we walked through the doors to Chuck E Cheese and not Ross. We walked in and he finally realized where we were and I'm pretty sure I've never seen a smile so big on his face.

the first thing he goes to every single time

Harrison and Rick played games but Harper just wanted to hang out and wait for the pizza. Which baffles me, because BARF. Going to Chuck E Cheese for dinner is seriously a token of sacrificial love. While we were sitting there, she poured some salt and pepper out on the table and then licked it up. I'll let you meditate on that last sentence for a minute.

At least there probably aren't too many germs there, right? 


We ate and the kids had fun playing. All three of them.


And when it was time for us to leave it went really, really well.

Or not.

Harrison spiraled into full on freak out mode and in all the commotion Harper tripped and scraped her hands and knees. So both of them were crying and it was AWESOME!

I really don't know when the temper tantrums are supposed to end? I thought by almost 4 1/2 they would be over but here lately he's been having some doozies. No matter how much I prepare him for what to expect he can't seem to get his emotions under control. We told him we would have 45 minutes and then we'd have to leave and that no fits were allowed and he gave me a solid "yes ma'am." And then the 45 minutes were over and it was like we dropped a bomb on him and OMG WHY WOULD WE RUIN HIS LIFE LIKE THIS?!?!?! It didn't help when he realized Rick had to go back to work and wasn't going with us to awana. It was this morning all over again and I felt like I had just endured Chuck E Cheese for no reason.

7pm - We got to awana. Harrison finally calmed down and was happy that tonight was their celebration night since it was the last night of the year. Both of them have had a great time going. Harrison memorized over 20 scripture verses and I would guess that Harper learned close to that just by us listening to the CD in the car and practicing at home. I had to laugh because when I pulled in and parked Harper refused to get out of her car seat. I can't walk, Mommy. I need you to carry me because my leg is "boken". Scraped knee/broken leg...same thing, right?

And as we were leaving, Harrison fell and tripped AGAIN and scraped open his hand and knees AGAIN. That's 3 times in 1 day between both of them. Their momma definitely passed down the clumsy gene.

8:30pm - We got home and I got them ready for bed which was not much fun tonight. 2 exhausted and cranky kids and 1 fed up mom. I finally got them down for good around 9:30 and then I cleaned up the disaster that is our house. I don't understand how it gets like that so fast. I feel like I am constantly cleaning and picking up. I'm finishing up this post and then I'm going to get ready for bed and wait for the hubster to get home. I'm definitely ready for his schedule to get back to normal.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A Week in the Life {Tuesday}

6:15am - I woke up to a loud thud followed by Harper wailing. She fell out of our bed and landed on her head apparently. I don't know if she came into our bed earlier in the night and then rolled out while she was asleep or if she had just woken up and come in there and fell out when she was trying to climb in. Either way, not a pleasant way to start the day. She had a bump on her head but was otherwise fine. After calming her down I got up and realized Harrison actually stayed in his bed! He ends up sleepwalking into our bed just about every night and it makes for terrible sleep. He got up twice last night while I was up folding laundry but didn't get back up after I put him back in there around 2am. Which, yes, is what time I finally went to bed. Not my smartest move.

7am - Harrison was up for the day. After medicine I fixed breakfast and packed their lunches that I put off last night. I use the term "fixed" very loosely because today it was just a couple of frozen waffles. At least they eat the whole wheat ones and don't even know that you are supposed to put syrup on them? Makes them somewhat healthy, right? Or at least that's what I tell myself when we are too rushed for a hot cooked breakfast. :) Then it was time to get dressed, make beds, brush teeth, and fix hair. Oh, and I can't forget: accessorize. Harper got 3 adorable necklaces for her birthday from my mom and she spent a good 5 minutes going back and forth trying to decide which one she wanted to wear. And of course it had to coordinate with her outfit. Because even the almost 3-year olds have fashion sense around this house.

9am - I dropped the kiddies off at school. Every morning we follow the same routine:

 They race me to the building and then "hide" and jump out and scare me when I come around the corner. All of these pictures are really blurry because they were wired and moving constantly. They were excited to go to school today. Harper couldn't wait to show off her new necklace. She asked me to take this next picture of her and it was so cute how she was posing like a little model. Harrison was having a conversation with Pizza Hut while I dropped his sister off. I overheard him ordering "200 pizzas and 200 cinnamon breads with extra sugar."

9:30am - I got back home and sat down to eat my breakfast. I opted for a breakfast taco and it was pretty tasty. I threw in my last load of laundry, responded to a couple of emails, paid some bills, worked on some financial stuff for the business, ran by the post office to mail a package, went to visit a friend to meet her new baby and drop off a gift, went to the grocery store, came back home and unloaded the groceries, and heated up some lunch. Whew! I am very productive without rugrats under my feet. Lunch today was leftover chicken stir fry with peppers and pineapple that I made over the weekend. Yum yum yum. I am one of those weird people that loves leftovers sometimes more than when they are originally cooked.

2pm- Arrived in the carpool line to pick up the kids. Today they did great! They both climbed right into the car and into their seats with no fuss at all (not usually the case, unfortunately). We came home and walked in to find this:

Sydney was up to her usual shenanigans again. She got into their backpack and raided the snacks out of it. It was my doctor appointment bribery stash from yesterday so she got the good stuff. Usually I would be pretty pissed that she did this but today it was almost a relief to see her back in action again. She hasn't been feeling very well lately. She's 13 and has terrible arthritis, and lately she hasn't been acting like herself at all. Not eating well (SO not like her), having a really hard time getting up and around, and even having some vomiting and diarrhea. It's a hard balance between upping the aspirin for her pain but then turning around and having it hurt her tummy. I've been having that dreadful feeling that we don't have much time left with her so to walk in and find an unzipped backpack and trail of ripped up packaging actually put a smile on my face.

We spent most of the afternoon outside. I had a lot of yard work to do and while I worked on weeding and spraying the flower beds the kids rode around in their monster truck. Harrison dug out his old t-ball helmet and insisted on wearing it. Safety first, Mom!

Harrison came across a dying june bug and felt some compassion for it. He told me he was going to adopt it and take really good care of it. He named it "Buggy" and played with that thing for a good hour. Mom, it hasn't really learned how to walk yet but I know it will. Right now it just keeps sleeping all the time. Harper, on the other hand, wanted nothing to do with Buggy. That girl has a pretty nasty fear of june bugs. Spiders don't bother her at all but she will freak out over a june bug.

We came back inside when Harper got a big splinter in her hand. MELT. DOWN. She wouldn't let me touch it and kept telling me she just needed a bandaid. I kept telling her it would feel better immediately once I pull it out.

Me: Harper, don't you trust Mommy? I promise it won't hurt. Just trust me; it's Mommy's job to take care of your owies.
Harper: NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!  I. DON'T. TRUST. YOU!!!!! :insert screams of bloody murder::

6pm - I cooked dinner while the kids played drove me crazy until the point of me screaming to GET OUT OF THE KITCHEN OR ELSE!!! What is it with kids trying to be all up under your feet while you're cooking? So I turned on the tv and let them zone out for 30 minutes. I limit their tv time but sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do. It's amazing how quickly a little Berenstein Bears action can transform the atmosphere in your house. Peace was restored.

We had baked chicken, green beans, salad, and fettuccine for dinner. Can you tell the kids set the table themselves? Ha! They volunteered and I was proud of their enthusiasm. I was also proud of how well they ate. Harrison actually ate his salad first!! And there were zero complaints about the meal which would have been unheard of before the last couple of weeks. So refreshing!! 
jazz hands!

Rick had an all-afternoon meeting with a new customer so we missed him at dinner again tonight. He came home for a little bit after dinner but just left again to go lock up the shop since a contract employee is up there working late. I hate weeks like this where he has to work himself to death. He's long gone before we're up in the morning so we only see him in the evenings, so when he has to work late it really sucks. I miss him, the kids miss him, and I know he misses us and feels guilty and I hate that. It's gotten so much better this year but there are some weeks where it is still inevitable given the industry he's in and plus just the nature of being self-employed. I feel like we are finally getting close to getting over that hump where we are starting to see the prospect of balance and lower stress in the near future.

I had to share this video I took of Harrison tonight. He saw the paper towels I bought at the grocery store today and had an opinion on Bounty vs. Sparkle. Oh, the influence of commercials on impressionable minds.

7:30pm - Harper refused to pick up toys again tonight so it was bedtime routine time for her.

8:30pm - Harrison stayed up to see his dad and watch some baseball with him. But he was exhausted and in The Zone and threw a big fit when it was time for him to go to bed. But I have a broken arm so I NEED to sleep in your bed!!!!! Nice try, buddy, nice try.

10pm - I just got done cleaning up the kitchen and now I'm going to finish this post up and work on my bible study. Nothing like a little procrastination!

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Monday, April 28, 2014

A Week in the Life {Monday}

I like to take a week out every year or so to document what my day-to-day life is like. It is so neat to go back and read how much it's changed (yet stayed the same) even just from one year to the next. This is my last week with a 4 & 2 year old so I figured it would be a good one to do.

6:45am - Harper was my alarm clock today. She is most days, actually. She's so happy in the the mornings and is much more pleasurable to wake up to than an intrusive alarm. It's hard to be grumpy when you have a precious little girl with crazy hair smiling at you.

7:30am - Harrison emerged and I gave him his Prevacid. He has to take it 30 minutes before eating so I always give it to him immediately after he wakes up because he's a total breakfast person. If he had his way he would eat before he was even out of bed. Then it was bath time since they didn't get one last night. The orthopedic doctor said to only do sponge baths, but I've wrapped it in a trash bag and taped the heck out of it a couple of times and put him in the tub. Sponge baths on little boys just don't really cut it and sometimes they need to soak! But today I followed the rules like a good girl.

8:00am - I cooked breakfast and unloaded the dishwasher. Scrambled eggs and yogurt smoothies today. The kids love when we make "moovies" as Harper calls them. And I love to make them because a) they are really healthy, and b) so much less messy than when I give them yogurt with a spoon. I make ours with organic yogurt (I usually get plain to cut down on sugar), a banana, frozen strawberries (we had lots leftover from Frogberg's), spinach, and a tiny bit of juice to make it thinner. Sometimes I mix it up with different fruit if we have it on hand. And I usually make extra and freeze them for lunchboxes. The kids argued over who got to say the blessing -- nothing like a screaming match over praying, right? They finally came to an agreement and Harrison said, "Dear God, thank you for this whole earth, God. And thank you for this yummy breakfast and this day we get to spend together as a family. Well, my dad isn't here but the dogs are so I can still say that. Amen." And then Harper immediately followed with, "Dear God, thank you for my momma and my dadda and for my family and friends and food. Amen."

9:00am - I got myself showered and ready while the kids played and watched Sesame Street. Harper decided she and her brother needed to wear their brother/sister shirts so it was outfit change #1 of the day. I packed us some lunch and then we headed to Moody Gardens for a few hours. My membership expires next month so I'm trying to take advantage of it while we still have it. I'm also looking for creative ways to wear my kids out since Harrison can't be as active with his broken arm. He definitely needs an outlet for all that energy!  I purposely didn't take the stroller in and they walked the whole 3 hours. We had a fantastic time. It was almost empty and the kids were very interested and engaged in both of the pyramids. It's so fun to watch them excited to learn.

2:30pm - The kids had a follow-up appointment with the allergist. It was great news all around. The medication he added to Harrison's regimen has improved his reflux dramatically. He has gone from refluxing/vomiting an average of 30 times a day down to 0-5 times a day just in the last 2 weeks! His reflux has been worsening and has resisted medication over the last 4 months so this is a huge relief. He finally has his appointment with the GI next Monday so I'm anxious to hear what he'll want to do. The medication that has helped him so much recently isn't really the best long-term solution. Ironically, it's meant to treat asthma and Harper used to take it regularly when we were doing nebulizer treatments. It's called budesonide and it's a liquid steroid that is supposed to be inhaled -- but he has been drinking the vial instead in order to topically treat his esophagus by coating it. Harper's asthma has shown awesome improvement as well. We've only had to use her rescue inhaler once over the last month so her upped medication dosages are definitely working.

When I went back and read our Monday post from the last time I did this series, we went to the doctor that day as well. Except it was an AWFUL experience thanks to my kids' horrid behavior. Today was much, much better. It's nice that it's getting easier to take them to appointments without me wanting to leave in tears. Not that tantrums still don't occur -- they do -- but they are spaced out a lot more now. Thank you Jesus!

3:30pm - We stopped by Sonic on the way home for a little happy hour treat. Harper passed out in the car but her lemonade was a great peace offering when she woke up grumpy later. :) We came home and the kids played with legos while I picked up the house and sorted through the mail.

5:30pm - I cooked dinner while the kids colored and drew. Spaghetti and steamed zucchini and carrots for supper. Harrison voluntarily ate a bite of his veggies. He said he didn't like them...but he tried them without a fight! I wish I could express just how huge this is. He's been doing awesome lately with expanding his food palate. And I have been serving veggies with every single dinner whether they go with what we're having or not. So thankful to be gaining ground here!

7pm - I got the kids cleaned up and ready for bed. Gave them their meds, brushed teeth, and pajamas on. They played with legos some more while I cleaned the kitchen. Then I told them I was setting the timer and if the toys weren't picked up when it went off, then they would have to go to bed. It went off and I peeked in the play room and not a single toy had been picked I grabbed Harper and told Harrison to pick them up while I tucked her in and then we'd talk about his bedtime. I got her situated and went through our routine and she didn't fight me one bit. That girl was tired. I went back in the playroom and guess what Harrison was doing? Definitely not picking up. He was sitting down drawing. Kid, when are you going to learn??? And when am I going to quit giving him multiple chances?? I told him it was his turn for bed and a giant meltdown ensued. I carried him into his room and put him in bed and he was kicking and screaming at me. But it wasn't even 5 minutes later and he was OUT. He was exhausted.

8pm - I finished loading the dishwasher and put my first load of laundry for the evening. Mondays are my laundry night. Rick has BSF and then usually goes back to the shop afterward so he doesn't get home until really late. I rarely ever watch TV and I made myself a deal that the only time I get to watch my shows is if I'm doing laundry while watching them. And it has actually gotten me excited to do laundry :) I'm kind of bummed that the shows I watch are wrapping up for the season or are already finished. The only shows I watch outside of the occasional HGTV or Food Network are Parenthood, Grey's Anatomy, Call the Midwife, Downton Abbey, Modern Family, & How I Met Your Mother.

9pm - I called one of my girlfriends and chatted with her for about 30 minutes. Which is a luxury these days! She helped me figure out what beauty products I need because I am CLUELESS in this department. I definitely did not get the girly-girl gene. My daughter, however, is another story. She flipped through my catalog countless times and was captivated by all of the makeup. :)

10:30pm - And now I'm about to get off of here and attend to all of my laundry. I also have a couple of gifts to wrap, a grocery list to make, and lunches to pack. I can never go to sleep until Rick is home anyway so I might as well be productive.

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Friday, April 25, 2014

Easter Weekend

Last weekend was gorgeous weather -- perfect for Easter celebrations. On Saturday our small group participated in a community outreach project and put on an Easter festival for a low income neighborhood in our city. Harrison was so excited to share what Easter is really all about and tell other kids about Jesus. He was practicing what he was going to say and it was too cute. Love him and wish I was just as intentional and bold about sharing my faith with strangers.

We hung out in the backyard and the kids had a great time with a tree frog that they found. They made him a cozy home inside their birdhouse and didn't understand why he didn't want to stay put.

 And Rick got invited to their secret meeting in their clubhouse.

And of course we dyed Easter eggs. They are finally getting old enough that it doesn't make me twitch to partake in this activity. It was fun mixing colors and writing "magic" messages on the eggs.

We don't really make the Easter Bunny a huge to do at our house. In fact, when we were at the mall a couple of weeks ago and passed by the Easter Bunny photo sessions neither one of my kids even knew who he was. Ha! But the night before, I reminded them that a certain bunny might be leaving them a few little surprises in the morning...and they totally went with it. ;)  The first thing Harrison said as he sat up in bed was, "Where's my basket with all my goodies??" 


I didn't buy them very much at all. They have low expectations and I'd like to keep it that way. They were very happy to receive a couple of coloring books, a water gun, and some candy. And can I just say that it is not easy to find candy without nut allergy warnings on them? I guess that's not necessarily a bad thing. 

Then it was time to find our dyed eggs that were hidden around the house. Harper was hilarious because she didn't want to pick up any of the "boy" colored ones.

but it's not pink or purple!

We had breakfast and then I got them cleaned up and ready for church. Poor Harrison couldn't fit in the Easter shirt I bought him with his big cast. He didn't seem to care at all though. All boy. Then it was time for the final day of our advent. This is seriously one of my favorite holiday purchases ever. The kids love it as well -- every day they remind me that we need to do it.

I love these people

 I had to laugh at Harrison's craft from church. Here are his hand prints on Easter 2014:

After church we came home to grab our side dishes I made the night before. The kids remembered taking pictures in front of their eggs last year so we took another one this year. I guess that now makes it a tradition. It will be neat to look back over the years at how they've grown.

Then we headed over to Mom & Tim's house for a late Easter lunch and some more egg-hunting. 

It was a great Easter!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

A Little Sibling Competition

Since Harrison got his cast on last week, his sister has been a little jealous. She has been sneaking into the band aids and covering her body in them because, you know, she has owies too. She even developed a pretty entertaining limp one night. It lasted for approximately 4 minutes so clearly it was very serious.

And then? And then last night she slipped and fell and busted her mouth open on the corner of a table. Lots of blood and lots of tears.

I guess she figured it was her turn for a little bit of legitimate attention in the injury department?

We were at Awana and thankfully for their age group parents have to stay on campus. One of the teachers came running into the lobby to tell me she had had an accident and had cut her lip pretty badly. My immediate thought was, of course she did! After all, we are under quota for the week.

She gouged a big chunk out of that little flap of skin that connects your upper lip to your gums. The bleeding stopped fairly quickly and it didn't look like she needed stitches to me. The ice pack seemed to help but she had a rough night and didn't sleep well at all. And this morning she was still complaining and couldn't eat breakfast. So I made her a dentist appointment to make sure her teeth were okay...they seemed fine to me but I wanted to make sure since it was her front teeth. Thankfully the trauma was high enough that it didn't knock her teeth loose at all. The dentist gave us a prescription for some antibacterial medicine and said to give her soft foods for 5 days or so and she'll be good as new.

She fell asleep in the car and I brought her inside and enjoyed a nice nap snuggling up with my sweet girl. I have some sort of fever virus (because go figure) and am not feeling so hot, so I was very grateful to get some rest in. I guess the silver lining of being up all night is that she actually took a nap for the first time in weeks :)

Monday, April 21, 2014

The Year of the Met Deductibles

Hopefully one day soon I'll be able to go more than a week before posting about yet another medical incident occurring at the Boyd house.

I'm deeming this year the Year of the Met Deductibles.

So far in 2014 we have had:

7 ER/Urgent Care visits
2 hospitalizations
2 diagnoses of nut allergies
6 rounds of the stomach flu
2 cases of strep
A ridiculous number of visits to the pediatrician, pulmonologist, and ENT for asthma and other various illnesses.

And now we get to add 1 broken arm to the list.


The kids rode their bikes to the park last Tuesday evening and within 2 minutes of us arriving, Harrison took a 6 foot fall off the playground equipment and hit the ground shrieking. I knew instantly we'd be heading to the ER. He is a tough kid and rarely cries when he gets hurt -- but this was definitely an exception. It is probably a quarter mile walk and he sobbed the whole way home and insisted that I carry him. And with every weight shift or bounce he screamed in pain. Poor kid. Thankfully Rick was with us to help with the bikes and with Harper!

This was the pitiful look he had on his face all night. The doctor joked that he was going to trip over that lip if he wasn't careful. Yeeeeaah, he totally gets that pout from me. My dad used to always joke that he was reeling my lip in with an imaginary fishing pole...I didn't find it humorous.

 Here he is with the splint they gave him to tide us over until we could see the orthopedic doctor.

And on Friday, the morning of his ortho appointment, guess who woke up puking?? I'll give you a hint: it is also the same kid who had to get a full arm cast.

Can we seriously not catch a break?? I'm pretty sure it was just a bad reaction to his pain medication. He was pale as a ghost and felt awful and threw up about 8 times within 2 hours, but was fine after that.

His next appointment is in three weeks, where they'll do more x-rays to determine if he's healed or if he'll need another cast. For the next 6 weeks he can't participate in any "strenuous" activities. Which means quitting soccer, canceling swim lessons (since his cast can't get wet), and no more playing at the park or in the sand, dirt, or water. No baths other than sponge. And no getting himself dressed, putting his own shoes on, or buckling his own seat belt. Or anything else that requires 2 hands. FUN TIMES.

He was so pitiful when they were putting the cast on. You could tell he felt awful and was also in pain when they moved his arm and he hated the heat sensation when it was setting. He wasn't his normal talkative self at all. But when the tech asked him what color he wanted he kept saying "red." His favorite color is blue and he's borderline obsessive so I kept asking him if he was sure he didn't want blue. He leaned over and whispered to the technician, "I want red. Red is my mommy's favorite color."

He is such an awesome kid.

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