Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Life Lately

It's been so long since I've blogged about our day to day life that I don't really know what all is going to end up in this post. I predict lots of randomness in store...


Today I am 33w6d pregnant. Which is the exact day in pregnancy that Harper was born. That kind of blows my mind a little. Her pregnancy and this one have been so complete opposite. At this point in her pregnancy, I had already been in the hospital on bed rest for 3 weeks. It was a much higher risk pregnancy than this one for sure. But this one I've been sicker than all of my pregnancies. And aside from feeling terrible and throwing up and awful heartburn, I'm also starting to get uncomfortable and not sleeping well at all -- I never got to that point with Harper. She was much more laid back in the womb compared to her sister who I'm certain is destined to be an acrobat. But when I feel like grumbling and complaining I stop myself...because I know just how important it is to get to full term. I was MISERABLE with Harrison toward the end. But after my experience with Harper I realized how much I took the last 6 weeks for granted with him. So I'm being intentional about stopping each day and thanking God for this sweet miracle we will soon be meeting and trying to savor the last few weeks I have with her inside.

We are almost done with the girls' room and her car seat and stroller and a few other goodies from my mom got here on Friday. It's definitely starting to get real! We are all still in a little bit of disbelief that we will soon be snuggling a newborn and life is about to get even more chaotic. So, so excited! Only about 5 more weeks to go!


This spunky girl started Pre-K this month!

It's been a big month of change. Harper started pre-K after Labor Day and it's been really weird adjusting to our new normal. She only goes 2 days a week so I still have lots of time with her, but the kids have never been apart like this before. I thought it would be harder on Harper since she's always had a built in play mate, but nope. She is happy as a lark to be getting undivided attention from her momma. Apparently she had given it a lot of thought beforehand too -- on the first day of kindergarten we weren't even out of the parking lot after dropping of Harrison when she suggested, "Mommy, I think we need to go do girly things now. How 'bout a manicure and pedicure?" Ha! I was too emotional that day, but I did treat us later on that week. ;)

Harrison, however, has really struggled with adjusting to Kindergarten. He's not a morning person, so getting up early has not been easy for him. We've had several really rough mornings of tears and frustration. One morning a teacher and I had to literally pry him out of the van screaming and crying in the car rider line. Then he broke free and ran back and climbed into the van again and we had to do it all over again. That was pretty traumatic for him and for me. And then another day last week I didn't even attempt the car rider line because I knew it was going to end the same way since he was already sobbing before we left the driveway. So Harper and I had to park and check in to the office so we could walk him back to his classroom. Lots of sad tears that morning, too. He's struggling with making new friends and experiencing the fact that not everybody is nice. I hate that he's having a hard time adjusting, but I know he will eventually.

so exhausted the first week...I've been appreciating the extra cuddles

We've been trying to cheer him up with special attention where we can. Harper and I had lunch with him one day and Rick surprised him another day as well.

He was jealous that Harper went through the lunch line...but then when she offered to share her food with him he quickly changed his tune. Haha.

So excited to show off his school's cafeteria
he loves being creepy
lunch with Dad

Rick texted me this picture...I guess he was hungry enough to brave the cafeteria lunch. Barf!!

special mom/son date after his PT appointment

Harper has been a great buddy and fun companion to spend my days with. It definitely feels weird to not have Bubba with us, but I'm treasuring this time with just my Harpie-Harp. The dynamic is SO different. Much calmer, ha! She is a fantastic helper and I can't wait to see her in action once the baby arrives. 

always asking to hug her sister

just the medicine I need when I'm feeling her to pieces

She has helped a lot with her bedroom makeover
We had to get a tire fixed so we walked over to WB for an impromptu lunch date. She shared her strawberry milkshake with me...that's love.

working hard on a crossword while we waited for Vanna to be done

it definitely felt like a betrayal going to Target on Force Day without a certain little boy

she asked to take a picture with "her favorite cute little wookie" to show her brother


It didn't take long to succumb to back-to-school sick germs. Both kids have had fever virus junk and they have also both been passing staph back and forth. SUPER fun times. Harper got it first in her nose and it spread to her arms and torso and bottom. Poor girl; it looked miserable. We had just cleared hers up when Harrison got a few spots on his legs and face. Got his cleared up and then they both broke out again. 2 rounds of antibiotics for both, ointment applied 3x a day, lots of bandaids (and monster fits when it's time to take bandaids off...pure torture I tell you!!!) and bleach baths every week makes for one exhausted mama. This is the first time either of them have had staph infections/impetigo like this and hopefully the last. 

weekend fun at urgent care


We've had a lot of rain lately. Which means lots of playing in the rain. I love how Harper ran to her room to get prepared while Harrison was spontaneous and just went for it :)

We also got caught in pouring rain while at the grocery store. We waited it out for about 10 minutes but then just decided to run for it. We got completely soaked but also laughed so hard. Sometimes as an adult you forget just how fun it is to splash around in the rain.

 Her shirt says it all in these next pictures.


My mom took the kids to pick out upgraded bikes/scooters for her house. I about died when I went to pick them up and saw the size of the bike Harrison got. How is he this grown up?? It's still a little big for him but he can ride it like a champ.

Star Wars helmet? Check. Star Wars scooter? Check. Star Wars bike? Check. Boy obsessed with Star Wars? Check!

Little Miss picked out a new helmet and scooter, too.

Oh how I love this man.


This guy is getting so good at reading! He read all 64 pages of this book to me all by himself the other night. It's fun to be at this stage. My mom saved all of my books from when I was a kid so it's nostalgic to read them with my kiddos.


Harper and I have had fun trying out new hairstyles. She loves to look at pinterest to get ideas. We definitely save them for the days we don't have to be anywhere early in the morning though, because I'm still an amateur and it takes me a while to tame her tangles.


Rick got a new truck last month. It was the first time either of us has ever owned something brand new. The incentives were so good that it was the same price for a new one as it was for something pre-owned with low miles. He was in a 4-car pile up on the freeway on his way to work at the beginning of summer and his old truck got rear-ended and then shoved into the truck in front of him. It should have been totaled, especially considering it had 180k miles on it, but the insurance company opted to fix it instead. Except they didn't fix it right and soon after it also started having transmission issues, so he needed to get a new one since he uses it every day for work. 

Here she is, in all of her glory:

 And then a few weeks later in his brand-spanking-new-truck, he got rear ended again on the freeway on his way to work. I think he might have cried but he would never admit it. This time it was 3 vehicles involved but thankfully he was in the front, so the only damage is to his bumper and tailgate. As much as a headache it's been to deal with multiple insurance companies for 2 different wrecks in just 3 months, I'm just so thankful that they were only minor and he wasn't hurt! He drives so much for work and I am always anxious about that.

And...I think that's all I have energy for tonight. I'm hoping to get the blog caught up before the baby gets here, but we'll see ;)

Monday, September 14, 2015

32 Weeks

I am 32 weeks (well, almost 33 since I'm a little late getting this posted). Not much longer! Some days I feel like it's going to be here in no time and other days I'm not sure how I'm going to make it another 7 weeks. I have definitely regressed and am feeling pretty miserable again. Better than in the beginning where I couldn't get out of bed, but definitely worse than I was last month. I am trying my best to savor these last weeks since I know it will be the last time I'm pregnant. But it's hard. Even when I'm not throwing up, I feel like throwing up the majority of the day and my energy is definitely waning. I feel like HG has robbed me of so much joy. I hate how depressing and whiny I sound. I should probably wait to write this until the morning since the mornings are when I feel my best! But then I don't really want to waste time on the computer when I'm feeling decent enough to get things done.

I had an ultrasound around 30 weeks and Hadley is measuring 2 weeks ahead. My OB said they won't change my due date and that I just get to be one of the lucky ones with a larger than average baby. Which is fine with me, because boy do I love chubby babies! It doesn't make for a very pleasant final stretch of pregnancy but as long as she gets here healthy and full term I am a happy and thankful mama. She was head down, but is still not done flipping around and was back head up at my last appointment on Thursday. I can always tell how she's positioned based on her hiccups. He said that they don't worry about being breech until 35 weeks, and then if she still hasn't flipped by 37 weeks then c-section and version discussions take place.

It most likely won't be an issue though, because I think we've decided to go with a planned c/s. If my water breaks or I go into labor before 39 weeks I will consider a vbac, so we'll see what happens. I'm trying not to have set expectations either way. I would honestly love another vaginal birth because I HATED my c-section, but I'm nervous about the risk associated with uterine rupture. My OB said that 99% go fine with zero issues, but for that 1% it is usually catastrophic. I've been in that small statistic group a lot in pregnancy (placenta previa = 0.5% and HG = 1%) so I don't want to be quick to brush off the risk, even though it's small. I tried to get my doctor to make the decision for me but he refused. The nerve! Ha. He told me that there is no risk-free option and we had to decide which risks we were most comfortable with. He said he's seen vbacs go horribly wrong but he's seen sections go wrong as well. But ultimately, I think I'm more comfortable with the risks and discomforts of a c/s since the risks are for the mother and not the baby, whereas vbacs are safer for mom but riskier for the baby. I think what really made the decision for me was a story I've been following about a friend of a friend. I've been praying for God to help guide my decision and then the next day I saw my friend's prayer requests for her friend who just had a baby. She recently went into labor with her son and her uterus ruptured at the last minute (I don't know if it was a vbac or not). Their baby went without oxygen for too long while the doctors raced to get him out surgically. Thankfully mom and baby survived, but their sweet boy is still in the NICU and is unresponsive weeks later, and scans show severe brain damage. So, so heartbreaking. I know God already has Hadley's life planned out so I'm doing my best not to worry and have trust in Him.

What else is new this month? I've been nesting like crazy. And not just getting the baby's room ready. I have been feeling this crazy desire to overhaul my entire house. The good news is I'm feeling too crappy to do everything I want to do, so I'm sure Rick's happy about that. :) One night I was looking at the kitchen floors and I suddenly felt like the world was going to end if the grout didn't get cleaned right that instant. All the sudden I felt like I was living in filth and HOW IN THE WORLD CAN WE BRING A BRAND NEW BABY HOME IN THESE DEPLORABLE LIVING CONDITIONS??? I'm extremely rational, in case you were wondering. I've done what projects I can and Rick's honey-do list has also grown quite a bit too. He's been a trooper about it. We hung a gallery wall in our hallway that I've been meaning to get up for over a year. We hung all the stuff up in the girls' room. He changed out a bathroom faucet and put up a new shelf in our bathroom. We have a few more things on our list and it's feeling good to be getting some home improvement projects done!

32w5d belly picture

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 32 Weeks

Size of baby: 3.75 lbs and 16.5 inches long (according to babycenter; I didn't write down her ultrasound measurements)

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 21 lbs

Maternity Clothes: It is depressing how many clothes no longer fit me. My belly is getting huge and 90% of my maternity shirts are turning into reeeeally flattering crop tops.

Gender: Still a girl...confirmed 4 times via ultrasounds so I think we're safe :)

Movement: Insane. Not even kidding. I love it but sometimes it is super creepy how far out her foot will kick.

Sleep: Getting up about 4 times a night to pee and a few times I've even woken up mid-vomit triggered by acid reflux. Always fun. But at least I don't have problems getting back to sleep quickly.

What I miss: Feeling normal and not sick.

Cravings: Nothing really. I've been eating a lot of fresh fruit lately but not sure I would call it a craving.

Symptoms: Vomiting, never-ending nausea, heartburn, leg cramps, and started getting really short of breath the last couple of weeks. 

Best moment of the week: Harper's hilarious and creepy "what-if" stories about childbirth. They deserve their own post so I'll try to write about them soon. That girl is a HOOT. 

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Naming Baby

We finally picked a name for the baby. Although the kids are perfectly content calling her by her endearing nicknames. Harper likes to call her Nugget and Harrison always refers to her as Bah-Baby. Why he calls her that, I have no idea, but it's what he chose for her and he's quite persistent.

When we first started talking about names we discussed whether we should continue the "H" trend or do something different. I never really wanted to have "matchy" names but since we did it with the first two we were worried she would feel left out if she had something different. So we decided to commit to the letter H again. Which narrowed down our list considerably :)

The kids had some great suggestions. Harrison wanted Han Solo. Of course he did. Then he threw out Harah, as in Harah-son. Harper wanted Hello Kitty at first, but then decided she wanted a flower name. She's pretty obsessed with flowers and talks about her detailed plans for a flower garden daily. So Hibiscus was mentioned. All great contenders, right? Ha!

In the end, I let Rick choose his favorite. I had Harper's name picked out before we were even married, and he was a great sport and agreed to it with no issue. So it was only fair that he got the naming rights for baby girl #2.

So, what is Nugget's official name?

Hadley Claire.

Both names have special meaning. We actually picked her middle name first. When I was at my sickest, alternating between the hospital and home in bed, we came across Claire in a baby name book and when I saw that it means "clear & bright" I knew it was perfect. Because this sweet baby has been the bright light at the end of my very long and dark tunnel for the last 8 months.

Hadley has always been at the top of Rick's list. It took me longer to get on board. I love the name, I was just worried about it being too trendy. When I first chose Harper, I only knew of two others with that name. The author, Harper Lee, and a boy I went to school with. When she came along in 2011 I had heard it a little more, but it was still pretty uncommon and unique. But now I see it everywhere and I think it's now even on the top 10 for most popular baby names. Boo! But even if that ends up happening with Hadley as well, it's still the perfect name for this little one. Like her sister's, it also has a literary reference (Ernest Hemingway's wife's name). And it's meaning is "field of heather." So Harper got her flower name after all :)  I also love that it's also a surname like our other two.

We got to see the first glimpse of our Hadley Claire on Monday when we had a 4D ultrasound done. We did this with Harrison but never got to with Harper since I was already on hospital bed rest by this point in my pregnancy with her. Since this is my last pregnancy we thought it would be fun to do it again and something the kids would enjoy participating in.

According to the tech, she was a tricky one to get good pictures of. My placenta is anterior and not only did she have her face nuzzled into it, she also had her legs criss crossed and had both of her feet blocking her head as well. Apparently she's quite flexible.

her little footsy...she kept sucking on her toes

She didn't want to show us her face and kept burying it in my placenta

She actually made this scrunched up pouty face when the tech kept pushing on my belly trying to make her move. Love it!

But then we got a pretty clear shot. She looks like her daddy if you ask me.

baby yawn! I mean, come on. How adorable is this??

I've stared at these pictures about 3,565 times in the last 2 days

We are excited to meet our sweet Hadley Claire. Until then, I am trying not to take for granted these last few weeks of my last pregnancy.  Even though I'm still sick I am so grateful for this journey and experience and love all of her hiccups, nudges, somersaults, and Chuck Norris Kung Fu moves.

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