Day 11: Write about the worst injury you've ever had.

Thankfully I've been pretty lucky in the injury department. Which is a good thing because I am a big weenie very sensitive when it comes to pain.

I was in the hospital for 3 weeks when I was pregnant with Harper. I had placenta previa which led to an emergency c-section. I was also in the hospital for a few days last year due to complications from a lumbar puncture. But I don't really think either of those would count as injuries.

I would say as far as pain goes, hands down the worst injury was last summer when I ruptured my eardrum and didn't know it. I thought I just had water stuck in my ear so I poured some rubbing alcohol in it to dry it out and I swear that the pain that resulted was more intense than giving birth to my son whose head was in the 95th percentile. I'm still paranoid to go under the water when we're swimming.

Other injuries...let's see. When I was 4, my cousins and I were at my grandparents' house and were playing around on their 3-wheeler. Gotta love the awesome supervision of generations past, am I right? Ha! Anyway, I was sitting on the seat and Michelle was trying to climb on behind me but didn't quite make it on. Instead, she "accidentally" (hehe) caused me and the 3-wheeler to head down a hill. We got some momentum before crashing into a stone wall and flipping. Somehow, the only injury I got from the accident was a big cut right under my nose. I'm pretty sure I should have gotten stitches...but didn' I have a nice scar there now. I don't think my mom was too happy with her inlaws after this little incident ;) I only remember bits and pieces but I do remember my nice, compassionate cousin telling me to stop bleeding because I was going to get us in trouble. And then later that night I was lying in bed with an ice pack and just blubbering because I was in pain and missed my parents...and she kept telling me to stop crying so loud because she was trying to go to sleep and it was annoying her. Good thing I love her...

When I was 5, I was doing something to get myself in trouble and I remember running away from my dad when he was coming to discipline me. I jumped onto my bed and then bounced straight into the corner of my window sill where it gashed open my my right eyebrow. This time I did get stitches. Is it weird that I still remember my nurse's name? Marty, in case you're wondering. Apparently the rubber glove balloon he gave me as a distraction really left an impression.

The only other injuries that come to mind are all very minor. I took a line drive straight to the shin when I was pitching during a softball game. I pulled the tendons in both of my feet after an accidental roof-jumping stunt. I stuck a fork in a light socket once. Clearly I was a super smart kid. :)


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