Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Watch out world, here he comes!

Today is Harrison's first day of preschool. I'm not sure when my itty bitty baby grew up, because it seems like milliseconds ago it was just his first day home from the hospital.

Seriously, when did this happen?
He is super excited about school. Or at least he's super excited about carrying a backpack...the jury is still out about the school part. :) He has been having separation anxiety the last couple of months and hasn't been too eager for me to leave him lately. But I was very relieved that there were no tears today. I kissed him goodbye, asked him to smile for the camera, and this is the pitiful face I got in return:

How could you abandon your own flesh and blood?

 But I'm pretty sure by now he's long forgotten his woes and is having a grand old time playing with all of his new friends. I'm thrilled for him -- I know he's going to have a fun and exciting year and learn so much. I know all three of his teachers and they are great ladies, which makes it a lot easier for me to drop him off without feeling sad or anxious. Although I will admit that there was definitely a twinge of sadness and anxiety this morning...more of this letting go stuff again already?

But getting to spend some quality girl time with this little chica is awesome. Can you believe how big she's getting? Me neither!

Undivided attention? Suh-weet!

Another reason to be happy? Today is Tienna's birthday! She is kind and funny and beautiful and just overall lovely. Is it any surprise that we're best friends? Ha! It sucks in a mega-sucky way that we live so far apart from each other. I haven't seen her in over a year. BOO. I'm thinking a road trip might be necessary in the near future because boy do I miss her. Love you, Tana Bear, and hope you have a fantastic day!

Speaking of best friends, look who came over to visit last week:

Trying to hold hands already

We tried to get happy, smiley pictures of them together, but instead they took turns getting fussy until eventually they were both pretty annoyed with our picture-taking shenanigans.

surround sound

Over the weekend we were busy little bees. We had two birthday parties to go to...it's kind of funny that Harrison gets invited to more stuff than we do. Having kids definitely has its perks. ;) We also squeezed in a date sans the chillins, courtesy of our friends Rachel & Tobias who so kindly offered to babysit for us. We had a fun night which included a trip to Hobby Lobby (Rick was pumped) and appetizers (and even a margarita, woo hoo!) at Cafe Adobe. It's always weird to have a meal without the kids there...we didn't know what to do or say at first and just kind of stared at each other, ha! With two little ones and Rick working so much lately we definitely treasure any time we can get alone these days. Even if it is usually spent talking about the kids and daydreaming about vacations.

Have a great week and try to stay cool. I've got to admit I've been sort of annoyed at hearing everybody talk about this heat wave and how it's hot and blah blah blah, like it's not miserably hot in Houston every single year or something. But y'all? IT. IS. HOT.

I'm so ready for fall.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

I must be stopped.

Lately I've developed a pretty nasty addiction to fondness for crack Oreos. Not just the plain Oreos either. Double Stuf, baby. Dou-ble Stuf. I love them so dearly that I'm even willing to look past the fact that the geniuses at Nabisco don't know how to spell. They do, however, know how to make a divine cookie.

Now, you would think the fact that the mile run on the treadmill this morning (which actually caused me to vomit in the locker room -- have I mentioned I'm out of shape?) only burned off ONE freakin' cookie would cause me to run limp far, far away from the half-eaten package of Oreos that sits before me. But no. No, instead I keep shoveling them on in Cookie Monster style because, hello, the faster I eat them the faster they are out of this house. You can't really argue with that logic.

Besides, it should totally be illegal to make a cookie as ridiculously delicious as the DSO and then expect consumers to find the self control to stop after just two cookies. I can see clearly on the label that two cookies is a so-called serving size. But come on already. NOBODY can eat just two and you know it.

Unless of course there are only two cookies left in the package.

Which is how mine is looking right about now.

140 more calories, here I come.

Somebody stop me. I need an intervention.

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