Sunday, July 31, 2011

#9 - Pet Peeves

I could go on and on about things that annoy me because, well, I tend to get annoyed pretty easily. Not one of my best character traits. I'm trying to work on that. If people would stop being annoying it would help my mission tremendously, but whatever.


I'll keep this list short because who really wants to hear me ramble on about life's little annoyances? It's going to be tough to narrow it down to only a few, but here we go.

1. When people add an 's' to the end of stores that don't end with an 's'. It DRIVES. ME. BONKERS. when I hear "Krogers" or "Barnes and Nobles."Bonkers, I tell you. Bonkers.

2. Bad grammar and misspelled words. There's a reason my husband calls me the Grammar Nazi. I cringe when he or anybody else uses improper grammar or if I see words misspelled or misused. I especially can't stand when people mistake "loose" for "lose," or the common confusion of when to use "their," "there," and "they're." Or when people mix up "went" and "gone" as in "We've went there before" instead of "We've gone there before." It's like hearing nails on a chalk board.

3. When a certain somebody, who shall remain nameless, leaves sugar on the counter top every single morning. It's not so much that I mind cleaning up after him. It's the fact that it is apparently physically impossible for him to not spill sugar on the counter top every single morning. I am perplexed by this because you would think that after spooning sugar into your coffee cup every single morning you would have pretty good aim, right? Wrong.

4. When I spot random shoes on the side of the road. Happens all the time, and for some reason it seems like it's always only one shoe. How does that even happen??

5. Bad drivers. Enough said.

Friday, July 29, 2011

I need a stiff drink, stat!

I've mentioned before that I love going to Target, right? Well today, not so much. I ventured there this morning to get a few groceries and cleaning supplies, and left feeling totally defeated. Like, an I-wanted-to abandon-my-basket-and-find-some-place-quiet-to-tuck-my-head-between-my-knees-and-rock-back-and-forth kind of defeated.

Let me preface this by saying I'm not complaining at all. I am actually at a point where I am really enjoying having kids so close in age, and even though I didn't plan it, I absolutely wouldn't want it any other way. So obviously rough days just go with the territory. I want to document my experience this morning so that one day I will look back at this time in my life and get a good laugh in. Sure, today it was more of a sad, weary cry, but eventually I know I will miss my days filled with small, demanding children.

So. Harper's disposition improved briefly a couple of weeks ago and she even seemed happy for the first time in her short life, but it only lasted for about a week and since then she has regressed to being Mad Baby again. The colic is not giving up the fight easily. We've fallen into a routine, though. As sad as it is, after a while you just kind of get used to the crying and screaming. I think it's a defense mechanism so that we are able to maintain our last shred of sanity. :) She has good days and bad days, and today has been one of her bad days.

And I'm an idiot and thought it would be a good idea to pack her and her brother up and go to Target. I was hoping she would fall asleep in the car and sleep peacefully through our shopping trip. Ha ha ha! There I was, halfway through my list, bouncing my screaming infant on my shoulder while Harrison was putting on his best performance with his pretend cry (he's started doing this sometimes when Harper is crying. I guess either for attention or he likes to mock her). I had the giant cart they have at Target with the regular basket and the seat attachment on the front. I was trying to console Harper while pushing the monstrous cart-bus with one hand. I could just feel the stares of judgment burning into me and as I tried to squeeze by the oncoming cart, Harrison reached out and knocked about 50 things off the shelf (Thank God none of it was breakable!!!). I was a flustered mess and was at the point where I didn't know what to do. Do I just grin and bear it and finish getting the last few things? Do I abandon the basket and run? Do I bitch-slap the people who are sending shameful looks my direction like I'm the worst mom in the world? I opted to grin and bear it. I put Harper back in her car seat and kicked it into dodge. I grabbed the last few things on my list while Harrison cried and pointed at all the food on the shelves because he didn't understand why he couldn't eat it right then. I ignored the looks from everybody and headed for the check out where, in route, a lady actually stopped and asked me if my crying baby was hungry. Um, no. I am competent enough to not let my baby starve, but thanks for your concern. Jeez. It probably didn't help that Harrison looks like the victim of child abuse. He met the pavement face first when he decided to dive off the front porch stairs at my MIL's house earlier this week. And then last night he slipped and bit through his lip, which is swollen and scabbed over today. We were a sight, for sure. And a sound. A very, very loud sound.

The funny thing is, I used to be one of those people who scoffed when I saw parents with screaming babies. God sure has a sense of humor, doesn't he???? I think next time I see a sad mom with her tattered white flag raised, I'm going to run up to her and give her a big hug!

Here they are this afternoon after naps. Harrison's such a sweet brother most of the time and either gives her kisses to make her feel better (I guess he thinks she has owies) or else he usually carries on without noticing. Or sometimes, like I mentioned earlier, he fake cries or tells her "Baby, SHHH!" It's pretty adorable.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Harper & Hollyn

These two young ladies are becoming fast friends.

Here they are officially meeting for the first time in the hospital:

{exactly 11 weeks apart}
And here they are when we brought the new mom and dad dinner a few days later:

already posing for the camera

We brought Hollyn a couple of gifts I made for her:

And of course I had to make matching items for Harper.

Two cute girls, lots of pink and ruffles...this is going to be so much fun! 

#7 - Best of Blogs

I love blogs. Being at home with little kids can get a little lonely at times and it's nice to be only a click away from other adults...even if only virtually. It's also encouraging to read about other moms going through the same season of life and know that if other people are surviving, then surely I will too (or at least I hope).  Plus, isn't it fun to peek into other people's lives? Fun, and not at all creepy?  :)

I started this blog when I found out that I was pregnant with Harrison. I wanted to be able to document his life, and I'm SO glad I did. He's not even 2 years old yet and going back to read over the first months of his life is a treasure because I'm already beginning to forget the details. I remember looking down on him in my arms when he was about six weeks old consciously trying so desperately to memorize everything about him in that moment. But no matter how hard you try, the memories do fade. Which is totally NOT fair, if you ask me. So while my blog is pretty boring to read for everybody except for maybe the grandparents, my main goal is to capture everything about my kids that I can because the time and the memories are just so fleeting.

I read a pretty wide variety of blogs so I'm not going to list them all here. My very favorites to keep up with regularly are those who I know personally:  Tienna, Katie, Tracye (private), Jeff, & Amanda (and a few more friends but I'm not sure they would want me to link to them. Not sure that they even know I read them:) )

Then there are my other "friends." The ones whom I have never met, and many of whom have no idea that I even exist (and it doesn't help my anonymity that I'm a bad bloggy friend who rarely comments). I have been totally called out, too. There have been many occasions where I'll start a conversation with "My friend, so-and-so..." and Rick looks at me judgingly and asks if I'm talking about my "pretend friends" again. Such a hater, right? It's funny how you really do feel like you know somebody personally when you know a borderline inappropriate amount of information about the life of a complete stranger. That sentence sounds way more creepy than I intended it to, but you get my point. I just think it's neat to learn about and learn from people who I would otherwise never "meet" without the good ol' internet! And boy, don't I sound like quite a winner? Ha! I promise I'm not a stalker.

Like I said, I try to keep up with a lot of blogs I've stumbled across over the last few years. Way too many to list here, so here are just a few of the popular ones that I try to read regularly:

Wow, it took way more time to link to these than I expected. I think the next challenge is Pet Peeves...I better start narrowing down my list now, ha!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Show Us Your Life - Marriage Tips

Two posts right in a row? Whoa, I'm on fire today! I haven't participated in Kelly's SUYL in a while, but when I saw what the topic was this week I figured I'd chime in. Now, this will be far from the "best" marriage advice out there, but I can honestly say that it has been a blessing in our relationship time and time again. It has prevented arguments from escalating and has been great at shifting the overall tone of a conversation or somebody's grouchy mood in a matter of seconds. And it's fun. Childish, sure, but fun.

Are you ready for my expert advise?

Do a jig. 

How's that for profound wisdom? Rick and I have an understanding that if either of us calls for the other to do a jig, they MUST stop what they're doing or saying and do it. No matter how mad or grumpy the person is, we are not allowed to turn down the request. Our rules are that it has to be at least 5 seconds long and the person must be smiling when doing it. And if we're in the car and not able to do a jig, we have to sing "Row, Row, Row Your Boat."

I know it sounds silly. It is silly, and that's why it works. It's a little hard to stay angry or grouchy when you're doing a jig, right? Sometimes a good dose of humor is exactly what a marriage needs!

#6 - What Would You Do With $100?

Hmmm. This question might be a little challenging because most of the stuff I want to do costs way more than $100. Lately I've been itching to do some home improvement projects, but since our daughter went all diva on us what little disposable income we have is going toward medical bills. But that's not too exciting to think about or read about, so instead I'll share a few of the things on my wish list (that are all well over my $100 budget of this post, but that's just how I roll. I've got expensive taste, what can I say.):

1. Repaint our main living areas. When we first moved in I obsessively searched and searched for the perfect color. I was so excited when I finally found exactly what I was looking for. And then I learned a valuable homeowner lesson: always (ALWAYS) paint a sample on the wall first. Because what looks like the perfect Tuscany Gold can very easily turn into School Bus Yellow once all the walls are finished and the painters have cashed your check. I kept telling myself it would grow on me, but after almost 4 years I can see that that's just not going to happen. But the thought of all the work involved in repainting (especially with how full my hands are these days) quickly makes it easier to deal with School Bus Yellow for a while longer.

2. New flooring. We bought our house new and it has upgraded flooring throughout, but it has carpet in the main living area and bedrooms. It's been great with small kids, but eventually I'd like to rip it up and put either hardwoods or tile down. We'll probably wait another year or two, so until then I'll just keep vacuuming an insane number of times each week because my pets shed an insane amount of hair.

3. Decorate the laundry room. I really don't know why I'm wanting to do this, because it's not like many people ever see your laundry room. But it's the first room we walk into from the garage and it's a pretty drab welcome. And maybe if I pretty it up a little it will make doing laundry more enjoyable? Ha.

4. Bedroom furniture. The hodge podge of stuff we have in there right now isn't really cutting it. It's the last room in our house that we haven't done anything with (except for the laundry room) and it needs some help. We also want to eventually upgrade to a king size bed so we can all snuggle from time to time (I'll just pretend that Harrison would actually snuggle and not immediately want off the bed). We found this furniture that we really like:

But if I only had $100? I'd probably pay for a housekeeper to come clean my house from top to bottom. Or buy myself some clothes that actually fit and are in style, since it seems like I've been pregnant for the past 2 years straight. Or even better, snag a babysitter and then take my husband out on a fancy date. Yep, time alone with the husband and food without the "fast" in front of it sounds pretty fantastic, if you ask me!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Two special birthdays!

Harper's best friend was born last night! Hollyn Faith Norman came into the world at 10:07pm weighing in at 8 pounds, 6 ounces. Katie did such an amazing job! After laboring for 16 hours (including THREE HOURS of pushing, bless her heart), she became a mommy to a sweet little princess. I had the privilege of loving on her this afternoon, and let me just tell you, she's beautiful! We put the girls together for their very first picture and it was so precious. (I'll post it as soon as I can get it from Katie's camera since my battery was dead) Harper actually looked big compared to her, which was so strange to me. She's always been my skinny minnie preemie and even though she's no longer skinny and is coming up on 3 months old, I guess in my mind I still think of her as itty bitty. I'm so looking forward to all the fun times in the future for these two girls...and for their mommas. :)

And speaking of mommas, today is my momma's birthday. Happy Birthday, Mom! We love you!

Monday, July 18, 2011

#4 - What Do You Listen To?

I listen to a pretty wide variety of music. However, these days I'm sure a lot of people would say my hip factor has taken a nose dive. I'm far from a prude; don't get me wrong. But after having kids I've really started noticing how trashy some of the popular music has become and I find myself sticking to either Christian or country music while we're in the car. Harrison's way too young to understand the lyrics at this point, but I can't even imagine trying to explain lyrics like this (in reference to teenagers, no less), "let's go all the way tonight / no regrets, just love" or even worse, "'cause I may be bad, but I'm perfectly good at it / sex in the air, I don't care, I love the smell of it / sticks and stones may break my bones / but chains and whips excite me". Um. Yeah. Kinda the opposite of the values we're trying to instill in them, you think? I'd like to try to keep them innocent for as long as I possibly can. I think a reasonable goal is something like until they're 32 or so.

As far as my favorites, it's no secret that Kenny Chesney is the love second love of my life. His music seriously does my soul some GOOD. And a funny story -- over the weekend our new neighbors invited us over to hang out and get to know each other. In walks their cat, and I asked Erica what her name was. Get this -- her name is Chesney. Erica's husband apparently has a man-crush on Kenny and insisted on naming the cat after him. Ha! (I tried that card with baby names, but for some reason Rick wouldn't go for it) So I guess it's safe to say that our street is definitely representing!

Other favorites of mine would be Chris Tomlin (seriously LOVE his music), Keith Urban, Rob Thomas, The Eagles, Taylor Swift, The Beach Boys, The David Crowder Band, Sugarland, The Beatles, Jack Ingram, and a bunch of others that I'm sure I'm forgetting. I usually just have the tv on my Pandora station and just let it decide for me.

My pregnant friend... about to POP!

Katie's almost 39 weeks and we are all just so excited to meet little miss Hollyn!

In celebration of her upcoming arrival, I thought I would finally finish the blog post about Katie's baby shower that was back in....wait for it....May. I know, I know. I'm a little late getting the pictures up. But in my defense I had just birthed a baby (do you still call it "birth" if it was a c-section?) and feel like I've been swept away in a whirlwind of chaos since then. So better late than never, right? :)

I was so excited to plan her shower. She wanted it to be laid back and family-friendly, and instead of calling it a "shower" we called it a "baby party." We figured the men and their egos might be a little less intimidated by a party rather than a shower. It was at a local park with a big pavilion and we served hot dogs and snacks. Doesn't get any more man-friendly than that, ha!

Thank goodness Katie's sister Kristy and her friend Brigid were also hostesses, because I was thisclose to being a no show thanks to a little something called hospital bed rest. But then Harper decided to end my bed rest early by making her grand entrance into the world on May 3. I was discharged from the hospital on May 6 and the shower was the next day. Somehow I actually managed to make it there in one piece -- I think it was a combination of not wanting to miss my bestie's fun day, wanting to see and be around people after being stuck in a bed for so long, and being heavily medicated. :) 

And now for the picture overload!

Diaper cake that I made
 Funny story about the diaper cake - before the cake was fully constructed, I had it behind the locked door of my bedroom so that Harrison couldn't destroy it. He had seen it, including the 20 or so pacifiers, and went berserk. Well, one day I noticed that it was oddly quiet and went to check on him, and he had gotten in there. I walked into the bedroom to see him hovering over the big pile of binkies he had made, madly popping one into his mouth and quickly changing it out for another. He was so happy to see such an assortment of different pacifiers and was literally rocking back in forth in excitement, with the widest eyes, whispering, "bobo? bobo? bobo!" Ha ha! It was so unbelievably funny and adorable. So Katie -- be sure to sanitize the binkies because there's a good chance they made it into my son's mouth...sorry about that! :)

The lollipops were washcloths and spoons

I have to also give big props to Ashley. She came to visit me in the hospital and helped finish all of the decorations. It was so much fun getting in a little girl time and there's no way I could have done it without her help. Love you, Ash!

There were blessing trees on each table

And the cake! I thought they would actually write out the verse, but I guess they didn't have space. This verse is special to Jeff & Katie: "I prayed for this child, and the LORD has granted me what I asked of him"

food and drink setup

The mom-to-be

my mom, Lindsay, Jon, & Allen

Christy, Nick w/baby Asher, & Krista

Here's Savannah. Such a cutie!

Sleepy Carter

Trina and Christian

Allen and Harrison

My sweet MIL, Mary

Lindsay, Jeff, Rick, & Jon

Katie's dad, getting his grill on!

Katie's mom, sis, and FIL

Mom & Harrison (past nap time, can you tell) :)

Hamilton. Love this kid!

Happy Baby Party!
Unfortunately I didn't get pictures of everybody who was there. Like I said, I was heavily medicated :)

Okay Katie. Now that I've posted about your baby shower you are now allowed to go into labor. Come on, Hollyn!!!!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

#3 - Favorite Things


Paired with wine when I'm feeling classy, and with elbow noodles when I'm seeking comfort. Or, just by itself when....well, whenever.

{Super Target}

My home away from home.

{catching a flick}

The best part, of course: popcorn with butter & a cherry coke with extra ice.

{snow cones on a hot summer day}

Mom Lesson #847: don't order The Toddler cherry red.


I can't even tell you how much $$ I've saved on diapers. Or how much I've spent on Kindle Books.


No, not the potato chips. Ok, the potato chips, too. Cheddar & Sour Cream, please.

 {fruity pebbles}

And all of her sugary friends. We buy The Toddler the boring healthy stuff, and sneak the good stuff for ourselves.

Oh how I miss my HGTV.

{monogrammed stuff}

Everything's better with a monogram.

{Dr. Pepper Icee}

I actually cried when it was out of order one time. But in my defense, I was pregnant. Which makes it a totally appropriate reaction, am I right?

{these p.j.'s}

And I pretend that he picked them out himself.


Especially on this sweet head.  

 {rainbow chip cupcakes}

seriously. THE. best.

 {Kenny Chesney}

::sigh, swoon, sigh::

Thursday, July 14, 2011

So refreshed!!!

Harper slept so well last night. It was strangely quiet...Rick and I have become accustomed to her constant grunting and fussing and this is the first night since we've brought her home that she seemed to be sleeping peacefully. She had a pretty good day yesterday as well, so I'm praying that this is a sign that her new medication is working!!!!! After getting some much needed rest I gotta say that I feel like a million bucks today. I'm so relieved to see my sweet baby finally showing signs of comfort!

#2 - Spill Your Purse

Handbags. I'm not gonna lie and say I care much about them. I admire them from afar, but in all honesty, feel pretty intimidated when it comes to picking one out and spending the money. So I don't. I'd say my style is more of a  shabby chic, except without the chic. Hobo, but in the literal sense and not the fashionable sense. I haven't bought a purse in probably 5 years, and my impressive collection of 3 (2 of which were gifts...are they trying to tell me something?) are looking pretty ratty.

Not that it matters much at this point anyway, because this is what I have hanging from my shoulders these days:

both gifts from Ashley (who also provided one of the 3 purses I own, ha!)

Along with this monkey. He likes to hang from my shoulders, too.

I'm thinking a chiropractor might be in my future.

Here were the contents of the 2 bags as of today:

1. Hooter hider. Because nursing on the go is a must with 2 kids. And because I'm pretty sure nobody wants to see my boobs.

2. Extra outfits for both children. Because I've been taught the lesson about not packing extra outfits way too many times for my liking.

3. Kangaroo Pouchee. This was a birthday gift from my mom and has come in SO handy. It holds all my stuff and makes it a breeze to switch between diaper bags and purses.

4. Diapers (in size 1 and size 5) and wipes, and a changing pad courtesy of my sweet and crafty friend Trina. She always makes the cutest things!

5. Pacifier wipes. Because bobos are my son's crack. Seriously, he needs rehab.

6. The cutest burp cloth ever, right? My friend Traci has an etsy shop and I'm totally in love with all of the stuff she sells.

7. My beloved Kindle. A birthday gift from the hubby this year and I gotta say that after some initial reluctance, I have fully embraced this fine piece of technology. Currently reading The Strong Willed Child by James Dobson. I finally broke down and realized that I need all the help I can get. Ha!

8. Pile of random junk, including but not limited to: a clementine, a bobo, my sunglasses, hand sanitizer, purell wipes from Chick-fil-A, Mylicon drops, and paperwork from Harper's last pediatrician visit. Oh, and ironically, somewhere mixed in with this disorganized mess is an organizer that I just bought (but obviously haven't started using yet) at Target the other day.

9. Snacks. Because, FOR THE LOVE!, you never go anywhere with out snacks.

And now, just because I'm stupid and should be sleeping right now but instead I'm blogging about totally important and exciting things like the contents of my purse/backpack/diaper bag/luggage, I'll go ahead and show you the contents of my pouchee. Because I know you're dying to see what's in there, right?

I didn't take the time to label this picture, and I know you're extremely disappointed. Sorry about that. Let's see...what have we got here? I spy a few crumpled receipts, a checkbook (even though who in the heck still uses a checkbook these days?), an iTunes gift card (It's a birthday gift for my cousin, Hunter, and totally not for me seeing as I don't even own an iPod. I have my doubts whether that silly piece of technology is going to catch on. :)), a bunch of lip products (because you can never have too many (even though I rarely remember to put any of it on)), some nipple cream (glamorous, right?), hair clippies and ties, more snacks for the kid, a bandaid for the kid, library card/gift cards/reward cards, pens I apparently stole from my OB's office, the new phone my hubby forced me to upgrade to (second version, b/c I lost the first at the hospital), and Rick's new waterproof camera. I say Rick's camera, because it was his Father's Day gift from me. That I carry around in my purse. Wife of the Year Award right here, folks. Oh, and I can't forget about the couple packages of gum. What purse is complete without the couple packages of gum?

Speaking of sweets, check out this eye candy:

I just can't seem to get enough of this little lady!

In the rare event I'm going somewhere sans the kids, I ditch the diaper bags and  pull out this beauty:

My very first (and only) purse I've owned that cost more than $30.

Rick surprised me with this Coach purse on our 3rd anniversary. We always exchange traditional gifts, and year 3 is leather. Smart guy, right?! Makes me feel even worse for getting "him" a camera for Father's Day. :)

And with that, I must finally go to bed.

Next post in the series is Favorite Things. Sounds like fun!

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