Day 10

Day 10: write about someone who inspires you.

I'm lucky to have a lot of inspiring people in my life. I think it would be unfair to try to narrow it down to just one, so I'm not going to attempt to go there. Instead, I'll talk about two people out there on the interwebs who inspire me to grow in my faith.

One of my favorite blogs to read is The Macs. I found Jess's blog when her sweet Cora was diagnosed with cancer. I went back and read every single post about that precious baby and sat there and sobbed. My heart was so burdened by what Jess and Joel were going through. Sadly, Cora lost her fight and went to heaven when she was just 11 months old. But even through the grief and mourning of losing her only child, what I felt through the words of Jess's posts was hope. She is transparent about her walk with the Lord and her faith is incredibly inspiring. She also goes to BSF and I love reading her take on the lessons since I'm studying the same thing. In addition to precious Cora, she is now also the mom to two adorable little boys, Levi (3) & Griffin (1). They live in a cute little farmhouse in Kansas and I love keeping up with their sweet family.

And I'm currently a little bit obsessed with Jen Hatmaker at the moment. She is hilarious and witty (have you read her viral post about being the worst end-of-year-mom ever?) but is also a great example of what it looks like to be the hands and feet of Jesus and not just his mouth. "As things were clipping right along, in 2007 God engineered a massive gear change for our family. In summary, He said: “My entire world is crumbling and starving and dying, and you’re blessing blessed people and dreaming about your next house.” Evidently He was serious about all that stuff in the Bible. A year later, we had moved, started Austin New Church whose mantra is “Love Your Neighbor, Serve Your City”, and learned that the easiest place to stay comfortably off-mission is in the western church, where we had been doing a lovely job of serving the saved and ignoring everyone else."

She's written a handful of books that I can't wait to dive into, beginning with 7. "7 is the true story of how Jen (along with her husband and her children to varying degrees) took seven months, identified seven areas of excess, and made seven simple choices to fight back against the modern-day diseases of greed, materialism, and overindulgence. In the spirit of a fast, they pursued a deeply reduced life in order to find a greatly increased God."

I guess considering I haven't actually read any of her books yet, I'm more inspired to be inspired. :)


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