Thursday, April 28, 2011

Day 15

We are now past the two week mark here at our Extended Stay at the Resort, as my doctor likes to call it.


How am I doing? I have gotten this question a lot lately and I cringe every time because I don't really know how to answer it honestly. The two things I want most in the world are impossible to attain right now. To make sure my baby girl is born healthy and as close to full-term as I possibly can, and to get the hell out of this hospital and home to my baby boy who needs his mama. Unfortunately there is no way for both of these to happen at this point in time. They are painfully mutually exclusive.

Physically, I'm doing pretty good. Dr. Klein commented yesterday that he is really impressed at how long I've managed to hang on and that I've made it farther than average and farther than he expected me to, which is really encouraging! The magnesium sulfate still makes me feel pretty crummy but I think after being on the higher dosage for several days now my body is starting to adjust to it and I'm getting used to the icky feeling it gives me. My contractions are still there off and on but my cervix must be hanging in there strong because I'm under the impression that if they were causing me to dilate then I would have had another bleeding episode by now. I'm sleeping a little better now that I have a more comfortable bed and have gotten used to the sounds of a hospital.

Emotionally, I'm drained. I feel such relief that I've made it an additional 2 weeks so far and have hit the 33 week mark. That is huge progress! But I'm still far too early for her to come with me feeling comfortable about it. Not that I have any choice in the matter, but my goal is to stay pregnant for 3+ more weeks...and I very much have a love/hate relationship with that goal. If this were my only baby I wouldn't think twice about being stuck in a hospital bed for several more weeks and I think it would be a lot easier for me to suck it up from a mental standpoint. But Harrison is not really adjusting well to me being here.  He comes to visit and wants nothing to do with me. Rick will pick him up and try to get him to sit with me and give me a hug or a kiss and instead he cries in protest, glares at me and tries to hit me. He is very angry with me. And who can blame him? All he knows is that I was there all day every day of his little life, and then one night I vanished and haven't been back since. I'm grateful that he is young enough to not remember any of this, but I hate that he is too young to understand what's going on. I want more than anything to scoop him up and hug and kiss all over him and explain why I'm here and reassure him that I'm coming home, and for him to understand. But he's 16 months old. He doesn't get it. All he knows is that I abandoned him, and that breaks my heart. So yeah, emotionally I'm all over the place.

It's been hard for me to think back over these last two weeks and not feel like I've wasted them away, stuck in this hospital bed. Nothing has happened, which obviously we are extremely grateful for, but at the same time I feel like they are two weeks that I could have been at home living my life and mothering my child. Today I think my doctor sensed that I needed some words of encouragement, and he reassured me that this is exactly where I need to be. It's just way too risky for me and the baby for me to not be within emergency proximity of the operating room. That statement alone terrifies me, but at least it helps to relieve some of the burden I feel being separated from Harrison (and the rest of the world). So, the plan is still the same: I will be here until she arrives, which could happen at any moment now. It's more likely to happen sooner rather than later, but we are praying for it to happen later.

Overall, we're hanging in there. That's been my go-to, cliche of an answer, but it's the truth. We're making it work. We're adjusting. We're trying to stay positive and maintain a sense of humor. We're thankful for great parents who are fabulous grandparents to a very lucky little boy. We're thankful for wonderful friends and family and prayers and words of encouragement and meals and love and support. We're thankful for every day I'm still pregnant. We're thankful for excellent medical care. We're thankful for a God who has a plan and who already knows the very second Miss Harper will meet this world.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter: Hospital Style

Our circumstances haven't really allowed us to have the traditional Easter celebration, but we were definitely not going to let that spoil our fun. And, just maybe, several years down the road we'll even look back fondly at our Hospital Holiday? It's a stretch, but it could happen, right?

Easter bunnies, waiting for our little man to arrive

Harrison's goodies

When Harrison walked through the door this morning, he couldn't wait to get his hands on our "hats".

I'll go ahead and take these, thankyouverymuch.

But it took him a few tries to get them on right side up.

What's so funny, Mom?

Eventually he figured it out. Just long enough to decide he didn't want to wear silly bunny ears, though.

My "Hare" Bear (I'll be here all night, folks)

He took a little time to rummage through his basket and check out his goods. 

Books, bubbles, coloring, they're great and all, but where in the heck is my chocolate bunny?

His favorite were the bubbles. He would chase them all day long if somebody was patient enough to blow them for him. I need to look into getting him a bubble machine...I'm thinking one of those could come in mighty handy in the near future.


And of course he got to hunt eggs.

Ready to get his hunt on.

Which took forever, because he refused to go to the next egg until his current egg was opened and the contents were consumed.

Get in my belly.
I've got you!

Nom nom nom!

Must. Get. Open.

Apparently all the eating was pretty exhausting, because at the end he opted to sit down against the wall to eat the rest. And then he went back through the eggs, one by one, to make sure he hadn't missed a single piece of "candy." Except that I'm a lame mom and his "candy" was really just yogurt melts and goldfish crackers. :)

This is hard work, hunting all these eggs.
When he realized that yes, in fact, all of his eggs had already been emptied and were therefore rendered useless to him, he dumped them all out and wore his basket around as a hat.

This is how all the cool kids wear their baskets.

And before you go feeling sorry for my poor child for the less-than-exciting hospital festivities, here are some pictures of him hunting eggs from yesterday. Outdoors and with other kids and with real candy, blah blah blah. Not that I'm jealous or anything.

I'm so ready for this!

Where's he going? Good thing this competition wasn't for money.

Back on track...

I don't have enough hands.

Not your typical Easter, but a blessed one nonetheless.

Happy Easter from the Boyds!

Easter 2011

Saturday, April 23, 2011


I've been in the hospital for 10 days now. Overall I would say that I'm handling this whole situation much better than I ever anticipated. I knew from early on that hospitalization was a possibility, but I could hardly bear the thought of what that would be like, so I just didn't let myself go there mentally. And now, a week and a half in, I can honestly say that we're actually doing it. Not that we have a choice in the matter, but we've adjusted to our new normal as well as could ever be expected.

But today? Today has been a hard day.

My contractions came back over the last couple of days and they had to increase my dosage of magnesium sulfate again. It makes me feel awful. Horrible. It's working though, so I try to force myself to be happy about that. But part of me wants to beg the nurse every time she comes in to turn it back down. And then I feel guilty and selfish and weak because it's the very drug that is helping Harper stay inside where she needs to be. That same guilt creeps in every time I find myself staring at the clock, wondering just how many more days of this I can tolerate. I feel like I am slowly going insane being stuck in a bed in a hospital for 24 hours every day. Life is still very much going on out there but I'm no longer a part of it...and I miss it terribly. I'm so homesick. I just want to go home and play with my son and love on my pets and enjoy the sunshine and go for a walk and a million other things I am now painfully aware that I take for granted every day. But unfortunately, for that to happen it would mean Harper coming into this world much earlier than she's supposed to. And having a preemie in the NICU. And still feeling the impossible burden to balance my time and energy between two kids, who both need me in very different ways. I just feel stuck and helpless and completely without control.

Harrison had his very first Easter egg hunt this afternoon. My mom and stepdad took him so he wouldn't miss out, and I was really upset that I couldn't be there. The Easter Bunny will be leaving him some goodies in his basket here and we'll have a lame egg hunt in my hospital room tomorrow. I've been very emotional today about missing out on Easter and all of the fun that goes with it. I don't get to dress my kiddo up in his argyle sweater vest and I don't get to go to church and I don't get to hide eggs and I don't get to have our 2nd annual Easter lunch with our friends. I've tried to stay positive but the last couple of days the sadness and anger has crept in.

Today has been full of tears. Today has been a hard day.

And then tonight I realized that I'm being a pretty big brat. Yes, it sucks that I'm stuck here in the hospital and won't get to participate in the normal Easter activities. But since when did Easter become about coordinating outfits and colorful eggs and chocolate bunnies? When I take the time to reflect on the true meaning and sacrifice of this holiday, my grumbles pale in comparison. Yes, I feel sick and I'm going stir crazy. But Jesus died a horrific, painful death on the cross and faced the worst pain and fear imaginable. Yes, I miss my son. But God sent His son to die for us. Maybe sitting out Easter this year is exactly what I needed to really put things in perspective.

I wanted to share this video with you. The lyrics to this song have been ministering to me today. I don't think anybody really desires to be brought to their knees, but sometimes it's exactly what we need to remind us that He is there and He loves us and He is all that truly matters. I am needing Him more than ever right now and I'm thankful for that.

Lead me to the cross where your love poured out
Bring me to my knees, Lord I lay me down
Rid me of myself, I belong to You
Oh lead, lead me to the cross

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mr. Boyd (the little one)

I found this sitting in my drafts. I was waiting to add a few more pictures and his measurements and then I guess I forgot about it. I think I've played his dancing video about 50 times this morning...oh how I miss my little stinker!


It's been a while since I've posted about Harrison's development and what he's been up to, and I wanted to get it documented out here before he's on to the next stage. I am sooo glad I have this blog because you really do start to forget the sweet little details about each phase. I'm not good about updating his baby book regularly and the blog has been a lifesaver of a reference when I do finally make the time to update it. One night I couldn't sleep and skimmed through some posts from his infant days and it is such a treasure for me to be able to read through and look at all of the pictures from that foggy time in our lives.

My feisty toddler recently turned 16 months and life has seemed like a whirlwind lately! This is such a fun age but I don't think I've ever been more pooped. I remember thinking the newborn stage was exhausting, but now I think back to the days where he napped all the time and wasn't mobile and I want to smack myself for taking it for granted! Especially since I'm about to have a newborn and a toddler...should be pretty interesting, right? I'm a little scared but looking forward to the adventure for sure.

So, what has my little baby love been up to lately?

-He weighs ____ lbs and is ____ tall. (Gonna have to get his dad to measure him)

- He just recently started giving kisses! LOVE. IT. The ones on the mouth are more of the slobbery french variety, which I don't mind one bit because hello, my baby is giving me kisses! He also loves to kiss his sister which just about melts my heart into a gooey puddle of delight. Let's hope he still feels that affectionate toward her when she gets here!

-The last month or so has been extremely hard on me emotionally because he went through a SERIOUS anti-momma phase. And I'm not exaggerating one bit, I swear. We're talking crying and shaking his head and pushing me away when I try to take him from somebody. During his prayer every night he would push and slap my face away because he didn't want me near him and his dad. One night he actually hugged everybody in the room, including the two dogs and even the arm of the couch, but refused to give me one. When in a shopping cart he would spend the entire time trying to pry my hands off the handle and try to kick me in the stomach. I have felt like our days were spent by me constantly disciplining him and it has been awful feeling so rejected by him! It has been character-building for me to say the least, but I am SO glad that the phase seems to be passing now. Like I said up there, he's now giving me kisses (and lots of hugs) so we are making definite progress!

-He is very independent and only likes to feed himself. He gets so excited when he gets a spoon or a fork and he's learning how to use them. Still a giant mess, but he probably gets about 50% or so of it in his mouth. He's a huge fruit eater but thinks he hates veggies (but I know he doesn't b/c he'll still eat the baby jars). He's just now finally starting to eat meat without a fight...hopefully he's getting over whatever weird texture issues he had.

-He love, love, LOVES to be outdoors. Which is a lot of fun for both of least until it's time to go inside.

-He is a dancing fool. Enough said.

-He is a little chatterbox. He sits and "talks" to himself and cracks himself up...apparently he finds his stories and jokes quite funny. His english words include: Mama, Dada, Mamaw (for my mom), Bamaw (for my mil), Pa-pa (for my step-dad), Papaw (for my fil), cracker ("ca-ca"), banana ("na-na"), ball ("bah"), car ("cah"), baby ("ba-ba"), uh-oh, bo-bo (for pacifier), bye-bye, yeah, puppy (which he now only prefers to say "woof-woof") and I'm sure I'm forgetting a few more. He still loves to sign and uses: please, thank you, more, drink, eat, all done, help, I love you, night-night, and waves hi and bye. And this week he's even started picking up a few animal and letter sounds. His favorite is of course for puppies (woof-woof). He also loves to make sheep sounds (baaaa) and cow sounds (mooo). And he knows that the letter "G" says "ga", "M" says ("mmm"), "B" says ("ba"), and "D" says ("da"). There is a very fun and not at all annoying song that goes through the sounds that letters make. And it gets stuck in my head all. the. time. ("G says ga, and G says ga, every letter makes a sound and G says ga!" <--- you have to do the cheesy facial expressions and head bobbing for the full effect, fyi)

-He has so nicely decided to wean himself down to one nap a day. He's still cranky and tired enough for 2 naps a day, but it is just not going to happen according to him. And he rules the roost around here, if you didn't know.

-He is a dare devil. He is hard headed. He is very rough and tumble. He is destructive. He's all boy. He actually figured out the child-proof locks on all our doors as well as the cabinets. Luckily he hasn't figured out the one on the toilet yet, though. I'm sure it's only a matter of time!

Harrison, you are and always will be my sweet baby boy. Even in our most challenging moments there is not one thing I would change about you. In our daily battles of wills I remind myself that your strong personality and drive are such valuable traits. It's my prayer that you will grow up to use them to serve God and that he will cultivate you into a faithful leader who helps to bring many to his kingdom. You give us such joy and laughter and we love you more than you will ever know!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Day 6

I don't have much to report, but no news is great news because that means Harper is busy packing on more lbs as I type this. Today marks day 6 in the hospital. I definitely have my moments of weakness, but overall I'm hanging in there.

The update:

-We are playing the waiting game at this point. Obviously the longer we are able to wait, the better. They won't electively deliver Harper until at least 36 weeks, but most likely they will have to deliver her sooner when my body decides it's time. Text book on when that would typically happen is anywhere between now and next week. Dr. Klein said that when it does happen it will likely happen very quickly because the second hemorrhaging episode is usually really severe and an emergency c-section will be necessary. He told Rick that if he wanted to be here for the delivery he needed to be within 10-15 minutes of my hospital room at all times because there won't be much of a warning, and that they won't be able to wait for him. So for now, he's got a desk set up in my room and is working from in here. I'm so grateful that his employer has been flexible and understanding because the fear of having to go through the scary stuff alone is terrifying.

-We finally had our consult with the neonatologist. It was a little scary since they have to cover worst-case scenario stuff, but it was also very encouraging. If Harper comes before 35 weeks there is a mandatory NICU stay. Survival rates for 32 weekers are great (like 95-98%). She will be a little more at risk for neurological issues like brain bleeding due to the risk for placental abruption, but even with that the risks are fairly low. If she were delivered today we'd be looking at a possible 2 month NICU stay, but she said a lot of babies go home sooner than that.

- I'm still on magnesium sulfate. I was having horrible side effects, but it is working and my contractions have calmed down. They were able to cut my dosage in half so I'm feeling a lot better. I've also come down with another sinus/respiratory infection (shocking, right?). I haven't been sleeping well, but I finally got a regular hospital bed (instead of L&D) and it's soooo much more comfortable! Overall I'm doing great physically, the baby is moving well, and her heartbeat is the most beautiful music to my ears.

My emotional stability has been a different story. I'm really trying to use this time to read and pray and reflect and relax, but sometimes it gets really challenging. I honestly think the hardest thing about all of this has been being away from Harrison. I know I'm exactly where I need to be to take the best care of Harper, but I just hate that it's at the expense of my first baby. I'm so glad he is able to visit me but tears come and don't stop easily each time he leaves my room. I hate that I can't take care of him right now. That I can't be the one to sing You Are My Sunshine when he first wakes up. That I'm not the one to tickle his belly and wipe the oatmeal out of his hair and watch him dance to Sesame Street. That I'm not there to tell him that we don't eat sand and we don't climb up the slide and we are soft and gentle when we pet our puppy friends. I miss his slobbery kisses and telling him "no" 50 million times and smelling his sweet hair after bath time. I miss how excited he gets to brush his teeth and watching him slyly try to avoid bedtime and seeing his precious prayer hands when we tuck him in and his sweet smile when it's time for us to sing him Jesus Loves Me. I think the only thing keeping me sane through all of this is the incredible peace of mind knowing he's in the loving care of my MIL. He's in his own house and being loved on by his grandma and having a ball and I know he's completely fine...but my heart just hurts that it can't be me. He is 16 months old and resilient and won't remember a thing about any of this, but right now he senses something is different and it's hard as a momma not to be able to protect and reassure my baby during this change, even though in the end I know it's a wonderful change. So when I'm missing him and feeling guilty and sad that we're apart I close my eyes and picture our family in a year from now and cling to the happiness and good times that are in our future.

I can't express enough how thankful I am for the love and support we've been given over this last week. I know that we've been carried by our friends and family when otherwise we probably would have crumbled into a hot, heaping mess at times. We've had so many sweet visitors, calls, and messages and they mean the world to us. Thank you for continuing to pray for our babies and our strength during this roller coaster of emotions...we are so grateful!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

In the Hospital

Let me preface this by apologizing for the following incoherent post - I am pretty delirious from lack of sleep and adrenaline. So I hope this makes some sort of sense and isn't total rambling.

Judging by all of the phone calls, texts, and fb messages I know that many of you already know I've been admitted to the hospital. I so appreciate the messages and I haven't had a chance to return very many of them (sorry!), so I thought it would be easier to just do a blog post and give one update instead of repeating the same info over and over and over.

The summary:

I've been here since around 11:30 last night and won't leave until Harper arrives. This could happen anywhere from a matter of hours to a couple of weeks. I have complete placenta previa and when I have my second herald bleed I will need an emergency c-section at that point. I'm 31 weeks along (out of 40) so we're praying that we can keep her growing inside me for as long as possible.

The details:

It's been a very long 24 hours. Last night after small group I couldn't shake the nagging feeling that the "something bad" that we've been waiting for was about to happen very soon. I got a good cry out, Rick reassured me that everything was going to be okay, we prayed about it, and then I decided to distract myself on the computer and finished up Harper's nursery blog post and sent out an Evite to a shower I'm hosting. (And by eating a nice, heaping, delicious bowl of Cocoa Puffs) Feeling productive, I decided it was time for bed.

And then the "something bad" happened. I woke up Rick and told him that I was bleeding and it was time to go to the hospital. I was strangely not panicked at all. I got dressed, called my mom to ask her to come stay with Harrison, and kept it really together until I went into his room and picked him up out of his crib to give him a hug goodbye. And then I lost it. I've learned that it's actually pretty easy for me to handle scary things happening to me, but when it comes to my children, it's the hardest thing I've ever had to face.

We got to the hospital around 11:30 and thankfully the bleeding never got super heavy and stopped after a few hours. When they hooked me up to the monitors I was having regular contractions, so they immediately gave me a steroid shot to help Harper's lungs develop and started me on magnesium sulfate. It is a pretty miserable experience and I felt like my insides were melting within, but the contractions slowed down so it appears to be doing the trick. The rest of my night was filled with beeping machines, runaway thoughts, wires, needles, and IVs. I tried so hard to drift off to sleep but started feeling really claustrophobic when I realized that every single one of my extremities had some sort of apparatus on it. An IV and a too-tight heart rate monitor on one arm/hand, an automatic blood pressure sleeve on the other arm, and some sort of inflating blood-clot preventers on both my legs. When my sats got low and they had to put an oxygen mask on me, I almost had a panic attack. But then I calmed myself down and realized just what a blessing all this modern medicine and technology is.

My OB came by this morning and gave me all the facts, which I already knew: I will stay in the hospital until the baby comes, and we will try to keep her inside for as long as possible by slowing down contractions and being on strict bed rest. He gave me the scary details: my second bleeding episode will be much more serious and will require an emergency c-section. Depending on the amount of blood loss I might need a blood transfusion and possibly a hysterectomy. He arranged for us to meet with the high-risk doctor for an ultrasound and also to meet with the neonatologist to go over the facts about premature babies and NICU stay. I had the scan done and it was encouraging: my cervix still appears long (not dilated) and there is nothing pointing toward me (but not 100% ruling out, either) experiencing placenta accreta, which is what would cause the abnormally heavy hemorrhaging and need for hysterectomy. We haven't seen the neonatologist yet, but Dr. Klein was very reassuring. He said that while 31 weeks is still very early, survival rates are great and the chance for long-term complications in babies are fairly low. NICU stay in babies this age average until their due date, which would put us at 9 weeks. This made the tears come again. He tried to make me feel better by reminding me that there was nothing I could have done to prevent my herald bleed, and there was nothing I've done to cause it. Which does help

to alleviate the what-ifs and mom-guilt that I'm so good at placing on myself, but doesn't really make me feel better. So I'm choosing to pray, pray, pray that Harper will beat the odds and stay in my belly for longer than 2 weeks. Every day we keep her inside takes off 3 days of NICU stay on average.

We have had so many visitors (and I am SO thankful Harrison is allowed to come visit), well-wishes, prayers, and offers to help. We feel so incredibly loved and cared for and are overwhelmed with gratitude. Thank you so much -- it's really helped us stay positive and optimistic and full of hope.

And now I'm going to force myself to get some much needed rest. I'll try to update tomorrow if anything changes.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Harper's Nursery

I mentioned that we finished up Harper's room over the weekend. I LOVE it -- it turned out exactly how I had it pictured in my mind from day one. Glad she turned out to be a girl because I had zero boy nurseries pictured in my mind. :)

Here is the view from the doorway:

I wanted a neutral color palate with soft pink and taupe accents. We my mom painted the walls a creamy beige (Sisal from Martha Stewart). Her name above the crib was an easy and inexpensive project. I painted a taupe accent rectangle on the wall ("oops" paint I found at Home Depot for $0.50!). And then I bought unfinished wooden letters, spray painted them antique white to match the crib, and then finished it out with a big frame. I found the frame on clearance at Hobby Lobby and spray painted it a soft metallic. I love the way it turned out and I think it makes a big statement for a small cost.

I knew I wanted a Jenny Lind style crib and I searched and searched everywhere for one. None of the stores were carrying them anymore for some reason (I think because the manufacturers were redesigning the dropside design). And then I lucked out big time. I found this crib for a steal on craigslist and it was exactly what I was looking for. It's chunkier than the typical Jenny Lind and it is antique white and distressed. Normally this brand retails for $600+ and I got it for $225, so I was pretty thrilled.

The chair was in Harrison's room. Hopefully Harper will actually let me rock her because her brother was never a big fan. And of course I had to add a little bling in the form of a pretty chandelier. It might be my favorite touch of the room.

Here's a closeup of the bedding:

I love the bedding. Originally I considered trying to make my own, but my mom talked me out of that. I'm so glad she did! She wanted to buy the bedding and after shopping around and not finding exactly what I was looking for, we custom ordered it from PolkaTot Designs. I was only going to get bumpers and a dust ruffle, but she talked me into getting the whole set, including the blanket and pillow on the chair. I'm so glad she did! She's one smart lady. :)

{And before I move on to the next picture, I have to add that Harrison and Harper have the best grandparents any kid could ask for. My mom and mil (and of course that includes my step-dad and fil) have both insisted on buying all kinds of goodies for Harper, just like they did (and still do) for Harrison. I feel bad because it wasn't very long ago they were helping us prepare for Harrison's arrival and I didn't expect anything at all for the second round of preparation. But they told me I was silly if I thought they weren't going to be fair with each child...I wonder if they will still want to keep the spoiling equal if I keep on popping out babies at the rate we're going? Ha! In all seriousness though, Rick & I SO appreciate how involved our parents are in our kiddos' lives. The memories a child has of and with their grandparents is such a treasure and our kids (and us, of course) are extremely blessed to have them in our lives!}

Here is the view from one side of the room:

We found the bookshelf at a great store in Rice Village. It is also an antique white distressed finish and I think the arch and the balled feet are charming for a little girl's room. I got the bird hook there, too, and just spray painted and distressed it myself. The two shelves on the right of the bookcase were in our garage sale/goodwill box -- we've had them for probably 8 or 9 years. I snagged them out of the box and, you guessed it, spray painted them an antique white to match. I still have a few more books and accessories to add but I'm not in a huge hurry because I don't want to buy stuff just to buy it -- I'm waiting for the perfect finds. The curtains are from Target and I love the pink taffeta fabric.

The dresser was a bargain. I got it off craigslist from the same place as the crib, and it was only $20! A fresh coat of pink paint and spray painted handles (thanks, Mom!) worked wonders. (I totally should have taken a before pic)

The view of the opposite side of the room:

 This vanity is special to me because it was my great-grandmother's. I had it in my room as a child and now I get to pass it down to my daughter and I love that.

I got this dress form at Hobby Lobby and....wait for it....spray painted it antique white. I wanted a tutu to put on it and so when I saw that the table decorations at my shower were tutus that Katie made, I was stoked! The table is just one of those really inexpensive mdf kits (like $8 inexpensive) and I made the tablecloth.

Here are two more fun and practical decorations. Katie made both the bow holder and the growth chart to match the colors in the room and I love them! I keep telling her she should open an Etsy shop and I think she could make some decent money at it. The growth chart I ordered for Harrison's room was $35 when I bought it a year and half ago, but now they are selling for $50+. I love these style of growth charts because they easily roll up to store forever once the kids outgrow them.

I'm pretty sure that Harper's room is my favorite in the house right now. Lately I have found myself going in there just lie on the floor and daydream about my little girl. I'm so excited to find out what she looks like and what kind of personality she's going to have. I'm hoping I'll be able to see a little of myself in her (since Harrison is the spitting image of his daddy) and that she'll have Rick's personality (since Harrison's personality is shaping up to be much more like mine). But no matter who she looks like and acts like, I have a feeling she's going to be absolutely perfect!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Clubs, Helicopters, Parties, & Church (oh my)

Our weekend was filled with girl fun, helicopters, a dinner of the fancy sort, great conversations, church, several trips to Lowes, last minute touches to the nursery, yard work, a trip to the grocery store, and believe it or not, some nice lounge time mixed in there somewhere, too. Love it when I get some nice relaxation in and also feel productive at the same time.

Saturday it was time for my Movie Club (still just the Three Amigas but I am dedicated to calling it a Movie Club, ha!) to meet and see a flick. Except when we got to the theater, we discussed all the movies and there wasn't really one that we were all really excited to see. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, so we decided to just skip the movie and enjoy the outdoors instead. We had a yummy lunch, some great conversation on the patio, and afterward one of the best pedicures I've ever had. We're talking not just attention on the feet, but a fabulous hand, arm, neck, and back massage as well. DE.LIGHT.FUL.

While I was out getting my girl fun on, my boys were having plenty of fun as well. Our friend Charlie is a pilot in the Coastguard and they were having a maritime youth expo nearby. I was a little nervous that Harrison would be scared of a helicopter flying and landing so close, but he loved it.

Flying in from the bay

Charlie coming in for a landing

Daddy and Harrison


Jeff and Katie (And baby Hollyn!)

Charlie and Christy

Loving the basket

OMG! Look at all these switches! I'm in heaven!
 Saturday night it was time for our Fancy Dinner Party! I am SO glad that we've been doing this. Amy and Steven are great friends and if it takes scheduling dinner on the calendar each month to be intentional about hanging out, then so be it. It's a lot of fun to try new recipes out and so far everything we've had has been really tasty.

It was Amy & Steven's turn to host and I have to give her huge props because their oven just recently died. So she decided on grilled ribeyes that were marinated in garlic anaheim chilis and fresh oregano. The sides were wedge salad, mamba rice and she also made the most delicious beer-battered asparagus with the best dipping sauce ever. I'm talking heavenly. If you've never tried fried asparagus you need to asap, I'm just saying.

I actually made dessert this time instead of the classier route of swinging by the frozen section of Walmart, so I think I deserve a pat on the back. It turned out really good, if I do say so myself.

After dinner we had fun playing with the boys and being silly, but when bedtimes were long passed and crankiness ensued, I mentioned that next month we should just get sitters and go out somewhere instead. Ha! Harrison and Grayson are both only children and didn't have the best time with the concept of sharing. Lots of whining and tears and I for some reason thought Harrison just might go to sleep in the crib they have set up, but it only took 30 seconds to realize that wasn't going to happen. So we called it a night and on the drive home I kept thinking that traffic was really thick for being so late. Then I looked at the clock at it was barely 10. Funny how life changes when you have kids! Rick and I laughed that back in our more youthful days that would be about the time that we would leave the house to go out on a Saturday night and here we are now feeling like it is a challenge to keep our eyes open. I must say that I like this lifestyle much, much more.

The napkin rings -- I mean super hero bracelets -- were a big hit.

Rick with a couple of kids between his legs. That just doesn't sound right.

Steven insisting that he cleans the kitchen ALL THE TIME despite Amy's suggestion that we get photographic evidence of Steven cleaning the kitchen.

Some of the tears I mentioned

Like I said...the napkin rings were a huge hit!

Sunday morning we got to hear our friend Jeff give his very first sermon at church in the junior high and high school ministry. He did a great job! I was looking around the room at all the kids and thought about the fact that right around the corner Harrison will be sitting in there with his friends. I'm so thankful that our church is filled with faithful servants who invest and pour into the lives of our kids.

And finally, we are finished with Harper's room! I made the last minute touches this afternoon and will try to get some pictures posted tomorrow. I love the way it turned out!

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