Monday, August 26, 2013

Ahoy, It's a Boy

I helped host a baby shower for my friend Brandy last Sunday. She's due with baby boy #2 right around the corner. She gave us all a little bit of a scare and got admitted to the hospital for a few days with pre-eclampsia issues, but thankfully they got her blood pressure and protein back under control and sent her home on bed rest for the remainder of her pregnancy. He needs to stay put for 4 more weeks at least! They gave her permission to go to her shower as long as she stayed in a recliner so on with the party we went. Glad we got to celebrate Baby Cooper and Brandy.

Brandy and the hostesses (me, Stephanie, & Jennifer)

giving her belly some love


the gift and sign-in table. People filled out cards and hung them on the fishing net.

diaper cake made by moi
a few goodies I made to go on the diaper cake

a couple of games for guests to play


Thursday, August 22, 2013

Some potty-time jingles, by yours truly.

Hi there! It's me, Kelsey. You know, the person who used to have more exciting things to talk about other than pee and poop? But not today folks, because we are still down in the deep, dark trenches of potty training. Still haven't set foot outside of my house since Sunday. There's a slight chance I'm beginning to lose my marbles. Can you tell???

Harper's doing really good. Only one accident today and she’s initiated going a couple of times instead of me having to prompt her each time. I am to the point of full-on bribery at this point. Later today I hope to bust us out of this joint for a trip to Target where I told them they could each pick out a special prize for doing so great (Harrison has not only been the best cheerleader ever for his sis but we also decided to night train him this week too…he’s woken up dry every morning!).

Anyway, because I’m going loony but also because I want to preserve my mad poetry skillz, I thought I’d document some of the potty songs we’ve been singing NONSTOP around here this week. Granted, they don’t have as much dramatic affect without the music behind them but I am in no way willing to record me singing them. So you’ll just have to use your imagination when it comes to the tune.

Potty Break
(sung to the Kit Kat Bar jingle and accompanied by some fierce marching)
Potty break, potty break
Let's march to the bathroom
for a potty break!
(repeat, over and over and over)

Pee in the Potty
I like to pee, pee, pee
Pee in the potty
I like to pee, pee, pee
Pee in the potty
When your bladder starts ticklin'
and your body starts wigglin'
I like to pee, pee, pee
Pee in the potty!
Poop in the Potty
I like to poop, poop, poop
Poop in the potty
I like to poop, poop, poop
Poop in the potty
When my belly starts achin'
and my tushy starts shakin'
I like to poop, poop, poop
Poop in the potty!
Potty Dance
(back-up singing/dancing performed by Harrison)
Let's doooo the potty dance
the potty dance!
Let's doooo the potty dance
the potty dance!
Pee-pee in the Potty
(replace with poo-poo when appropriate)
Pee-pee in the pot-ty!
pee-pee in the pot-ty!
pee-pee in the pot-ty!
Aaaaaaand, now you see where Harrison gets his awesome musical talent from. Hahaha!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Potty Traning & Rick's Birthday

I'm emerging from potty training hell our SUPER! FUN! POTTY! PARTY! for a few moments to pop in and blog about Rick's birthday. We officially began potty training over 4 months ago but this is the week that I am DETERMINED to get Harper fully potty trained FOR GOOD. Now that summer is coming to an end and routine is around the corner, I figured it was the perfect time to get her in underwear full time before school starts and I don't have another window for awhile. I took all pull-ups away (they are such a crutch and the reason we have prolonged this process for so long) and we have not left the house since Sunday. 1) She's doing really great. 2)I'm going completely stir-crazy. 3) Potty training sucks a big fat one!

But I'm keeping my eye on the prize and reminding myself that this frustrating process will be well worth it.  So until then I will cheer and cheer and CHEER and celebrate every little success. And march around the house like a crazy person singing lots of silly potty songs that I made up. And talk about pee and poop and dry panties and that tickle feeling our body gives us until I'm blue in the face (my face is BLUE). And of course, do lots and lots of laundry and cleaning of the floors. Eye on the prize, Kelsey. Eye on the prize. 

But look at how cute she is. This was her about 5 or 6 months ago when we first got out the potty. 

my itty bitty doll baby

And here she is on Sunday when I officially kicked off the SUPER! FUN! POTTY! PARTY! by giving the big girl her very first pedicure. Can you tell she was excited to have pink toenails like her momma?

love it...she makes my heart smile!

And now I'm moving on. Because talking about potty training while taking a break from potty training during nap time is not the smartest thing to do for my sanity.


Rick turned 36 on Saturday. We had a fun weekend celebrating him!

It started off on Friday. The kids and I ordered him a cookie cake and took it up to his work like we do every year. I don't know why the man loves it so much...I personally think it's kind of disgusting. But he L-O-V-E loves it so it's one of his birthday traditions. When I asked Harrison how we should have it decorated his two suggestions were Sharknado or a forklift. It was fun trying to explain Sharknado to the lady who had never heard of it before. And if you haven't either, consider yourself lucky. It's basically the dumbest sci-fi movie ever but somehow I've been subjected to it on several occasions at my house...and we don't even have cable. We're talking a hooking-the-computer-up-to-the-tv type of dedication from my hubby. So I thought Sharknado was very fitting for his cake this year :) 

 He's been wanting a new grill for awhile so that's what we got him for his birthday. Ashley and her crew and Jon and his daughter came over that night and we grilled some steaks and hung out.

watching a video like big kids

she was being such a sweet mother hen

The next morning we took the kids to get donuts for breakfast. Then Rick's parents came up for a short visit...and then a little go-cart racing was on the agenda. Not that I was keeping score or anything, but a certain female smoked the men on one of the rounds. And on the other round, she selflessly let her son and the birthday boy win ;) 

Roy trying hard to catch Rick
a little dad and son bonding at the race track
these two stay glued to this lap

Mamaw making my poor, innocent boy cry

and reading some wholesome literature to her granddaughter. Haha!

After go-carts, we went to lunch with Rick's parents before they left to go back home. Then we headed over to the mall. Now, my husband is NOT a shopper but he was very excited to go to the mall this day for 2 specific reasons:

cookie cake, lingerie, & two sleeping kids...see that smile on his face?!

Round 2 of cookie cake and a trip to Victoria Secret so he could pick out a special birthday present - *wink wink*. I've never seen him more motivated to go to the mall in all my life. ;) Somehow, the 16" cookie cake we ordered him on Friday got entirely consumed on Friday. It was a cake that is supposed to feed 16 people but it got devoured between a couple of people at work and the "vultures that descended" at our house that night (Ashley and Jon...Rick's words, not mine. I think he's a little bitter. Ha!). So when he woke up all sad and pouty that he didn't have any cookie cake to eat on his actual birthday, I told him we were going to get him another one. Have I mentioned I think cookie cakes are disgusting? And that I dropped $50 there in 2 freakin' days?? Just goes to show how much I love my man. :)

livin' large

And you guys, a birthday miracle occurred that day. Both kids passed out in the car while we were looking for a parking spot...and stayed asleep being transferred to the stroller....and stayed asleep the entire time we were at the mall (can you say hallelujah??)...and stayed asleep being transferred back to their car seats and all the way back home. It was like we were on a date but we didn't have to shell out money to a babysitter. Sa-weet!

We got home and Mom & Tim came by to sing Happy Birthday and give him his gift. And then the kids had him open the present that they picked out for him all by themselves.

3 + squiggly candle = 36. I had to improvise :)

they picked out this shirt because "Daddy is like Superman"

Harper is always bossing her dad around. "Ride horsey, Daddy. Get on floor!"

Unending love for this wonderful man in our life.

And I had to add this last picture. I found this up there Monday morning...not sure if he was hiding from the kids or from himself. Ha!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Movie Monday {CCR love}

This video was taken Saturday on Rick's birthday...he wanted to listen to one of his favorite bands and it worked out nicely because it is also one of the kids' favorite bands as well. I love that Harper sings along to songs now. There is never ever a quiet moment in our house or car or ANYWHERE, but I love our loud lives. Don't get me wrong; I also love the silence after they're asleep, too. :) Here they are, jamming out to some CCR. Harper's face cracks me up.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I blinked and we are halfway through August.

This summer keeps flying by faster than I can keep up. I'm finally sitting down and uploading all of my pictures off of my phone and I have a little catching up to do to document all of our summer fun. For now, here's a little of what we've been up to this month, via my iphone camera:

why it's imperative I wake up early and get my shower in before this little stinker is up.

there was a little girl, who had a little curl, right in the middle of her forehead.

Yee haw, Cowboy!

showing that rail who's boss...

because standing up while you sleep is so much more comfortable...

lots of loving on his best friend (who is having a hard time getting around these days)

She asked her dad to put her hair in a ponytail and this is what she got. But given that it was his first attempt ever and he got the rubber band wrapped around a clump of hair, I guess you could call it a success? :)

a long overdue date night with good friends (where unfortunately I sat in what appeared to be a giant puddle of melted chocolate on the picnic table bench...and I was wearing mint colored jeans...made for an AWESOME stain. Ha!)

The kids decided Kooter needed a "tornado shelter". He stayed under there for a good while. I don't blame him.

I'm pretty sure the second half of August will fly by just as fast. Between Rick's birthday on Saturday, a baby shower I'm hosting on Sunday, and Tienna's 30th birthday fiesta in a couple of weeks, I am about to get my party ON. Are you doing the math of how much cake is in my near future? Because I am, and it's going to be legen...wait for it...dary. (Name that show) (also a lot of what we've been up to in August when we should be sleeping :)

Monday, August 12, 2013

Movie Monday {concert for Donna}

My sweet friend Donna came over a few weeks ago and bribed Harrison to perform for her. If you were wondering, it didn't take much. That boy is a ham. Lately he's been really into changing songs up to sound more like heavy metal...once you get past the cringe factor it's pretty hilarious, especially when they're songs like Jesus Loves Me. ;) I'll try to get that on video soon. Until then, here he is singing his rendition of one of our favorites right now:

And an encore presentation of another one of their favorites...even though the 4th of July has long passed us by. Every single time they see an American flag they break out into song. Harper even knows the lyrics now. I need to try to capture that on video too, because it is the sweetest thing ever.

Gotta love that vibrato ending :)

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Finger Painting & Lost Keys

Yesterday was one of those afternoons where the only thing that gets you through the wrath and fury bubbling up from within and prevents you from killing your children with your laser beam eyes is the reminder that hopefully, one day in what I'm sure will have to be the distant future, I'll get a good laugh out of what my kids have just done.

I was in the kitchen getting dinner started when I heard the kids up to no good in the bathroom. They were playing in the water and had been suspiciously quiet up until this point. I knew something was up. I walked in there and asked what was going on and Harrison answered:

There was a small problem but me and Harper are cleaning it up all by ourselves. You don't need to help us, Mom, we've got it under control!

Rigggght. Nice try there, son. Upon further investigation, I quickly realized that what they were trying to clean up all by themselves was poop. Poop that was smeared all over Harrison's bedroom. The walls, the door, the table, the bed. It was AWESOME. One child knew he was in trouble while the other was completely oblivious to the fact that it is not an acceptable form of entertainment to finger paint with human feces. Harper, you're playing in your brother's poop?!?! Her response: a giant grin and an enthusiastic yeah, Mommy! as she held up her hands to show me like I was supposed to be proud of her or something. I still don't have the entire story but what I gather is that Harrison had an accident in his underwear and when he took them off to change it fell on the floor...and then they decided it would be fun to play with it?? Good grief, my children are disgusting.

So that's how my evening went. I'm nowhere near ready to laugh about it yet, but I do have faith that that day will come. Which brings me to my next story.  This all took place last summer, and over a year later I am finally starting to see glimpses of humor. :)

This story involves what was supposed to be an uneventful trip to the grocery store. But with a then 2-year old and 1-year old, those kinds of trips were few and far between back then. This one trip in particular took the cake for sure, though.

I think I made it through one aisle of produce before they started getting antsy. I gave them snacks which immediately got thrown on the floor. So I dug around in my purse for any other forms of distraction and came up with my keys. Note to self: DO NOT EVER DO THAT AGAIN. I'm sure you see where this is going.

We get our cart full of groceries and pay for them and then I quickly realize my keys are nowhere to be found. I had that terrible sinking feeling in my stomach when I realized that no keys = STRANDED AT GROCERY STORE. By this point the kids were thoroughly melting down. We're talking crying, fighting, and I could smell that Harper had a dirty diaper but had no way of changing it since her diapers were in the car. I frantically started pushing our giant, impossible to steer car-cart (WHY did they have to make those things????) up every isle with one kid kicking and fighting me in my arms (because he wouldn't keep his seatbelt on and kept climbing out) and another kid wailing because her brother scratched her. Icing on the cake: it was on her face and she was bleeding.

I distinctly remember looking down and not making any eye contact because I could feel the stares. We obviously made quite the scene because two separate people came up and asked me if I needed help with the kids. They were super sweet about it and had kind words of encouragement but that was the moment I officially felt defeated. So I did what any rational person would do: I started bawling. I checked lost-and-found one more time and still no keys, so I wheeled us outside so I could catch my breath and figure out what to do next. I called Rick and he had to leave work to drive all the way down to come pick us up. I parked us out by the watermelons and just sat there crying for 30 minutes next to my tired babies and cart full of paid-for-but-quickly-spoiling groceries. But at least my emotional breakdown startled the kids enough to stop their fighting. ;) They actually started being really sweet again. Harrison kept asking me if I was okay and why I was sad and offering to give me kisses.

Thankfully, when Rick got there he checked customer service one last time and someone had just turned them in. I guess they had picked them up and held onto them until they were done shopping and checking out. So at least we didn't have to pay $300 to a locksmith. We've been there, done that. I'm starting to think Harrison is conspiring against us. :)

Monday, August 5, 2013

Sixty & Sassy

A special lady is turning 60 today. Happy Birthday, Mary!!! To celebrate, we took a fun girls' trip to one of my favorite places on earth: Canton, TX. She had never gotten the chance to go and I knew it was right up her alley, so what better excuse to make a trip than a 60th birthday bash? The 4 of us loaded up into my decorated car (we got over 40 honks to our "honk if you're happy" message), stopped for some delicious bundtini cupcakes, and headed out of town Thursday afternoon.

Now, apparently my mother-in-law and aunt-in-law are far more wild and adventurous than I am because they came up with a spontaneous plan to drive over to Shreveport after we got to the hotel to go gambling. My only gambling experience was a 5 minute rendezvous on a cruise ship where I quickly lost $20 and then quickly lost interest in gambling, but I was game to give it another try. But once we made it to our hotel and saw rain clouds heading our way, we changed our minds and decided to stick around Tyler. So instead of going to the casinos, we went to dinner and had a milder wild night. We did get Laura & Mary to pose for some crazy photo ops and we also ventured into a Mexican market to buy a piñata, so I am still considering it a pretty wild night of partying. ;) We even got her to try a margarita...and if you know Mary then you know what I mean about it being a WILD night! Ha! I've never once seen her try a sip of alcohol and judging by the look on her face after tasting the margarita I don't think I'll ever see it happen again. :)

We were up early the next morning and ready to shop 'til we drop. Which is exactly what we did. August temperatures in Texas? Please...they don't stand a chance against us ladies. We were there from open 'til close which, if you were wondering, equates to 9 hours of nonstop shopping. We don't play games! I should have taken a picture of the back of my car on the way home. It's a miracle we got it all in. Good thing Ashley is a master packer because we sure got a lot of loot!

I had such a fun time. I saw a side of Laura I've never seen before (loved every minute) and it was great hanging out with just the girls!
Happy Birthday, Mary!
& Happy Birthday in 3 days, Laura!
& Happy Birthday next month, Ashley :)
Love all of you!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Visiting our Oklahomies

My mom and I took the kids and traveled up to The Homeland last week. We left early Monday morning and got back Friday night. I was super nervous about such a long car ride with the kidlets because, let's face it, sometimes traveling 10 minutes down the street makes me want to pull my hair out. But they did swimmingly well. I was prepared and had plenty of toys/books/electronic devices/headphones/CDs/snacks to keep them entertained. Which is a good thing, because my rebel of a daughter was wide awake and cracked out for the whole 13 hour drive. Crazy girl. I purposely kept them up late Sunday night so they'd stay asleep for the first few hours of the drive...but nope. When I got her out of her crib at 5am she was ready to rock and roll. Mommy, look! Dere's da moon! I don't know how she didn't take a nap but she was in a pretty good mood the entire time so I can't complain!

felt good to be back!

you just think I'm fading fast...


We got to my grandparent's house in Bartlesville around 8pm. We caught up over a late dinner and then got all settled in. Which is basically a nice way of saying I invaded their space by unpacking my entire house into theirs. :)

The kids and I were back on the road by 8 the next morning to take a day trip to Stillwater to visit my dad, grandpa, & my BFF Tienna. It was another 5 hours of driving but definitely worth it. Wish I could see my Oklahoma peeps more often. We took the scenic route and thoroughly enjoyed looking at all of those beautiful rolling hills and prairies. We also drove by a lot of nostalgic landmarks. I don't know if it's just because I don't live there anymore but I think Stillwater is such a neat little town.

1) Stillwater...where Oklahoma began; 2) where I was born; 3) church I went to as a child; 4) Stillwater National Bank -- my dad used to work right across the street and I loved to go over there and wander around; 5) red dirt road I grew up on; 6) house we lived in

I'm really annoyed at myself for not getting a single picture while we were with my grandpa or Tienna. I'm going to take a wild guess and say it's because I was busy wrangling two toddlers who had been in the car for way too long by this point :) Regardless, I had a great time visiting with them and of course enjoyed hugging their necks as usual.

I haven't talked much about it on here, but my dad's health is in really bad shape. He's been battling pancreatitis and it's gotten much more severe over the last year. He's been hospitalized twice in the last month because when he has attacks he can't eat or drink anything and it throws his blood pressure and lab work really out of whack. He's down to just 105 lbs and he's having a hard time gaining any weight back because with pancreatitis you are supposed to be on a very low-fat diet or it can make it worse. If you feel up to it, I would so appreciate prayers for him. It's hard to have a sick parent when you are so far away. I do have to say that this is the best mentally/emotionally I've seen him in a long time so I'm thankful for that.

After lunch and ice cream, my dad and I took the kids to a fountain that he used to take me to all the time. It was walking distance from his work and I loved to go stick my feet in the water. And despite the 100 degree weather, we stopped by a park before heading back to his house. And let's just say that my son was IN HEAVEN when he walked through the door and spotted an electric guitar plugged in to an amp.

mandatory trip to Braum's

two ice cream cones in one day? Yes, please!

We headed back to Bartlesville around 5:30 and the kids slept the entire drive. Which was great for me until bedtime :) Thanks to late naps we got to stay up late playing and horsing around. I had to laugh because puzzle time started off like this:

And ended like this:

I come by my control freak nature quite honestly. Kids, you're doing it all wrong! MUST. DO. EDGE. PIECES. FIRST. Why don't you go play over there while I take over and do this the right way. K thanks bye. :)

Wednesday was a play day. We went to the Woolaroc Museum that was founded by Frank Phillips. I remember going there when I was a kid and it was neat seeing my two learning a little bit about Oklahoma history. They loved the Native American exhibits and Harrison kept saying he wanted weapons like theirs. Sorry, son. I don't think you're quite ready for a tomahawk.

4 generations

real shrunken!

striking a pose

this little girl was eating up the attention from her great-grandparents

And then that night? SO FUN! Bartlesville has this neat little Kiddie Park that has been around since my mom was a little girl. It was awesome reliving my own childhood memories with my kids. They had an absolute blast and so did I. They rode all the rides and we got snow cones and cotton candy and popcorn and root beer floats...pretty much the epitome of a perfect summer night.

their first roller coaster!


a glimpse into the future

Thursday we got back in the car and headed to Tulsa to visit my great aunt Jane. My grandparents had doctors appointments after our visit with her so my mom and I took the kids to a beautiful park and then to see Despicable Me 2. And later that night after dinner, we headed to Braums. Because we were on vacation and it's a rule that you must eat ice cream every single day while you're on vacation.

We headed home Friday and drove through downpour rain for the entire first half of the trip. Not good for my anxiety and boy were we happy to see the sun peek through the clouds when we finally made it to Dallas. Where, of course, we ate at none other than:

And these next two pictures were taken on Saturday. Not part of our Oklahoma trip but I wanted to document that we do clean up quite nicely when we have an opportunity to do so. :) One of our sweet friends got married and it was great to celebrate with them!

The kids actually laughed when they saw their daddy in a tie...I'm thinking we need to get him dressed up more often!
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