Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Catching Up

Alternatively titled: Massive Photo Dump of Fourth Quarter 2012. 

I finally took the time to upload all of the pictures off of my camera and phone onto my computer and wanted to post some of the ones I missed over the last few months. Prepare yourself, it's a long and completely random one!

Let's back up to Halloween. We have trick-or-treated with friends the last 2 years in a row.

Bamm-Bamm (playing his club "guitar") with his buddy Bob the Builder

Pebbles with her watermelon friend
Family shot!
We stopped by to get some treats from the grandparents
My sweet little Flintstones
They were in sugar heaven (and so were their parents)

My sweet friend Ashley turned the big 3-0 in September. She had asked me if I would make her an apron with her name on it for her gift. She said she wanted one she could keep forever and possibly pass down to a future daughter one day. No pressure, right? Ha! Anyway, this was my first attempt at an apron and I think it turned out really cute. I bought a pattern to follow but it intimidated me so I just looked at an apron I own for a guide and then modified it by adding ruffles. She was supposed to forward me pictures of her wearing it (b/c I forgot my camera...shocking) but she never did. Shame on her. :) We also got her a gift certificate for a cooking class to go with it. 


I NEVER thought I'd say this, but my daughter's sleep schedule is finally very predictable. She goes to sleep so easy these days. She only takes about a 45 minute nap on average, but at least she takes one and at least it's no longer a fight. She also goes right to sleep at night with no fuss. She'll point to the chair and say "rock! rock!" and I'll sing and pray with her and then tuck her in and she just snuggles into her blanket and goes right to sleep. Did I mention I NEVER thought I'd say this?? Ha. Here is a video I took a couple of months ago before she finally gave in and accepted that sleep is necessary. She used to fall asleep sitting up all the time...such a stubborn little cutie! This video seriously cracks me up. :)

 This is what happens when two toddlers insist on "helping" with the laundry. Harrison put on her jammies all by himself and begged me to put his on I thought what the heck...why not?


I serve in student ministry at our church and am the group leader for the 6th grade girls. And can I say that it has been so rewarding! They are the sweetest group of girls. We were recently challenged to do a service project in our community and we decided to partner up with a great non-profit organization called Color Your Heart. We got together for a craft night and made cards and decorations for Jenna, a 5 year old little girl with cancer.

6 of our girls


Harrison was very excited about his birthday party theme so we had a little camp out in our back yard. We roasted s'mores and told campfire stories and had such a fun time. We thought we had a surefire way of getting out of sleeping in the tent...we told Harrison we would "try it out" but if he didn't cooperate and lie down then we were going to have to go back inside. Of course this would be the ONE night he cooperated with going to sleep, ha! So Rick and I got stuck sleeping out on the cold, hard ground because we couldn't go back on our word. (Harper, however, was peacefully asleep in her crib and we just took the baby monitor out with us.) I was sharing a sleeping bag with Harrison...and let me tell ya, it did not go so well for me. He hates being covered up and he's a violent thrasher, so you can imagine how stuffing him into a sleeping bag with me went. But nevertheless, it was a great memory and worth the backache and zero sleep.

telling us scary camp stories. He has such a funny imagination and is quite dramatic :)


I know I posted a picture of the first time Harper scratched the strawberry hemangioma on the side of her forehead. Well it only went downhill from there. On Halloween day of all days, she decided she was over wearing bandaids. She would rip them off immediately and would start gushing blood. She looked like a gory Halloween costume. I was beside myself with what to do. I knew she wasn't in any danger or anything, but it is seriously psychologically damaging for a mama's heart to see her baby with blood all over her face! Not to mention how messy it was. Her favorite time to do it was when we'd get in the car and there was nothing I could do but watch her bleed from the rear view mirror, because if I stopped to clean her up and re-bandage her she'd rip it right back off 2 seconds after we got driving again. Thankfully the dermatologist squeezed us in and I found out that it actually wasn't a strawberry hemangioma at all. It was something else (totally don't remember the name) -- similar to a hemangioma but much more sensitive to irritation and bleeding. So he recommended we remove it that day...which was quite the traumatic experience for the both of us. I had to hold her down with the help of two nurses, because she was MAD and is freakishly strong, while the doctor cut it off with a scalpel. Fun times. But thankfully it's gone and there is hardly even a scar and most importantly, no more profuse bleeding. Which is always a good thing. 

See what I mean? Horrible.


 And I just thought these were funny because it's Harrison talking to a rock. :)


I was supposed to go on a girl's trip to Canton but it got cancelled when I had to be hospitalized for all of those fun complications with my lumbar puncture. So my hubby was really sweet and took me the next month. It was a great weekend with just the two of us. But since it was a last minute trip we didn't bother to get hotel reservations...and then there were zero vacancies within a 50 mile radius of Canton. Oops! We ended up driving into Dallas and I thought I would save us some bucks by reserving through Priceline...which I did...except I didn't realize that our very nice hotel was in a not-so-nice area of town. I'm not gonna lie, it was a little scary at times but we laughed about our stay in the ghetto all night long. 

View from our room

Laminated "safety tips" sheet they left on our know, for our convenience. I especially like #3: Close the door securely whenever you are in your room and use all of the locking devices provided (and there were quite a few locking devices). And #9: Take a few moments and locate the nearest exit that may be used in the event of an emergency (NICE.) Ha!


Brody had his birthday party last month at the Bayou Wildlife Park. It was such a neat place! It was freeeeezing but we all still had a great time. They have a tram ride that takes you through and you can feed all of the animals from the tram. They also had a domesticated deer named Buster that Harrison was in love with. He kept asking me if we could take him home. 
Off to go pet Buster

Pwetty pwease, Mommy?! I just love him so much!
The girls


And the rest are just random pictures that I liked and so I'm putting them on my blog :)

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Our family is growing!

And no, Mom, don't worry. I'm not pregnant. We aren't having any more kids. EVER! Yet. Ever. Yet? :)

Just wanted to post our annual new year's picture. This one is a couple of weeks late because it has been cold and rainy every weekend of 2013 so far. But I don't think we've grown too much since January 1st. I mean, Rick and I did actually eat nothing but chocolate cake for dinner a couple of nights ago but hopefully those calories haven't shown up to the waistline just yet.

My puppies are getting old. They are 12 and I can't believe it. They will always be my puppies, though, even if they are in their eighties in dog years. I need to dedicate a post to them soon. It makes me sad that our days with them are coming to an end. I remember picking each one of them out and I don't understand how that was already 12 years ago.

And even though he never makes it into our new year's picture, Kooter is still alive and strong as well. He's also 12. Note to self: next time don't get pets that are all the same age because when they get to the end of their lives it is really quite depressing. It's like a pet nursing home around these parts. Although Rick predicts that Kooter will outlive us all. And he may just be right on that one.


Thursday, January 17, 2013

Sweet Moments

Being a stay-at-home mom there are some days where my deepest conversations are with my three year old. Even though I'll admit that the millions of whys and nos and non-stop jabbering in the car can be a little maddening at times, I'm also so enjoying it. I love seeing how his mind works. It's refreshing to have a toddler's perspective on things. He can be so sweet and kind and on rare occasion when he's not being so sweet and kind, he knows just when to inject the right amount of humor to deflect attention from his momentary lapse in judgment. He's definitely got the charm.

Like tonight. I love our conversations when it's just the two of us. Harper was already asleep and Rick is working late and I took extra long to tuck him in. I feel like it's our time to redeem the tough parts of our day. Time that I can devote my undivided attention to him. I was rocking him and singing to him and just looking at his beautiful face, knowing all too well that these moments of rocking him and singing to him are numbered. Oh how I sometimes wish I could just freeze time. There are some moments that are permanently embedded in your memory...and then there are the moments in between that you try desperately to cling to, but no matter how hard you try you know that they will eventually slip away. One of the memories I will always hold dear to my heart is the moment I became a mom. I was telling him the story and it went something like this:

Me: I remember when you were born and the doctor put you in my arms just like this. I was so happy and I fell in love with you instantly! The first thing I noticed about you was your stubborn little cowlick. You were so itty bitty and look at you now. You're huge! Why do you keep growing up on me?

Him: I was born on earth but I want to live in heaven with God and Jesus. It makes me so very sad that I'm not there.

Hold up. WHAT? Not sure where in the world that came from but how rewarding it is to have these types of conversations with my child. I know that he doesn't really "get it" yet but to know that at least a seed is planted is such an encouragement. And maybe he's the one that really DOES "get it." I was amazed at how his two sweet little sentences had such wisdom in them. I was convicted by how much my focus is on this world. Do I truly long to be in heaven with God and Jesus? I should. But the answer to that is uglier than I'd like to admit. I love how God continues to use my children to work on my heart.

Me: (seriously fighting back the urge to tell him he's not allowed to go to Heaven before me): I do too! But the good news is that we WILL get to go to heaven one day! We just have to put our faith in Jesus. He loves us all so much and that's why he came to earth to save us.

Him: I do believe in Jesus. That was a nice thing he did to help us. Thank you God and Jesus for doing that!

Me: That's also why it's important to obey God and serve him. To show him that we love him and that we are thankful.

Him: What does "serve" mean?

Me: It means to be humble and do work for somebody. To think about others and put them ahead of ourselves.

Him: Why do some kids not have toys? (we have been having these conversations lately as we've gone through and donated some of our old toys and clothes)

Me: That's a hard question. But what I do know is that everything we have, God gave us. He blesses us so we can bless others. Some people don't have toys, so we should share ours. Some people don't have enough food, so we should share ours.

Him: But I don't want to share my grilled cheeses or my strawberries or my blueberries. Just my vegetables.


I love this kid so much I could just eat him up. I know he's going to grow up and I know I'll love him just the same and that every stage after this one will be just as fun and exciting. But I just want to hold onto these little moments so badly.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Chomp Chomp

Ashley is due to have a baby in less than 3 weeks (can't believe he's almost here!). We themed her shower around his madras alligator nursery bedding from Pottery Barn and it was a lot of fun to plan and put together.

I used my Cricut to make a banner. The sign is just a canvas I spray painted navy stripes on and then glued spray-painted letters on to spell his name. Hopefully she can use it in his room if she wants.
Guests filled out blessing cards for mom and baby.
Here's the diaper cake. the top and bottom layers are wrapped in burp cloths I made her and there are also 4 pacifier clips I made following this tutorial.
I also made a blanket that attaches to the infant carrier handle. I saw it on Pinterest and thought it was such a good idea! I don't know how many times I tried to cover the carrier with a blanket just to have it fall on the baby and wake them up.Plus, it keeps those nosey people with zero boundaries out of the newborn's face ;) Here is the tutorial I followed.
For the food we went with a "mini" theme. It was a brunch and we served yogurt parfaits in shot glasses, petite quiche, chicken salad croissants, s'more bites, pigs in a blanket, and mini cupcakes.

For favors we made cake pops and alligator & onesie cookies.

Ashley with the hostesses

My crew :)

Time to open her presents

Joel is going to be a great big brother!

Harrison feeling the baby

Looking forward to meeting baby Colt very soon!

{and on a side note, I am curious when other parents begin to explain the birds and the bees to their kids? Harrison is perceptive and quite inquisitive on the topic of pregnancy and I honestly had no idea I would be fielding questions this early. I kept hoping that he would be pacified by the generic mommies have babies in their bellies and then they're born! answer but he keeps digging. The other day out of left field he asked me, "Trees have seeds so more trees can grow. Soooo, do mommies have seeds, too, so they can make babies to grow?"   Holy cow, kid. You know how to keep your momma on her toes. I stammered a little and choked out, "well...uhhh...a seed...hmmm...yes. Yes. God gives mommies and daddies a special seed and helps the mommy grow a baby in her belly..." And then I quickly prayed for the conversation to be over, like, I don't know, yesterday. :) Rick and I try to be as honest as possible about things like this and have always used technical names for anatomy, but I am sooo not ready to use the technical name for this special "seed." HA! Why does it have to be so dang awkward???}

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