Day 19

Day 19: write about something or someone that you really care about.

Today is this sweet little girl's birthday so who better to write about? Here she is at her birthday party last weekend:

The three amigas, hard at work on a puzzle:

We haven't really gotten to spend much time with Hollyn lately due to conflicting schedules but here is a collage that Katie made of the girls over the last couple of years. We need to get them together more often so we can keep adding to the pictures. Love that they get to grow up together!

Speaking of birthdays, today is also my cousin Hunter's 13th birthday. A teenager? What?! That is just insane. I wonder if he'd think it would be weird if I still try to cuddle him like a baby next time I see him? Haha. I miss my snuggle buddy but it's awesome seeing him grow from a sweet kid to a handsome young man.

And tomorrow is my mom's birthday. Looking forward to celebrating with her over some hamburgers and ice cream cake!

Happy birthday to all three of these special people in my life!


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