Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween from Harper!

{And Happy Birthday, Katie!}

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Our weekend.

I am loving the cooler weather that has settled in over the last few days. We even used our fireplace this morning to get the chill out of the air -- Harrison was in awe of the flames (or "hot-hot" as he called them) and even tried to blow it out. This age totally cracks me up.

What I don't love about summer fading to fall is that we also enter the season of sick kids. Harrison's battling allergies and my poor Harper...unfortunately she's dealing with a little more than allergies. Friday night she woke up at 11 barking like a seal.  Her breathing was very labored and while I didn't want to overreact (I had just taken Harrison to the doctor that morning thinking he had bronchitis to be told it was just allergies) I knew something wasn't right. After talking to the on-call nurse who told me to take her straight to the ER and then spending almost 4 hours at the hospital, her official diagnosis was croup and pneumonia. Luckily there was only a little bit of fluid on her right lung and after a breathing treatment she was doing much better. Of course I was a different story. After having to watch her go through all of the procedures and hearing her scream and cry and not being able to comfort her, I was pretty much a wreck emotionally. I'm so thankful they didn't have to admit her but was scared to death after being told to watch her like a hawk and bring her in immediately if she shows any signs of distress. I spent the rest of the night rocking her and watching her breath and crying and praying for her healing and praying for God to take away my worry. And then He did.

She woke up yesterday cooing and smiling and I could tell she felt so much better. I did, too. Even after only a couple hours of sleep I felt surprisingly energized. I cleaned my house from top to bottom. I baked cupcakes. I made party decorations. With Harrison hanging out with his grandma and Harper catching up on sleep it was pretty amazing how productive I was. Ha!

I'm pretty excited about these apothecary jars I got on sale last week. I've been wanting some for a while now to display holiday pretties in and they will also be good to have for parties. For this one I just put in some black tulle and green zebra fabric that I already had in my craft closet.

Our small group (well, most of them) came over last night for dinner to celebrate Christina's 40th birthday and Katie's 26th. We had a taco bar and I'm pretty sure between the soda and mexican food and cupcakes I consumed a week's worth of calories...but it was totally worth it! Rick and I are so blessed to know each and every person in this group and it was fun hanging out and celebrating a couple of birthdays!

And I'm proud of myself -- I actually remembered to take a few pictures of the party (not very many, but a few is better than zero). It seems like the only time I ever manage to get out my camera is to take pictures of the kids and so that's all I seem to blog about. My kids are my life of course, but I love my friends and family too and I need to get better at that. If only my brain wasn't complete mush and if only I had 5 or 6 arms, right?

Rachel and Jace. He belongs to Christina but Rachel has a toddler of her own as well.

Christina and JoJo

Giving her hubs a big fat smooch after he surprised her with a diamond ring.

The girls, minus 3

And I had to sneak in at least one picture of my kids :) Not sure who's purse he's attempting to steal here. The kid is definitely a thief!

Later after everybody left I got that uneasy feeling that every mama knows: you know, the one where the house is eerily quiet even though The Toddler hasn't gone to bed yet? It took me not even 2 seconds to figure out exactly where he was and what he was doing before I even needed to find him.

Son, it might help if you took off the wrapper before you shove the entire cupcake in your mouth. Just a suggestion.

This lime green frosting feels great on my freshly bathed skin!

Today we hung out and relaxed. Harper slept no more than 20 minutes all day...she wasn't fussy but she just didn't want to sleep. We enjoyed the beautiful weather and played in the backyard and even carved a pumpkin. I thought Harrison would be so excited to pull out the guts and get his hands dirty but the boy wouldn't even touch it. He wanted nothing to do with that "apple". I'm beginning to think he may have some inner issues with pumpkins. Ha! 

Oh, and one more picture from today. Somebody is determined to become a sitter...

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fun at the pumpkin patch...or not.

I had high hopes of getting some cute pictures of the kids at the pumpkin patch this year. We tried twice. Two different weekends; two different pumpkin patches. Unfortunately I just don't think it was meant to be.

The first attempt was thwarted by a certain little boy who was in quite a grouchy mood. So grouchy, in fact, that these next few pictures were the result of us simply explaining that the orange gourds were actually called pumpkins and not apples. He apparently does not like to be corrected about such things.

He was very indifferent to the "apples" but did show interest in the wagons.

He pulled his sister around in it for a brief moment until he suddenly decided that maybe he did care about all of those pumpkins...once he noticed that Harper was holding them.

And then he decided he wanted in the wagon, too. But apparently he didn't want Harper in the wagon...let's just say that about 2 seconds after this picture was taken there was a baby-overboard-close-call situation.

Here are the rest of the pictures we got. There are a couple of meh ones, but I didn't capture the one I was hoping for. You know, the one where both kids are looking at the camera at the same time and if not smiling, then at least not looking completely miserable. Ha!

The second attempt at the second pumpkin patch was even more unsuccessful. We tried to take them over the weekend but there is some sort of freak infestation of mosquitoes going on right now in our area. We were there for about 60 seconds before we were running for cover because even with bug spray they were still swarming us. Poor Harrison...I felt so bad because I had promised him he could sit on the tractor they had there and he was very upset when he realized it wasn't going to happen. Hopefully we'll have better luck next year!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

She's a natural.

Harper had her very first taste of solid food over the weekend. I finally gave in -- for some reason I have been putting it off. I'm sure part of it is that I'm not ready for her to be big enough for food yet. Or not wanting to deal with the added hassle and mess. And part of it is also me being worried that her tummy isn't ready since she was a preemie. Either way, I've been in denial because for the last several weeks she has been seriously eyeing everything anybody eats around her. It took her waking up 1 or 2 times every night for 3 weeks straight wanting to eat for me to finally surrender. (Wow, typing that last sentence makes me sound like a terrible mom...I promise I'm not starving my baby. Ha!)

Anyhow, it's safe to say that she has definitely inherited the food-lovin' gene. After one bite she was grabbing the spoon and shoveling that cereal right in like a pro.

And I have no earthly idea where she gets it from.


Sunday, October 23, 2011

Catching Up

This is pretty much going to be a vomit-fest of  ramblings and pictures of some of the things I haven't gotten around to putting on here but have been meaning to put on here. There. You have been warned.

Life has been super busy lately, but in a great way. We've got a pretty good groove's a hectic groove, but it's a groove nonetheless and boy do I love grooves. The kids and I stay busy during the week with Pee Wee School (where I got suckered into volunteering for room mom...but am secretly enjoying being more involved despite the extra work) and BSF (which has truly been such a blessing to be a part of even though I can't ever seem to stay caught up -- but I am seriously learning SO much!) and playgroup (love those ladies and their kiddos) and the gym (where I may or may not actually exercise, but that's beside the point) and doctor appointments (seems like at least one of us is going every week) and normal weekly errands and such (are my parentheses annoying you yet? Sorry, I have no self control.) Rick is finally able to come home at a much more reasonable hour and we are really enjoying having him around for dinner and nighttime routines again. So a big fat WOO HOO for grooves and routines and family time!

Last weekend we made the 3 hour trip to visit Rick's side of the family. His brother turned FORTY ::cough, cough, SO. OLD. cough, cough:: and there was a little party to celebrate.

Rick's MUCH older brother.  Hehehe :)

But little did we know that there was an even bigger reason to celebrate. Because when he opened up his last present, we were all shocked to see a package of newborn diapers. SQUEE!!! I am so excited that I'm going to have another niece or nephew (but sending GIRL thoughts your way, Tracye. Bless your heart if you have another boy :))due to arrive in June. It's crazy --  I was down there almost exactly a year ago to the day sharing our big news about Harper. Between us this will be grandbaby #6 and the 4th baby in 3 years...I think we are on a quest to take over the world. Muhahaha!

I had my hands pretty full in the best of ways and didn't take a single picture at the party. But Rick did manage to take a couple of random shots:

Me and the Harpster

Sneaky cousins attempting to steal their grandma's mustang.

While we were down there we also got the privilege of watching our godson Joel play in one of his soccer games. He is such an entertaining boy -- man, I love this kid.

On the move!
Getting in some lap time

Rick's mom came up for a few days last week. It was great to hang out and she also watched Harper for me so I could go with Rick to meet with the CPA and take care of a few business matters. I've got to say it's so strange being on the other side of the desk. I used to analyze financial statements and create and review loan docs and borrowing bases for clients and now I'm the client -- I never dreamed that our lives would go this route. But I must say that it's pretty darn exciting! And still a little scary...but mostly exciting :)

kisses for Mamaw

Friday was Harrison's Pee Wee field trip to the Houston Museum of Natural Science. He was very happy that his daddy got to come with us. I was very happy, too!

ready to rock & roll

getting acquainted with friends

The "do-do" exhibit

Constantly on the go

Such a curious boy

Jeez...enough with the pictures already!

Some sort of oil-rig thingamajig machine. I think it's called a Christmas Tree for some reason. Obviously I wasn't paying very close attention...
And a funny story which lucky for you I don't have a picture to go with: When we got to the African Safari exhibit there were lots of stuffed animals (the taxidermied ones, not the cuddly type). We saw a bunch of zebras and I told Harrison, Look! There's Marty! (from Madagascar, his favorite movie at the moment). Then we turned the corner and there are pieces of a mutilated bloody zebra that a lion is snacking about traumatic, right? Thankfully we distracted Harrison before he could see Marty ripped to shreds.

After the museum, Katie came over for a craft afternoon. Playing with babies and doing that's what I call a great time. We worked on Thanksgiving outfits for the girls -- sooner or later I'll get around to sharing pics of all my craft projects I've tackled lately.

best frands

We actually got all three kids asleep at the same time -- score!

Yesterday...what did we do yesterday? Oh! I got a few blissful hours of shopping and lunch in with my mom sans the kids. It was GREAT. I so took for granted how easy it was to go places and eat meals before kids and now I appreciate every second of any me-time I get. I think Rick appreciates me a little more too now that he had a few hours by himself with both kids. :) Poor guy had that stressed out, frantic look on his face by the time I got home. I know that look very well. Ha!

Ready for some quality time with Dad!

There's so much more that I could add, but it's late and I need to go to bed. And I still have to squeeze in my nightly session of Pinterest browsing, so it's definitely time to wrap this up. That website is seriously addictive and it sure doesn't help to have a toddler's second birthday party and Christmas right around the corner. I've never been to Hobby Lobby so much in my life...


Or as Harrison would say, NOOOO night-night!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Rewind and pause.

I held a precious little newborn a few hours ago. My friend Stacie had her baby on Monday and I had the privilege of meeting sweet Abigail tonight. While I held all six pounds of her in my arms, I couldn't help but feel emotional about how quickly time is escaping. Blame it on crazy hormones, but I actually shed a few tears on my drive home as I thought about how I'm already beginning to forget the feeling of holding my precious little newborns in my arms.  It was only 5 months ago that Harper was my 5lb. itty bitty doll baby and it already feels like it was a lifetime ago. My heart hurts over the fact that every last moment of both of my babies' infancies are gone forever. Of course I will always have memories of that precious, fleeting time. And as each day passes I am incredibly blessed to see them grow and change and to make new memories with them. But there is always an underlying sadness that as each day passes those first memories get more and more distant. Oh how I wish I could rewind life and feel them in my arms as newborns just one more time.  It's a simple fact that time goes on and kids grow up. I get that. But I am definitely having a hard time reconciling my heart with that logic.

My little ones aren't even 2 and 6 months and I came home telling Rick I'm ready to have more, because holy moly, we're running out of babies!  Um, yeah. Did somebody say crazy hormones???

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Funny Farm

I have so much to blog about. Some of it very, very somebody's-pregnant-exciting (and no, not me). But at the moment I have approximately 2 minutes to dedicate to a blog post so until I find more time I will leave you with a few pictures of Harper's 5 month photo session, Halloween style:

Um...really?  You dress me in THIS and then expect me to smile for you?

Okay, okay. I admit that the lengths Mommy goes to in order to get a grin out of me are sort of amusing.

Seriously, she is such a dork!

Those dance moves are ridiculous!

Harrison the "moom-cow" stopped by to steal share the limelight.

I can't believe you are torturing us for your pleasure.

A duck/chicken (which is it?) and a silly farm animals!
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