Day 18 - Embarrassing Clothes

Day 18: Post a picture of the most embarrassing item of clothing you own.

Exhibit A:

There was a day I used to rock the overalls...

But in my defense, I bought these particular overalls for a Halloween costume one year when Rick and I dressed up as Mario & Luigi. So I'm not sure this would count.

Enter Exhibit B:

giving you a "sexy" pose...because nothing screams "sexy" like a Mickey sweatshirt circa 1993.

I'm not sure which is sadder...that I still own this sweatshirt that my Grandpa gave me one Christmas when I was about 10...or that I had to dig it out of the dryer to take this picture because I still wear it all the time. I can't help it. It's broken in. It's comfortable. It's a piece of my childhood (even though I've never actually BEEN to Disney World...have I mentioned that? ;).  At least I only wear it around the house. Good thing, too, because Rick would have to fight all the men off of me. Ha!


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