Friday, July 30, 2010


Soooo, this is what we're up against. Finger? Totally wrapped. He means serious business, y'all. Any suggestions?? Please?! We are getting really desperate here. It seems like we've tried just about everything we can think of and nothing defeats him. The crying-it-out method is failing miserably. It's kind of hard to cry yourself to sleep while you're standing up hanging over the side of the railing for over an hour straight. Did I mention screaming and sobbing for that entire hour+ straight as well? Not working! We just lowered his mattress to the lowest setting because the second he hits the sheets, regardless of if he's already asleep when we put him down, he's immediately up and trying his hardest to climb out of his crib.

He's SUCH a little his reaction at the very end of the video. Who's boss around here again? Oh yeah, Harrison.

Did I mention that we're desperate? You try listening to that mind-grating, heart-wrenching, soul-crushing crying for hours on end and tell me you wouldn't be pulling your hair out, too! :)  Sleep is a stranger around this place to all of us and we are all in serious need of some peace. How long does this stage last? Should we just give in and let him sleep with us (REALLY don't want to do that, but have I mentioned we're desperate? Ha.)? Do we carry on with making him cry himself to sleep, even if that means crying nonstop for several hours? Or do I just start slipping him some Nyquil in his bottle every night? Kidding, kidding, kidding. But I'm feeling the need to come up with a Plan Z at this point. Feel free to send any tips, suggestions, and encouragement our way!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - R.I.P.

{June 6, 2010 - July 28, 2010}

{I tried, but my black thumb prevailed.}

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

How to make your slightly older cousin feel wayyy old.

Stephanie:  *singing* "Baby, baby, baby, ohhhh..."

Me:  "Why is everybody so obsessed with Justin Bieber? I don't get it."

Stephanie: "Because he's totally hot."

Me:  "Disagree! I don't believe he's sixteen. He seems like such a little boy to me."

Stephanie: "Well that's because to you he is a little boy."

OUCH! True, but still. Ouch.

It's a great day to be alive!

That title is totally appropriate after yesterday, where I would have gladly embraced death if given the chance. And the drama queen in me would bet that I was only a few footsteps away from that chance. Ha! After a super fun and busy weekend, yesterday I did pretty much nothing but sleep and wallow in my own miserable existence for the day. I'm not really sure of the exact diagnosis since I never did go to the doctor, but it was some sort of combination of a stomach bug, migraine, a fun case of mastitis, and the ramifications of a little bit of wreckless tubing on my part which resulted in some sort of mild head/neck injury and achy muscles over about 98% of my body. I tried the symtom checker on Web MD but it was a little inconclusive. It told me that I might have a brain aneurysm, awesome, or maybe perhaps just a mild sunburn, gee thanks. Very helpful! Rick was great and took the day off to take care of Harrison, which was a good thing considering I couldn't even bear to open my eyes until around noon. My fever is gone today and I'm not 100%, but I am so thankful that yesterday is over.

We went out of town for the weekend to see Joel in a community play, and he was great! My eyes teared up when I saw him run onto the stage because I just can't believe how big he is and I was so proud of him. The play was fantastic!

The weekend was like a mini vacation and I had so much fun! Jeff & Katie and Jon & his daughter Ashleigh went too and we got some fun boating in at the lake. And of course Katie & I impressed everybody with our perfected co-tubing skills. Ha ha! There were lots and lots of funny wipeouts and plenty of screaming (mostly from Ashley) and we all had a great time.

Harrison had a blast hanging out with his Grandma and Papaw. They really seem to like to spoil him. I think he must have taken some nap laps because Saturday night the only way I could get him to sleep was to hold him. So high maintenance!

Mary really likes to spoil everybody, not just babies, because she cooks the best meals for everyone all the time. We ate like kings this weekend - fried chicken, mashed potatoes, biscuits, and gravy Saturday night; pancakes, scrambled eggs, and bacon Sunday morning; and Roy barbecued ribs, fajitas, and sausage while Mary made all of the fixins. Yum!

Hope you all had a great weekend as well. I'm looking forward to this week because I have a beautiful, funny, sweet 14-year old girl to hang out with! My cousin Stephanie is down for the week and I'm pretty excited. Harrison adores her and she's so great with him. Now if this weather would just cooperate so we could get out and have some fun!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Such a tease!

I've been trying reeeeeally hard to get Harrison to say "mama." He's said it a few times while he's crying, but those don't count.

Here he is last night at our small group meeting, eating up all of the attention and being quite the little tease.

And can you tell he had green beans for dinner? I swear, he's the dirtiest kid in the world. No matter how hard I try he just refuses to support his mom's efforts to have a clean baby!

UPDATED TO ADD: He actually just said "mama" about 20 minutes ago for the first time!!!!!!!!  And Rick and my mom were both there to witness it. YAY!!!!!!  Woo hoo for baby's first word!!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Pushed to the limit.

Earlier this week while we were on a walk through the neighborhood, we came across something pretty funny. So naturally, I had to get out my camera so I could blog about it. Ha!

Apparently this kid's parents have reached their wits' end. Maybe it's time to assign him chores, give him a curfew, and make him get a job!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Today is my mom's 50th birthday.






Happy birthday, Mom. I love you!

It really is true what they say about how it takes becoming a parent to really fully appreciate your own. I've always known my mom is awesome, but now that I've entered motherhood I have a newfound respect for her and all that she's done for my brother and me. And it makes me want to go back and give myself a big huge forehead slap for all the times I whined to her about how she must not really love me when she didn't always let me have my way and all the grief I've given her over the years. Me, a brat? I know, you can't believe it. And I'd be lying if I told you I wasn't a little worried about my payback that is right around the corner. She warned me all those years ago. And now I finally believe her. Ha!

The big 5-0 called for a big party, naturally. She told me she didn't want any fuss but of course I didn't listen. You only turn 50 once and it's a great cause for celebration, so on with the party planning I went. I dug up about 250 pictures of her throughout her life, scanned them all in, and got to crafting. I must say it was a lot of fun looking at all of them, and I'm pretty sure that nobody else on the planet has had more hairstyles than her, ha!

Thanks for everybody's help in pulling off a great party! I had so much fun celebrating the birthday girl and meeting her friends and catching up with family who drove in from out of town. It was also my cousin Hunter's 10th birthday (<---can't believe he's TEN) so there was an abundance of cake and I, of course, was in heaven.

Here's a slideshow of the party pictures. Enjoy!

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Monday, July 19, 2010

Why I do the majority of the cooking.

My husband is sweet. Really, he is.

He offered to cook dinner tonight!

Can you tell what it is?

Is it scrambled eggs?


Is it a rice cake?

No, but nice try!

Is it a potato patty?

Wrong again!

Is it a sugar cookie?

No, sillies!

I'm sure all of your guesses are great. Wrong, of course, but thanks for playing.

I can't fault him for messing it up.

I mean, making pancakes out of the box is tough work.

The fact that he is cooking-challenged is one of my favorite things about him. Relationships need a certain amount of mystery, and that's exactly what you get when he's in the kitchen. He's made some of the best food I've tasted, and some that even the dog won't touch. And if you know Sydney, you know it must be bad.

He's almost done with the "amoeba cakes" as he's nicknamed them, so I'm signing off.

Wish me and my stomach luck!

Friday, July 16, 2010

New wheels.

I broke down and ordered a walker for Harrison. It was one of those things that I didn't think he needed and I didn't want yet another baby gear item cluttering up the house. Well, I changed my mind last week now that he's mobile and gets into EVERYTHING. Seriously, how does he automatically know what he's not supposed to touch and then become obsessed with touching it? Is it some sort of baby sixth sense or something? He is a total magnet to mischief and I feel like I am constantly retrieving him from off limit areas.  So I reconsidered the walker idea and thought that maybe it would still give him the mobility and freedom he loves without allowing him to touch/taste/destroy/etc. everything in sight.

It showed up this afternoon and I put it together so he could take it for a test drive. Looks like he inherited his dad's driving skills. Oh my. World, watch out!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

This is just awful.

It's almost 2am and I can't sleep because there is a SCREAMING baby in the other room. And I think it is literally breaking my heart. I just want to go in there and pick him up and love on him and comfort him and help him back to sleep but instead I'm in here trying to find anything to distract me. I'm deliberately denying his cries for me and it is one of the worst feelings I've ever felt in my entire life.

When I was pregnant I just knew I would get my baby on a strict schedule as soon as he was born. I am a type A person and really thrive on routine, and I wanted the same thing for my baby. I didn't want him to be dependent on me or anything else to comfort and sooth himself to sleep and I even read a couple of books all about sleep training. Then he was born and that plan flew right out the window.

Problem is, Harrison is just as stubborn, if not more, than I am. And Harrison doesn't like to sleep. And I am a sucker for the crocodile tears streaming down his cheeks. It just feels unnatural to hear him in there wailing and screaming and crying and getting so worked up that he sounds like he's hyperventilating. It makes me want to do the same thing. And it makes me feel like a terrible mom.

But he's 7 1/2 months old and still waking up several times every night. He's tired and grouchy during the day because he's not getting enough good sleep. I took him to the pediatrician today because I thought he had an ear infection, but his ears checked out just fine. Her unofficial diagnosis? A cranky, sleep-deprived baby. And then she suggested that I try to let him cry it out, and promised me that it would most likely take no more than three nights and he'd be sleeping soundly and peacefully through the night. Rick suggested that we give it a try, and so I begrudgingly agreed.

Tonight is Night 1, and I'm hating every second of it. I'm trying to remind myself that this is for the best and the benefits will far outweigh three nights of misery, but it's hard. Is he spoiled? I don't know, maybe. Can you even spoil a baby with comfort and love? I'm not sure anymore. I used to think so, but then he was born and my opinions got all jumbled and confused and instincts set in and instincts never told me to ignore my upset baby. But does he -- do all of us -- need to get better sleep? Absolutely. So I'm taking the doctor's advice and resisting the urge to run in there and swoop him up into my arms. And it's taking every last ounce of self control.

Did I mention that this is awful?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Because the view is so much better up here!

Guess who pulled himself up for the first time today?

Or at least today is the first time I saw him do it. Rick casually mentioned Sunday afternoon that he had done it while I was at the store. When my eyes started welling up with tears, he quickly tried to cheer me up by saying it didn't count and that it was only for a second and that he had only done it by accident. I swear, my kid is just trying to break my heart. Next thing I know he'll be off getting married and I won't even get an invite. Doesn't he know that I am completely over-sensitive and emotional and that he should wait to meet these milestones until I am willing and ready for him to, or at the very least actually present to witness them? I mean, that's not too much to ask, is it?   :)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Beach baby!

I can't believe how fast this weekend flew by. It was a fun one -- filled with beautiful sunny weather (finally!), quality time with fabulous friends, a visit to a local farmer's market, a great church service, craft projects galore, good (really bad) food, and a baby's first beach adventure.

My cousin Michelle was supposed to come down for the weekend, but ended up having to work at the last minute and couldn't make it. We didn't want to waste the beautiful sunny day so when Jeff & Katie suggested going to Galveston for a few hours, we packed up and headed down to the island for the afternoon.

We walked around the strand for a little while and ate lunch at Yaga's. The food was good, but I was quickly reminded of why we very rarely go out to eat these days. It's kind of hard to eat (much less enjoy) your food when you're trying to wrestle a very active, loud, and freakishly strong baby. Ha!

You would think that the burgers and fries would have satisfied our appetites. But who could possibly turn away a chance to eat here:

Clearly not us. And it was worth every single one of those 26,000 calories!

So THIS is what heaven is like.

Jeff ordered a chocolate covered Twinkie and Katie chose a gigantic peanut butter cup of creamy goodness. We may or may not have gotten more than one item, but there is no photographic evidence so it obviously doesn't count.

Striking a pose

Rick opted for an ice cream cone. Apparently it was so good that he felt compelled to share it.

First taste of ice cream

Before heading home, we decided to pay a quick visit to the beach to stick our toes in the water. I wasn't sure how Harrison would react to sand and salt water, but I think it's pretty safe to say that he loved it! 

Just look at those chunky thighs. Love them!

Jeff found a crab

The Normans

K Squared

Do I sense some jealousy from the husbands? I think so.

Playing in the sand

The day was successful at wearing out Harrison and he went to bed at 7:00!  Too bad it didn't wear him out enough for him to sleep through the night. {Deep sigh and cue the violin, I know} Allen & Lindsay came over and the guys watched a movie while us girls got busy on some craft projects for my mom's birthday party that is right around the corner.

Since we ate so healthy yesterday, we figured we'd keep up the good work today and picked up a bucket of KFC for lunch after church. Then Katie and I resumed our Martha Stewart statuses and made some pretty impressive creations, if I say so myself. I'll be sure to share pictures after the party.

All in all it was a great weekend but poor Harrison started feeling bad this evening. He's running a low-grade fever and keeps tugging at his ears, so it looks like we might be paying a visit to the pediatrician tomorrow. Wish us luck!

Seven Eleven

Today is my dad's birthday.

I made this birthday banner for him when I was a little girl:

And 20+ years later, he now has a grandson to share in the birthday sign fun.

Harrison was happy to participate. Apparently paper is quite tasty.

Happy Birthday, Dad. I love and miss you very much!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

{my poor girl. at least she's cooler.}

Monday, July 5, 2010

Independence Day

Hope everybody had a great 4th of July!

Ours was pretty low key. Harrison decided to party all night the night before, so our plans changed at the last minute. Since we were all running on about 3 hours of sleep, we came home after church and just crashed out. It was the first nap I've taken in probably several months. I usually hate taking naps because I feel like I wasted the day, but this one was much needed!

Then we decided to drive in to Houston for the Freedom Over Texas festival. It's the nation's largest land-based firework show so I was a little hesitant to go at first. I just kept thinking about all of the people and traffic and heat and people and did I mention people? But I'm so glad that we went! Yes, there were a lot of people and yes, it was HOT, but we had such a good time and the traffic was a breeze compared to what I was expecting.

It was free admission with a canned good. Pat Green and Little Big Town were performing and there were a lot of various booths set up. We wandered around a little and then we found the perfect grassy spot on the side of a hill to spread out our blanket and hang out and listen to the concert until the fireworks started. Once the sun began to set it was actually really nice.

Harrison started to get a little fussy around his bedtime and fell asleep right before the fireworks began. I let him sleep through the first five minutes but then I just had to get him up so he could experience the show! He seemed to like them and wasn't scared at all, which was a huge relief for me. Rick and I made the horrible mistake of taking our dogs to a fireworks show several years ago and I thought they were going to drop dead from fear right then and there! I think they were emotionally scarred for life.

Here are a couple ton of pictures from our night:

I told Rick last night that I'm kind of sad because soon Harrison will run out of "firsts." I can't believe how fast this year has flown by!
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