Sunday, October 2, 2016

10 Months

Hadley turns 11 months old tomorrow...and I'm just now posting her 10 month post...that's life with 3 kids. But I'm patting myself on the back for sticking to the monthly posts! I haven't written a single word in her baby book but at least her babyhood is being documented somewhere :)

So anyway, Hadley turned 10 months old on September 3!

She weighed 21 lbs, 9 oz. and was 28 1/2 inches tall. (90th % and 65th %, respectively)

She wears size 18 month clothes and size 4 diapers.

So, Hadley, what have you been up to this month?

You are into EVERYTHING. You crawl at warp speed. You climb on, under, and behind furniture. You cruise along the walls and furniture. You've stood all by yourself but we are still waiting for you to take that first step.

getting close

No Mom, you may not use the restroom...if you do, I will go straight for sharp objects and cords. Muhahaha!

let me get that drawer open for you

You chow down on food. You have never been big on baby food but you inhale table food. You love meat -- you are a carnivore for sure. Your favorite foods are chicken, steak, peaches, bananas, and yogurt. You also love to drink water out of a sippy cup. You won't drink breast milk out of one but you will gulp down some water.

You nap twice a day. Usually 30 minutes in the morning and about an hour in the afternoon. Your afternoon nap almost always takes place in the car rider line. You are still not sleeping through the night and almost always end up in our bed before morning comes around. It doesn't make for great sleep but I do enjoy your snuggles. Especially since you have outgrown wanting to be rocked or cradled. You are so active and if you are awake, you want to be exploring and engaging and not so much chilling out with your mama on her lap.

  In a rare moment you let me cuddle you after nursing. I was trying so hard to memorize what you feel like in my arms as a baby. It's food for my soul and I want to cry buckets that these moments are almost gone :(

You are learning lots of new tricks. You love to throw things on the floor and say, uh oh! You clap your hands and play pat-a-cake and cover your face to play peek-a-boo, and laugh the cutest little baby laughs while doing so. You love to dance to music. You figured out how to put balls in your gumball machine and press the lever to release them. It's so fun to watch your eyes light up when you learn something new. 

You are still such a happy baby. You are also full of expression. Your silly faces crack us up.

Oh, Haddie Lou. We adore you beyond words. You are a special girl and I am so thankful to be your mama. Love you bigger than big!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

House Hunters

Rick has always joked that he wanted to sign us up to be on House Hunters so he could find endless ways to embarrass me on national tv. I'm pretty sure he would pay big money for the opportunity to sneak in an ass grab while we were being filmed walking up the stairs. Luckily for me though, we have been house hunting without a camera crew...and officially signed a contract on Sunday for a new construction home one neighborhood over from us! I'm both really excited and a little nervous. We've never sold a home before and I'm a little anxious about the timing of it all. There's a chance we will have to move twice. And there's always the risk of delay or something going wrong in the construction process that would cause us to change our mind. But I'm trying not to think about all of the negatives and instead be thankful for some more space!

I love our home and it will always hold a special place in my heart. It's the first house we bought together as newlyweds. All three of our babies were brought home there from the hospital. It's where we fostered 3 bonus kids. But we are starting to outgrow it. And with a baby who still doesn't sleep through the night sharing a room with her big sister, a 4th bedroom is in HIGH demand. This mama needs some sleep again. We also would like to keep an open heart for fostering and/or adopting and having another bedroom would make that so much more easier. 

The good news is, ground hasn't even been broken and it's not scheduled to be completed until April or May. So that gives us more time to get our house ready to be listed and to also enjoy the holidays before putting it on the market. There are so many things I'm going to miss about our home, but I'm also excited about planning out our new one and picking out all of the finishes and details. I'm not naive to think that it will be a stress-free experience, but hopefully in the end we will have a new home to grow our family and make fun new memories in. 

I'll post pics once it gets started!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

A New Season

We are two weeks into the school year and everybody is adjusting well.  I was feeling anxious about all the changes but overall I'm excited for this new season for our family! 

I blinked and this girl is now off to elementary school. Practically every day of summer she would say to me, "can you even believe I'm going to be in kindergarten already??" She is extremely sentimental like her mama. She even cried when Hadley turned 9 months old since "Mommy, what are we going to do when she's not a baby anymore??" True story, I kid you not. She has such a tender heart and I'm happy to have someone in the family who can relate to my perpetual disbelief of time passing. :) Anyway, even though she told me countless times "I'm homesick already" and "I just want to spend every single second of every single day home with you," she was so excited about the first day of school approaching. Being apart from her brother last year was tough on her and she loved hearing about all of his kindergarten adventures. She had the best time picking out her backpack and lunch box and outfit for the first day. She loves the details like her mama, too. 

my beautiful big girl

Harrison was less than excited about school starting back up. Ha! He complains all the time that school is boring. But even though he rarely admits it, he actually has a lot of fun while he's there. :)

such a handsome little man

together again!

We dropped off Harrison first. He is already starting to get to that age of being embarrassed by his parents and he was quick to tell us bye and send us on our way. Ha! He is in Mrs. Singleton's class this year and was super stoked to find out his best friend, Liam, is in the same class with him again this year.

Next, we went to drop off Harper. She had a smile a mile wide on her face the entire time she navigated us through the hallways.

I requested for her to have Mrs. Reed and am thankful they honored it. I was a little worried about how she would adjust to kindergarten since she is extremely shy and timid around new people or big groups. She got to know Mrs. Reed and her classroom last year from when Harrison was in her class and we'd go up there to visit for parties or to volunteer. Having that familiarity has helped her adjust tremendously and each day she comes out of her shell a little bit more. As soon as she gets in the car she gives me a play-by-play of her entire day and is always so proud to tell me if she was brave enough to talk to anybody or raise her hand to answer a question that day :)

I purposely scheduled Hadley's 9-month check up (a month late - oops) right after drop off because I knew I'd need a distraction and something to keep me busy and my mind off of the fact that my bigs have now abandoned me.

one-on-one time with this girl is good for the soul

She learned how to play peek-a-boo and entertained both of us.

where's Hadley?


I thought that sending off Harper would be a breeze since I just did the whole my-baby-is-going-to-kindergarten sadness with Harrison the year before. But The Feelings found me. I don't even think it's just kindergarten feelings. It's more just missing your kids and knowing that their little years are gone forever and questioning if you spent them to their fullest. I was fine at drop off. But there were a few times I had to let some tears go throughout the day. At one point, I was running some errands and drove past their school on my way and started sobbing because they are just on the other side of that wall and life isn't fair!!! But I learned something valuable later that afternoon and I may have to start a new tradition if I'm stupid brave enough. When you are missing your kids and feeling like you just didn't get enough of them over the summer, a great way to get over that sadness is to run to the grocery store right after you pick them up from school on the first day. When they are overstimulated and completely exhausted. Yep, that will get you over The Feelings reeeeeeeal quick. HA!

3 kids + epic meltdowns + Kroger = ironic shirt choice

The following week Hadley started MDO.

I was feeling okay about dropping her off until she freaked and didn't want me to leave. She is such a happy baby 98% of the time but she is a total mama's girl. Then I made the mistake of lingering around spying on her through the window. She was so sad and upset and it was heartbreaking. I was thisclose to being the mom who can't go through with it. But she finally started to calm down when they gave her her pacifier and I forced myself to leave before I saw her start crying again.

I got to the office and found flowers on my desk. The Hubster did good. I'm not sure if they were to cheer me up since he knew I'd be a mess after dropping off my baby or if they were to celebrate my first official day back at work in 7 years. Either way, they made me smile!

My day turned around really fast. That's one of the perks of working with your spouse. We went to meet a realtor to look at some commercial property and then we stopped for some lunch at a really popular bbq place that I've always wanted to try. It was delicious and lived up to the hype. And it may not count as an official date, but it was the first childless meal that Rick and I have had alone since before Hadley was born. We finished complete sentences! We held eye contact! We only had to share food with each other! It was lovely :)

But even as great as my first day back to work was, boy was I itching to get back to my baby! She had her back to me when I walked in to the classroom. As soon as she heard my voice she spun around and crawled to me at warp speed. It was so sweet.

all is right in my world again

I had lots of stored up kisses to unleash on her

happy hearts

She will be going 3 days a week from 9-2 and based on how the first week was, I think it's going to be the perfect balance. Drop off went so much better after day 1. We still have 2 full days of one-on-one time and then of course the evenings and weekend with everyone. I'm enjoying working again part-time and am grateful that I'm able to have the best of both worlds!

On Friday, Hadley and I surprised the bigs in the cafeteria. I love sitting back and watching them with their peers before they realize I'm there. It's like a little peek into their new world. And then watching their eyes light up once they spot's so special. I don't know how long they'll continue to be excited to have me as a lunch guest but I'll soak it up as long as I can.

Not only did Mom surprise them...she brought cupcakes! She is a rock star if you ask me. ;)

Mom, take a picture of my cupcake with my cupcake shirt!
Mom, take a picture of me eating my cauliflower!

They have a 10-minute overlap in the cafeteria where we all get to see each other at the same time. 

Harrison inhaled his lunch and cupcake and then wanted to play a game on my phone. Instead of talking to his mommy. Ahem. I settled for playing with the camera instead. 

Baby sister did NOT want to leave her bubba. These two have a special bond for sure. I'm a little scared, lol. 

And despite the sick germs that come with back-to-school (hello, strep), it feels good to be back into a routine again and starting new adventures. 

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

9 Months

Hadley turned 9 months old on the 3rd...which was now almost a month ago, but better late than never, right?

She weighed 21 lbs., 2 oz. (90th percentile) and was 27 1/2 inches long (50th percentile).

She is wearing mostly 12-18 month clothes and a size 4 diaper.

So, Hadley, what have you been up to this month?

You are a busy, BUSY girl and are into everything. Thankfully our house is still baby-proofed from our home study, but it is still not baby proofed enough for you, my adventurous girl. Even when we put you in your walker you still find a way to get into stuff you're not supposed to (not to mention you fly around the house in that thing like you're in a high speed chase).

You are also a daredevil which makes shopping interesting. I wear you in the lille' baby carrier a lot. You love it, but my back doesn't. ;)

you screamed because you wanted out of your car seat and then turned around and tried to climb back in

don't worry mom, the concrete floors probably aren't THAT hard
baby wearing in the summer in Houston...because who doesn't like to sweat out 10 gallons?

You fought it at first, but you have finally settled into a pretty good nap routine. You take one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Sometimes they are only 20 minutes and sometimes they are 2 hours. You were pretty stubborn and even fell asleep sitting up on a few occasions, but now usually I can just lay you on your side and rub your back for a minute and you are good to go with no fussing.

but I'm not tired!!!!

must. not. lie. down.

We have a great bedtime routine down, too. By around 7 or 8, you are ready to end your day and go down easily in your crib. BUT...we are still working on getting you to stay asleep. You slept through the night great when you were younger but now you're up a couple of times and only want your momma. Sometimes you want to nurse but sometimes you just want to cuddle. And since you are sharing a room with your sister, we can't really let you cry it out at 2am so you almost always end up in our bed. Not ideal...your momma is tired, baby girl!

You started eating table food right at 8 months and now that's almost all you will eat. You're not a fan of purees aside from the occasional pouch that you can feed yourself. Forget trying to spoon feed you...someone is quite independent. You are also losing interest in nursing and the longest I can get you to sit still is about 3 or 4 minutes (except in the middle of the night....). We still do 5 nursing sessions a day but I'm about to drop one to see if that helps.

do I have anything on my face?
this is more like it!
you also like to munch on teething wafers

You had your first ear infection this month. You never ran a fever but I was suspicious when you were being a cranky-pants (you are normally a very happy baby) and when you fell asleep in your high chair. Antibiotics and rest did the trick and I enjoyed the sleepy snuggles that you rarely give me anymore these days.

first and only time this has happened

When you are awake you are moving, moving, moving. You crawl at lightning speed and pull up on everything and try to climb in/on/under whatever you can. Such an active and adventurous baby.

catch me if you can

see ya, suckers!

You are developing such a fun and silly personality. You carry things around in your mouth like a dog. You love finding tags on things. You love destroying magazines. You are infatuated with shoes and since I never put them on you, you find everyone else's and try to put them on yourself. You give the cheesiest grins and I just love that you smile with your whole entire face. Sometimes you remind us of those old Bitter Beer Face commercials. the BBF has replaced the RBF you used to sport which I find hilarious. You crack us up, kid.

your brother thought this was the funniest thing ever...thankfully these were clean!

hee hee 

You have a few nicknames. Your daddy calls you Claire about 90% of the time. Which drives me nuts, btw, since he was the one that was adamant on choosing your first name. But that's a story for another day, ha! Other names off the top of my head: Hadley Hoo, Haddie Lou, Miss Claire, Claire-Bear, Puppy Dog, Nugget, Happy Baby, Sunshine Girl, Tiny, and Smalls.

And sometimes after bath you are referred to as Thunder Thighs while we squish your adorable naked tushy. The kids also like to serenade you with a catchy tune that they made up, appropriately titled, Junk in Her Trunk.

She's got junk, JUNK! In her trunk, TRUNK! She's got junk in her trunk, she's got junk in her trunk, she's got junk in her trunk, she's got junk, JUNK! In her trunk, TRUNK! 

who are you calling fat?

Oh sweet baby, we adore you! It's hard for your mama to comprehend that you've only just been on the outside of my belly for as long as you were on the inside. We had no idea what we were missing out on before you came along. You sure do enrich our lives and fill our hearts. Love you BIG!

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