Monday, January 9, 2017

Meet Griffin

Hello, 2017! Along with getting organized, eating better, and exercising (how original, I know), I am also resolving to dedicate more time to this neglected blog. I need it to become a habit again to sit down at the computer for 15 minutes or else it's just never going to happen.

I have so much to catch up on but to begin with, we have added a new member to our family!

Meet Griffin Theodore Boyd:

He is a goldendoodle and we are all smitten! We were planning to wait until after we sell our house and move into our new one before we adopt any pets again, but the kids have been commenting about how much they missed our trio pretty much every day. And by kids, I also mean Rick. ;) And then Harper came home from school last month bawling and when she finally calmed down enough to tell me what was wrong she informed me that they had watched a video in class that had a fluffy dog in it that reminded her of Sadie and it "made her heart hurt really really really bad."

And that right there sure makes all the reasons not to get a puppy right now seem pretty insignificant.

Seeing the shock and excitement on their faces and they way they went on and on about how this was their FAVORITE CHRISTMAS EVER!!!! will be a memory I will treasure all my days.

Harper: "I love him SO much! He's the best present I've ever gotten since I've been born! You can take back all my other gifts under the tree and I'll still be so happy!"

Harrison: "I love him so much that it's actually TOO much. Like, I feel so connected to him that it makes me sad to even think about leaving him for 5 minutes. He's my favorite member of our family!"

I will say that it's a good thing he's so incredibly adorable. Because it's been a lonnnng time since I've gone through the puppy phase, and let's just say that I feel like instead of one toddler terrorizing the house and sucking up all my time and energy, I now have two of them! I am positive that they are in cahoots with one another. Just when I didn't think I could say "no" and "get away from that" and "come back in here" and "don't put that in your mouth" any more than I already do, I now say these things twice as much. I also spend far too much time taking chew toys out of Hadley's mouth and rescuing baby toys from Griffin's mouth (especially her beloved pacis...he loves to swipe them from her). And then there's trying to wrangle the dog into his kennel and keeping the baby out of it. Those two. Did I mention it's a good thing they are so darn precious?

The kids made him a stocking and are always leaving him little notes. He sure is one loved puppy dog. Welcome home, Griffin!

Friday, December 2, 2016



You are 7 years old today. Happy birthday, bubba! Time insists on marching on and you keep getting older and taller, but I have to say that I think you as a big kid is my favorite stage so far. I think my mama heart will always miss your baby and toddler years -- they were so special and I am typing through teary eyes as I remember them fondly. But I sure am enjoying the heck out of you as you continue to grow and mature. You are smart, witty, kind, and a giant ball of energy that keeps us all shaking our heads and laughing every day.

We recently started journaling back and forth to each other and it is the BEST. After you've written in it you are so eager to hide it under my pillow, and I'm just as eager to read what you've written me and to respond. I know one day you will be too cool to do this fun activity with your mom so I am savoring the time I still have with you where you think I am a total rock star. I think you are pretty amazing, too. This world would sure be boring without you in it.

Happy birthday, sweet boy. I can't wait to celebrate you and the day you made me a mommy. Love you BIG!

Love always,

Thursday, November 3, 2016


Hadley Claire,

When you wake up this morning, you will be ONE. This triggers a lot of emotions in your mama. It actually brings out a lot of emotions in your siblings, too. They both cried legitimate tears yesterday over the fact that it was your last day to be a baby and how they don't want you to change. They are so silly but I sure do relate to their sentiment. These 365 days have flown by far too quickly if you ask me.

I know that I will be choking back my own tears throughout this special day. Tears of sadness, as your babyhood is forever behind us. Tears of joy, as I watch you with wonder and soak you in. Tears of gratitude, as I thank God for the gift that you are. You are the bonus baby we didn't know we needed...but oh my how we most definitely needed you. You are incredibly loved and cherished, Haddie Lou!

Wishing you a very happy 1st birthday and looking forward to another year of watching you grow.

Love always,


Sunday, October 30, 2016

11 Months

Hadley turned 11 months old on October 3. Wait a second...what??? Time sure is FLYING by.

She weighed 22 lbs., 3 oz. and was 29 inches long.

She is wearing size 18 month clothes and is in a size 4 diaper.

So, Hadley, what have you been up to this month?

This last month has been a little challenging. You've been sick with ear infections and colds and also teething. You are usually such a happy baby but this month you have been very cranky and way more high maintenance than normal. And sleep? Ha. Let's just say that neither one of us are anywhere close to being well-rested. Poor's no fun to see you feeling icky.

Momma, my ear hurts :(

Mad Baby

it is so rare that you fall asleep on me these days. Definitely not feeling well but I sure did appreciate the extra snuggles.

I could sit and watch you sleep for hours...if you would actually sleep for hours 
Even with being sick and grumpy a lot this month, your silly self still shined through plenty. Your personality is getting bigger and bigger and you are so much like your brother. You are wild, into EVERYTHING, love mischief, not idle for more than 2 seconds, want total freedom, and know exactly what you want and get mad when you don't get it. In other words, we are all a little scared. Ha!

The first time I let you get your own snack instead of handing them to you one at a time. You were so excited to feed yourself!

I think I'll climb all the way's cool, Mom.
you love to feed yourself
how exactly am I supposed to eat this?

you also love to throw food on the floor and laugh at me when I tell you not to.
my little wild child having a good ol' time playing with all the buttons and switches in the car rider line

We gave you your first taste of ice cream this month and the pictures speak for themselves.

oh yeah. come to mama.

what is this frozen deliciousness??

yes I want some more!! 

Nothing in life mattered before this moment

try to take away my cone and I will cut you

I try to contain you in the living room (read: lock you in baby jail) but you always find ways to escape. I don't get much done during the day because you keep me on my toes, little missy. But slowing down and sitting in the floor with you is certainly nothing to complain about. You sure are fun to watch and play with. Your favorite toys are your xylophone, gumball machine, and riding toys (or pretty much anything you can climb on).

you love to break out of jail and go beat on these glass doors...this is the mischievous look you give me when I catch you
and for some reason you are fascinated with the knobs and suck on them. The bigs think it's hilarious.

Another wonderful month in the books. We sure do love you, Hadley Hoo!

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