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Dear Harper,

You have gone and turned SEVEN on me. My little girl with the curl in the middle of her forehead isn't quite so little and she doesn't even have curly hair anymore. But the nursery rhyme still holds true -- you are really really good 99% of the time but when you're not, well, you know how the rest goes ;)

Even though I can still close my eyes and picture you as a itty bitty baby or a curly-headed toddler, at the same time you also have an old soul and sometimes I forget that you are still just a little girl. You are very mature for your age but you also have such an innocence about you that I just adore. You are so kind-hearted and sensitive. You are extremely helpful and look around for ways to contribute without ever being asked. You want to grow up and do big things with your life and make a difference in this world...and also be a professional singer at the same time :) You are a sweet girl but also have a dark side and love to creep us out for laughs. Onl…

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