Tuesday, October 20, 2015

October Fun

Here's what we've been up to this month. Hard to believe there are only 11 days left in October.


Both kids had school pictures taken. I find it really odd that in elementary they make you pay for the package before the pictures are even taken. Who knows what kind of smile this little goober made but I'm sure either way I would have ordered them anyway.

Harper loves to have her picture taken at home but it will be interesting to see if she smiled for the stranger behind the camera :)


 Rick was able to meet Harper and me for lunch one day. A tea room that I used to love had closed a few years ago due to an illness in the family. It just reopened even closer to our house so we went to check it out. When we first walked in, Harper immediately squealed about the chandelier and asked her daddy if he would get her one someday :)



My mom kept Harper while Rick and I took Harrison to an appointment one afternoon. We took advantage of the one-on-one time and let him pick out a special place to have dinner. He chose Cheesecake Factory, because clearly he is a genius. It was delicious and it was nice to get in some much needed quality time. I had to share these pictures of dessert. His face says it all.


Here is a collage of our new floors/baseboards. I love them. It feels like a brand new house. Although I think they will end up making me even more neurotic than I already am because I feel the need to clean them multiple times a day. They definitely don't hide dust and grime the way carpets do. But then again, that's a good thing.


I mentioned that Harrison had strep throat last week. He got a penicillin shot so when he was still running fever 3 days later I called his doctor and he said the fever was definitely not from the strep anymore and wanted me to bring him back in. He also had a terrible cough that had turned into mild pneumonia. Poor guy was not feeling so hot. More breathing treatments, oral steroids, antibiotics, and rx cough syrup finally got him feeling better.

By day 4 we were all getting a little (a lot) stir crazy. I kept Harper home from school on Tuesday since she said she wasn't feeling good. Turns out she was totally playing hooky and was completely fine. Little turkey. She later told me that she wishes that she and Harrison could be twins so they could be in the same class and see each other all the time like they used to. She was just missing her bubba and how sweet is that? Sweet...except all they did for 4 days straight was fight and bicker constantly! They used to rarely fight and always played SO well together. But she also used to just go along with everything he wanted to do. She's much bossier and sassier now and now they fight a LOT. Plus he was sick and grouchy so it was definitely a recipe for disaster.

At one point I sent both of them to their rooms and told them to find something to do for an hour so I could regain some of my sanity. Here's how Harper resurfaced:


2 skirts and a ski hat = a "huwaii" dancer outfit. Love her imagination.

We also took a bunch of goofy pictures and videos of ourselves. Then Harper wanted to record herself saying one of the bible verses she's learned. And of course Harrison had to do it as well, because how absurd to not to share the spotlight :) These videos make my heart so happy. I pray that they not only memorize scripture but that it truly penetrates their hearts.

I was so thankful for cooler weather and took them to the park to blow off some steam on his last day of fever once he had perked back up.

showing off their muscles

Love these two with all of my might!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Welcome, Fall

We had a great weekend! I'm really trying to soak up my family of four as much as possible before it changes forever.

Friday afternoon we had a parent teacher conference with Harrison's teacher. I was really nervous because I haven't gotten much feedback on how he's doing yet and I've been worried about him and how he's adjusting. Harrison has been faced with a lot of challenges over the last 11 months or so. I won't go into too many details right now, but it's been a rough season for us and it's been hard seeing him go through these struggles and it's been really frustrating and challenging to parent him through a lot of it. He's regressed in a lot of areas emotionally and behaviorally and I do think a lot of it has to do with me being pregnant. He's really excited about the baby, but he went through a tough stage when I was pregnant with Harper, too. So I'm praying a lot of it calms down over the next couple of months.

Anyway, the transition into kindergarten hasn't been the easiest for him. Many days have begun with tears. And trying to get any information out of him as to how things are going has been challenging. He doesn't ever want to talk about his day outside of the typical "recess was the only fun part." He's complained that he doesn't like school and wishes he could stay home with us. He has had some challenges making friends and it's been hard hearing him talk about how other kids have made fun of him or excluded him. He also hates doing homework. He hasn't had much at all -- he has one little assignment each week -- and then has also come home with unfinished work that his teacher has asked him to complete since he didn't do it in class. So, long story short, I've been a little concerned about how much he's been applying himself since he tells us he just doesn't enjoy school at all.

And then we met with his teacher and I left blinking back tears of relief! She had nothing but wonderful things to say about him. She said he always loves to participate and actually asks every day if they can write out their numbers because he loves doing it so much. My jaw almost dropped because anytime I ask him to practice writing for a homework assignment at home it is a big battle and he complains the whole time. And she looked just as surprised when we asked her if he has been having any behavioral or self-control issues in the classroom. She said he is a doll and an absolute pleasure to have in class and she's had zero issues with him not listening to her instructions. Rick and I exchanged a few glances like, wait...are we talking about the same kid?? Ha! It was such a relief to know that while he's been acting out at home he's not doing it at school. And that as much as he whines and complains about hating school he actually loves it when he's there.

And then it got even better. I'm going to brag here because I'm so proud of my sweet boy! She said that he is extremely advanced. He's already reading at a 1st grade level. He can count to 100 and beyond. He excels at math and can write out his numbers past 50 already. She said he will be screened for GT and she is confident he'll pass with flying colors. I felt like my heart could just burst hearing her say all that. I've always known he's a smart kid and it has nothing to do with me taking the time to teach him these things...he's always been extremely curious and inquisitive on his own. But he doesn't always apply himself if it's not something he's interested in or wants to do, and I really had no idea how he was going to compare to his classmates. It was just such so encouraging to know that after several months of struggles and challenges and worrying about my kiddo, he is thriving in school and that is one area I don't need to waste energy worrying about!

We told him how proud we are of him and that we wanted to take him out to celebrate. He chose Jimmy Changas. The weather was gorgeous so we sat on the patio and the kids played on the playground while we waited on our food. Rick and I joked that we are finally to the stage where they can play without us watching their every move to make sure they don't fall/run away/etc. It's nice to be to this stage finally. And now we are about to start completely over. Ha! 

how this kid eats an ice cream cone :)
After dinner we stopped by the mall so I could get some nursing tanks and nightgowns to pack in my hospital bag. We were walking along and then all of a sudden Harper made a sharp beeline to the right. This is what she spotted and couldn't resist hugging:

"a fancy wedding dress with diamonds on it!"

Saturday morning we took Harrison to a make-up karate class since he had missed all week being sick. Harper loves to go along with the class. Don't let her princess gown fool you -- she's one tough cookie.

The reason for the Cinderella dress, other than duh, you don't need a reason to dress up like a princess, is because the Disney Store was having a costume party with free activities and games. They didn't know we were going so it was a fun surprise for them.

After that, we stopped by a pumpkin patch on the way home.

On Sunday, we went to church and then had a lovely lunch outside on the patio at Cafe Express. Then we came home and spent some more time outside soaking up the gorgeous sunshine. Rick is a great daddy. Harper picked out a kite from the dollar store and every weekend since they've flown it together. It's been glued/taped back together several times now :)

Then it was pumpkin painting time! Harper wanted hers bright and colorful while Harrison opted for solid black. Because, Darth Vader. Of course.

I am almost done with all the last minute preparations before Hadley decides to join us. I finished sewing her bedding. I have a few more sewing projects to work on but they don't have to be done right away. I washed all her newborn clothes and blankets and got our hospital bag packed. It's getting real!

Saturday, October 17, 2015

37 Weeks

I was trying to do a post every 4 weeks but missed week 36 due to the floor fiasco and then Harrison's 4 days of strep and pneumonia...so here we are at 37w2d. This is most likely my last pregnancy post. I can't believe I'm finally here!!!!

I have mixed emotions because I'm crazy and hormonal. OBVIOUSLY I am ready to not be pregnant and sick anymore and feel human again. But there's also a little bit of sadness mixed in there that this will be my last time experiencing growing a sweet little life inside me! I'm so not one of those people who loves being pregnant and I most definitely don't glow. But what a miracle it is and I feel so blessed to have gotten to experience pregnancy 3 times. I'm going to miss feeling her moving inside me (even though lately it's gotten pretty uncomfortable!!). And I am certainly going to miss all the doting the kids (and hubster) do over my belly. I can't even count how many times throughout the day that one of them lifts up my shirt to hug and kiss their sister. They sing to her and tell her stories and it has been a ton of fun experiencing these last 9 months with them so involved.

I started having pretty strong contractions a few days ago and then had a complete freak out. You would think that by baby #3 I would know the drill and be comfortable with the whole process. But when I realized that I could possibly be going into labor at that very moment I flipped. I mean, I have a date set and she's not supposed to be here for 2 1/2 more weeks and I don't have everything washed and ready and packed and the car seat isn't even installed. She CAN'T come yet!!! And even though I've birthed 2 babies already I started having major anxiety that this child has to exit out of my body in one way or another. It's like I waited too long between babies and I'm a newbie all over again. What it really comes down to is my fear of not being in control. Ding ding ding. She's supposed to come on the date penciled in on the calendar. It's supposed to be orderly and planned out. If I make it to November 3rd she will definitely be born via c-section, but we said if she comes earlier on her own we will play it by ear and might decide to go the vbac route. Playing it by ear has never been one of my strengths. There are so many variables if she comes early...arranging last minute childcare, wondering if my doctor will be on call, worrying that my water is going to break when I'm out and about with the kids by myself, and still doubting our birth plan decision/lack thereof. BUT, I know all the details will work out and I know I just need to shut up and trust that God has it all taken care of.

It's funny because I was just saying the other day that I'm not sure I would even know what a contraction feels like. With Harrison I never really had any painful contractions until I was induced and then it was all in my back. With Harper, I was having contractions and had no idea until they hooked me up to the monitor once I was admitted to the hospital on bed rest. But I am definitely having them this time! Obviously for the most part it's been false labor, but I have a strong feeling she won't wait until November 3rd to make her appearance. At my 37 week OB appointment I was dilated to a 1 and the last few days I've been having massive pressure and painful contractions. They stay consistent for a while and then fade, so who knows when the real deal will be taking place, but I'm definitely feeling the pressure to get all the last minute preparations taken care of this weekend. I've spent a lot of the last couple of days feeling like my water is going to break at any moment. But who knows. She may just be teasing me and won't actually arrive until scheduled. Either way, we will be holding her in our arms in less than 2 1/2 weeks and I am SO excited!!!

As far as how I've been feeling...barf. That pretty much describes it. My urine screen came back with high ketones this week which means I'm not eating/drinking/keeping enough down, but I have come this far and I can definitely handle a couple more weeks!

I have to include a video of how crazy my stomach looks pretty much 90% of the day. She has been the most active out of all 3 of my babies. I seriously have no idea how some people never knew they were pregnant until delivery??? I have an anterior placenta and her movements are still this insane.

37w1d belly shot

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 37 Weeks

Size of baby: 6 1/2 lbs and 19 inches long (according to babycenter; but she was measuring 2 weeks ahead at last ultrasound so who knows)

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 27 lbs

Maternity Clothes: Haha.

Gender: a feisty little girl

Movement: She has been my biggest mover by far. See above video...

Sleep: Not great. I'm getting up 4 or 5 times a night to pee and have been having stress dreams lately that I'm in labor.

What I miss: bending over or sitting on the floor without it being a major ordeal

Cravings: cucumbers and blackberries

Symptoms: all of the super fun and sexy and glamorous symptoms that come with having a full grown baby inside of my body. I will spare you from the details :)

Best moment of the week: Realizing that we could be meeting her any day now! Dilated to 1 cm as of a few days ago and I've been having contractions ever since.

Friday, October 16, 2015


I'm going to attempt to catch up the blog on our life over the last several months. It will mostly be a picture dump since a) I don't remember much past yesterday and b) we haven't really had a ton of exciting things lately that require a lot of explanation. :)

Here is what our March looked like. Or at least what I took pictures of:

couch snuggles. She rarely falls asleep outside of her bed so I had to snap this picture

my phone went missing and I finally found it under Harrison's bed. Apparently he was busy texting his grandma before preschool. I laughed so hard when I read their conversation. He is all boy.

Rick texted this to me. He took her on a father/daughter date

"Mommy, take my picture in front of the beautiful flowers!"

Always wanting to help. Such sweet boys.

They LOVED having this little chunk around. We all did.

ice cream treat after getting blood work done at the doctor

She wanted to pretend to have naptime but then actually fell asleep. March must have been a growth spurt for this little girl because she hadn't taken naps in months.

"Mom, look at me! I'm Daddy!"

wearing his football "helmet"

visit from Mamaw & Papaw = a new cowboy hat and boots!

We also went to Bass Pro, but this little girl slept through the whole thing. March was apparently a sleepy month for her!

rain geared up

playing in the "boat" they built

they are the best co-sleepers ever....or not

I remember putting the kids to bed and then being frustrated by the state of my house. And then I walked into the kitchen and found this and had to smile. One day I will miss having toys scattered everywhere.

Maybe it was my first trimester sleepiness that rubbed off on them. This is RARE right here. Maybe he was sick??

My first craving. Rick went and picked up macaroni salad and pickles for me. It also became my first meal to throw up and I haven't stopped since. I was about 5 or 6 weeks pregnant at this point.

Bad, bad dog

Rick googled remedies and came home with these for me. They didn't work, but man did I marry a great guy.

Fun at Houston Party Playland

This cracks me up! They decided they would model in the window at Michael Kors :)

Cinderella with best friends!

Walking down the steps in her glass slippers
zoo adventures...an attempt to do something fun on my birthday. It was the opposite of fun for me since I was feeling so miserable but at least the kids had fun.
birthday gifts

this was my gift from the kids :)

Lots of dress up and mothering

Rick took the big boys to a battleship

Took them to the park and this boy was quick to find a giant puddle to splash in

And then he had the nerve to throw a giant fit and blame us for letting him get wet. Sigh.

Staring contest

My bedside visitors keeping me entertained

bubble bath fun

She always cheers me up with her happy smile

I remember this next day distinctly. I had been sick for about 2 weeks at this point. We had planned to take the kids to the rodeo and they were so excited. I forced myself to get out of bed and go. I didn't want to miss out (especially since Harrison was muttin' bustin' for the first time) and thought if I sucked it up and pushed myself, I might actually feel better. WRONG, WRONG, WRONG, WRONG, WRONG. I threw up multiple times in the car on the way there and back. The smells of the animals and the smells from the fair food were NOT helpful. I was so miserable and was always looking for the closest bathroom so I wouldn't have to get sick in front of everyone. I threw up multiple times while we were there, and sobbed like a baby when the toilet water from the nasty public restroom splashed back all over my face. It was in that moment that I knew this wasn't just morning sickness and I couldn't just push through.

But, at least the kids had a good time.

first trip to the ER

and first hospital stay a few days later when my OB wanted me admitted.

sweet husband who offered to blow dry my hair. It was comical :)

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