Moooo & Day 16

Friday was Cow Appreciation Day at Chick-fil-a. I don't know about you, but we mark this day on our calendars in advance because we are that cool. Free food and no cooking? Yes, please! I have no shame.

Harper and I met some friends for free breakfast while Bubba was at VBS.


Then we headed to back to pick him up. It was the last day of his 3-day VBS and they were singing all their songs for the parents. The theme was "Turn it Up" and everything was decorated with speakers and guitars and the songs were rock. He had SUCH a great time.

he wanted Sis to get in on the action, too

Then we headed to the vet. We are dog-sitting for Mom and Tim while they are at Disney World. If you are wondering, yes. I'm totally jealous. Anyway, Dakota had to have surgery and Friday was the day to have his stitches taken out.

After we got Dakota taken care of, Rick came home and we all got decked out in our cow clothes again. Did I mention we will go to great lengths for our kids...and for free food?

he is a good sport

say "moo"

wondering how he got stuck in there alone with all the kids. lol!

 Harrison has been looking forward to wearing his cow costume in public for a lonnnnng time. He insisted on squeezing into it even though it is size 18 months. Seriously, look at the joy on his face in the next picture. And this is why we don't mind looking like idiots, dressed up like cows for some free chicken.

And since I actually have a draft post about our Cow Appreciation Day from last year, I figured I'd just tack the pictures on here. It's definitely become a fun tradition in our house. And so neat to see how much they've all changed since last year.

Hamilton, Harrison, Christian, Carter, Abigail, Harper, Hollyn

Day 16: What's one thing that you've never done that most people have done?

We are planning to go in a couple of years though. I'm not sure who will be more excited.


Jocelyn said…
How funny... what a cute tradition. It's cool that your friends are in on it too. And you're right — Rick IS a great sport! :-)

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