Monday, January 26, 2015

December Catch Up - Part 2

I think this post will wrap up our December happenings with the exception of Harrison's birthday celebrations. Such a busy, fun-filled month!


The kids had their Christmas parties at preschool.

soooo happy to see her Dad!

showing me her nativity blocks

Book exchange with friends
Mrs. Amy & Mrs. Frances. Love, love love her teachers.
 Harrison's party was the next day. He's in the Kinderskills program so he goes 3 days a week (half days) and Harper only goes 2 days. So she got to tag along with me to his party. They weren't at all thrilled about me trying to take their picture as you can see.

I think I mentioned that Rick arranged for me to take a solo trip to Oklahoma to see my dad and best friend the weekend before Christmas. I didn't take very many pictures but here are the few I got the one time I got my camera out the whole trip. Isn't Lynnox so precious? I could just eat her up with a spoon.

Meanwhile, Rick and the kids went down to visit family for the weekend. I told Rick to take pictures since I was sad I couldn't be there and wanted to at least see some of the fun. These are the only pictures I got...


We had our annual white elephant Christmas party with friends.

nothing says Feliz Navidad like some delicious fajitas
playing dress up so Harper could take their picture
Lindsay scored big with Rick's white elephant gift...a Chuck Norris bearded trucker hat and some reject beer
sweet Joel
Harper finally got her Anna dress she'd been asking for
Ashley having fun with a playdoh poop mold. I can't even.
 And just a few more random photos I want to include.

celebrating my Grandpa's 81st birthday
kitty cat snuggles
this boy and his "unique" style. I love him to death.

"Mommy, take my picture!"

including a happy mail day!

This didn't stay inside long :)

there are so many things to like about this picture.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Possible Placement

So....there is a chance we might be getting a foster placement soon. There is also a huge chance that it won't materialize since it is a friend of a friend of a friend type of situation, but I have been pacing around my house waiting for more information and I feel like I might explode if I don't share the news somewhere! And I figured my blog with approximately 0 readers is a better place to share than, say, Facebook :)

It's a very similar emotion to the final stretch of pregnancy. That moment where you feel like you've been waiting forrrrreeeeevvvveeerrr for something to happen, and then when that something starts to happen, you kind of freak out a little. Like, holy crap, are we really ready for this???? Which of course the answer is YES, but it is still such a scary, thrilling feeling of anticipation.

We are also doing respite care in the next couple of days for a sweet baby boy. Friends of ours we met in our training classes last year are traveling out of town for a funeral. Ironically, I got a text from him asking if we could do respite while we were sitting in our training class today. And 2 hours later I got a phone call from my friend about the potential foster placement. I love the way God works and how faithful He is, even when we start to question His timing. I have been trying so hard not to be impatient while we wait for any kind of news on the fostering front. It's been radio silence for over a month and I was really starting to get discouraged. And then we showed up to the class today and were reminded of why we are doing this. The director who was leading the class was a huge encouragement as was hearing everyone's personal stories. It was inspiring and just what we needed to hear. And then 2 people contacted us within 2 hours about welcoming kiddos into our home. Even if the placement falls through, I feel like it was perfect validation that we are exactly where God wants us to be.

While I'm excited about the thought of adding more children to our home, the adrenaline is always accompanied by feelings of sadness as I think about what the kids are going through. And what the biological parents are going through. There is so much hurt and brokenness involved. I'm thankful for a redeeming God and know that He is at work in their lives, and hope that we are able to be His instruments in some capacity.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

December Catch Up - Part 1

It seems like most of my January posts from prior years are to play catch up. This year will be no different. I have a bunch of draft posts to wrap up and hopefully I will devote some time to getting them all finished.

Here is part of what we were up to last month. More to come soon(ish).


A fun downtown Christmas parade with best friends. We were outnumbered...but that also meant more candy for Mom & Dad.


The kids sang on stage at church. This was Harrison's last time since he's graduating out of PeeWees in a few months. I still can't believe it. I swear I was dropping off my spewing 3-month old in the nursery just yesterday. Both of the kids did great and did all the cute little gestures. This was the first Christmas performance Harrison didn't have stage fright. He came out with a giant smile and holding hands with Harper and searched the audience until he found us and gave us the biggest wave.


I thought these hot cocoa kits that I put together turned out super cute. I bought some rustic wooden silverware caddies from Dayspring. They have the verse Psalm 107:8 which is "Give thanks to the Lord for his unfailing love." I gave one as a gift last year, fell in love with it and decided I wanted one too, then decided to buy several as gifts as well. I thought they were fitting for teachers and a few of our friends to express our family's thankfulness for them. I was originally just going to wrap the box, but then decided they needed some embellishment. So I filled the dividers up with hot cocoa supplies. Harper helped me dip silverware in chocolate and decorate the spoons. She also enjoyed stealing marshmallows when she thought I wasn't looking. :)


Here are the kids' letters they wrote to Santa. Of course I helped Harper write hers out but it was her wording. She asked for a baby cradle, a baby doll, princess dolls, and a snow white toy. Harrison asked for a Star Wars scooter, a Star Wars skateboard, and all of the Star Wars DVDs. I got a kick out of his illustrations.

They also made Christmas cards for him. Harper drew a stocking and Harrison drew a present, nativity, and crosses. I love their creativity and am going to have a serious issue with hoarding all their artwork if I don't start narrowing my keep pile down.


Our beautiful, hand-carved rocking horse met an unfortunate fate :( Thankfully, no 3-year olds were harmed in the decapitation. Except for her feelings. Those were pretty upset. 


We love our advent calendar. Each day they took turns pulling out the card in the envelope to see what our fun activity was that day. We kept it simple most days. Like our tradition of going out for a Frosty after watching Frosty the Snowman. And driving around looking at Christmas lights followed by a stop for hot chocolate.

This house was synchronized to Frozen songs


Harper got to "babysit" Baby Virginia and was in mother hen heaven. We love us some Hurst girls!


Brody & Cooper hosted their annual PJ Christmas party again this year. I already posted the Santa pictures but here are a couple more.

making blue silly putty


Our company had its first Christmas Party this year. It was nice to get everyone together outside of the shop and meet spouses and girlfriends. My mom kept the kids so we wouldn't have to pay a babysitter. It was a fun night! 

cake balls!
Christmas light hay ride through her neighborhood
grandmas are the best

It was nice to have a night out with this man. I'm not sure you can really call it a "night out" since we just went out to dinner and then came back home, but it was nice nonetheless!

Kirby Precision Machine in the flesh
We came back home and played board games and cards and took pictures of the pets because we are THAT cool. But it was a spicy night of board games since tequila may or may not have been involved. At one point, the Game of Life just might have been chunked across the room mid-turn because who wants to play the Game of Life and keep track of money and bills and responsibilities when we have do that every day in REAL LIFE? Lame! At least that was the logic of the tequila. It's a little challenging to be a banker when you've had a couple of drinks.

why yes, my hubby did use children's cups as shot glasses.

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