Wednesday, July 31, 2013

July Blog Challenge Wrap-Up

Day 21: What are your thoughts on body image in the media?

Out of control, on so many levels. I don't have enough time to write thoroughly about how I feel on this topic. It's sad how desensitized our culture has become and disgusting how our children are being wired by media and targeted by marketing at such young ages. I'm not looking forward to the day where I start to lose my control over what my kids' eyes see and what their innocent ears hear. Until then I will try my best to teach them to value and respect themselves and others and pray that it sticks when they are thrown out into the world. Yikes is a huge understatement!

Day 22: What are your 3 biggest pet peeves?

I wrote about pet peeves here.

Day 23: What is your favorite time of the day and why?

I so wish I could say early in the morning. It absolutely would be if I could just get my body on the same page as my heart. I love the peaceful quiet and promise of a new day before me. I enjoy watching the sunrise far more than the sunset. But I am totally wired as a night owl! I do enjoy quiet, late nights after the rest of the house is asleep but it really interferes with my attempts at getting up before my rooster of a daughter every morning. :)

Day 24: Who was your childhood celebrity crush?

I covered that a few years ago. Hey. Don't judge!

Day 25: What's in your purse?

My trusty Erin Condren planner, a Minnie Mouse pull-up, wet ones wipes, a bunch of Chick-fil-A wipes, hand sanitizer (are you noticing a theme?), Harper's inhalers and spacer, one of my rx's, a couple of sudafed, my inhaler (I carry a small pharmacy, apparently), lotion, sunscreen stick, tampon, chap stick, a hair tie, hair clips, one of Harper's bows, 3 pairs of sunglasses (mine and each kid's), gum, a pen, my wallet, my keys, and an extra key to my car in the event my regular set gets locked in. Whew, that was a longer list than I thought it was going to be! 

Day 26: Post a picture of something yellow.

the country house I grew up in until we moved to Texas when I was in 9th grade. It wasn't yellow when we lived in it but the new owner's repainted it. And they also cut down the tree we planted in the front which made me kind of sad to see.

Day 27: What was your most memorable vacation?

We didn't take many vacations when I was growing up other than going to Frontier City (an amusement park) in OKC every summer. The only other vacation I recall going on was a camping trip at a lake somewhere in Oklahoma. I was probably 9 or 10 which would have made my brother 5 or 6. It turned out to be a disaster. I came down with strep throat and was miserably sick and my brother had a bad case of diarrhea all weekend. So it wasn't much fun for anyone involved...but it was definitely memorable!

Day 28: Write about the last dream you remember having.

Don't you hate it when people ramble on about your dreams and you have to try to act interested? Me too. So I'll keep this short. Which will be good because it doesn't make much sense and I don't really remember the details. All I remember is we were camping at a nature park of some sort with our friends Stacie & Ben. Somehow I wandered off alone hiking by myself and freaked out when I saw a bunch of giant nutria rats coming out of the stream. But then those seemed pretty mild when I came across a lion, who attacked me and latched on to my arm and I had to fight him off with a stick. So random...

Day 29: If you could be famous for one thing, what would it be?

I have no idea. I honestly would hate being famous. I'm way too shy and socially awkward for that. No thank you.

Day 30:  Write about your morning routine.

During the summer it's been pretty relaxed and varies on the activities I have planned for the day. I set my alarm and really try to get up and get showered before Harper is up but she's an early riser so that doesn't always happen. But it makes a world of difference in my attitude and the tone of our day if I can get that extra 20 minutes of alone time before my "job" officially starts. I'm not a coffee drinker so I need a little time before I'm ready to face our day. On average, I'm up around 6:30. Harper rarely sleeps past 7 and I usually get her dressed right away because I don't like hanging out in PJs all morning and it's easier to get that out of the way before we're running late trying to get out the door somewhere. Harrison is usually up by 8 or 8:30 and I do the same with him. I unload the dishwasher while they are eating breakfast and then if we aren't leaving the house right away they like to watch a couple of their shows (Super Why and Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood are their favorites).

The End.

P.S. Is it sad that it took me until the last day of July to register that the picture for this challenge is from last year? I actually had to think for a moment if we were in 2012 or 2013. I swear, my mind is shot!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Best and Worst Date

Well, hello there! It's been a while...haven't logged on to blog since before we left for our trip to Oklahoma last week. Which I'm going to try to post all about soon(ish)!

Since I hate to not finish things I start, I'm going to try to catch up on the blogging challenge. Better late than never, I suppose. I'm only writing about one topic today because it's a long one.

Day 20: Write about the best or worst date you've ever been on (bonus points for both!)

They are actually both with the same person. Can you guess who? Ha! I don't really have a ton of dating stories since Rick and I met when I was just 17. And we didn't really "date" so much as we just hung out with mutual friends. I've made him make up for that though since being married ;)

But the worst date that comes to mind involves a night out to Sun Valley Ranch, a dance hall with live music. I remember Rick calling me to see if I wanted to go (we had just met a week or two before and I was suuuuuper excited but trying really hard to play it cool). I got all dolled up and thought it would be a good chance for us to have some one-on-one time, you know, like a real date, but he apparently didn't have the same idea. He picked me up wearing a ratty t-shirt and ball cap, denim shorts (hands off, ladies!), and deck shoes (before they were back in style). And then when we got there he had "accidentally" left his money at home so I had to pay our way in. Then, he pretty much ditched me and hung out with his friends all night. I was very annoyed and tried to ignore the fact that I'm pretty sure the only reason he invited me was so I could pay his cover...but since I was crushing hard for that boy I let it go and had a good time anyway. As if it couldn't get any worse, one of his friends had too much to drink and so we ended up having to take him home. Being the gentleman that Rick was being that night, he made me climb in the backseat of his mustang so his drunk friend could ride shotgun...and then got pissed at me and made some snarky comment about me being a backseat driver when I pointed out that he was about to run a red light. I was so angry when he dropped me off that I didn't even tell him goodnight. Man, it's a good thing I was blinded by puppy love! And also a good thing that that night is not in line with his true character. He actually is quite the kind gentleman despite this story. :)

Fast forward 5 years (he was on the 5-year plan to almost the day) and the best date of my life without question was when we got engaged. What a great example of how love (and the gentle grooming of a woman, of course) can transform a guy. He had this elaborate plan of a hot air balloon ride but when it was too windy and they canceled the flight I could tell he was starting to freak out because he didn't have a plan B. I knew he was planning to propose that day but I didn't let him know I knew, and it was so much fun seeing the wheels turning in his head as he scrambled to figure out what to do instead. After driving around in circles followed by an unusually long brunch at IHOP, we ended up heading to Austin and stayed at a beautiful resort on Lake Travis. The spontaneity of it was perfect. We had a nice Italian dinner and sipped on a glass or two of wine. Or in Rick's case, bottles. He isn't usually a wine drinker but his nerves were reeeeally getting to him. It was unbelievably cute. I could tell he was looking for the right moment to pop the question and did I mention that watching him was so much fun for me? ;) We ended up taking a walk under the moonlight and sat down on a grassy hill overlooking the lake and he finally got up the courage to say to me: you've been my girlfriend for 1,809 days and I can't go a day longer knowing you won't be mine forever. I want you to be my wife. And then because he's a jokester he added, don't be mad, but I don't have a ring yet. I told him that I didn't need one and that it was okay and of course I'd marry him, and then he pulled a beautiful ring out of his pocket and said, just kidding. That was a test and you passed. We got a few chuckles in and I'm pretty sure I breathed a sigh of relief. ;)  Then he got down on one knee and his hands were shaking and he was so nervous that he put it on my middle finger by mistake. He looked up at me with tears in his eyes and asked, Kelsey Rene' Pursell, will you marry me?

And the rest is history. That night is one of my favorite memories because Rick doesn't get emotional very often but that night he was incredibly raw and genuine and did I mention completely adorable?! I am so thankful to have such an incredible husband.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Day 19

Day 19: write about something or someone that you really care about.

Today is this sweet little girl's birthday so who better to write about? Here she is at her birthday party last weekend:

The three amigas, hard at work on a puzzle:

We haven't really gotten to spend much time with Hollyn lately due to conflicting schedules but here is a collage that Katie made of the girls over the last couple of years. We need to get them together more often so we can keep adding to the pictures. Love that they get to grow up together!

Speaking of birthdays, today is also my cousin Hunter's 13th birthday. A teenager? What?! That is just insane. I wonder if he'd think it would be weird if I still try to cuddle him like a baby next time I see him? Haha. I miss my snuggle buddy but it's awesome seeing him grow from a sweet kid to a handsome young man.

And tomorrow is my mom's birthday. Looking forward to celebrating with her over some hamburgers and ice cream cake!

Happy birthday to all three of these special people in my life!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Day 18 - Embarrassing Clothes

Day 18: Post a picture of the most embarrassing item of clothing you own.

Exhibit A:

There was a day I used to rock the overalls...

But in my defense, I bought these particular overalls for a Halloween costume one year when Rick and I dressed up as Mario & Luigi. So I'm not sure this would count.

Enter Exhibit B:

giving you a "sexy" pose...because nothing screams "sexy" like a Mickey sweatshirt circa 1993.

I'm not sure which is sadder...that I still own this sweatshirt that my Grandpa gave me one Christmas when I was about 10...or that I had to dig it out of the dryer to take this picture because I still wear it all the time. I can't help it. It's broken in. It's comfortable. It's a piece of my childhood (even though I've never actually BEEN to Disney World...have I mentioned that? ;).  At least I only wear it around the house. Good thing, too, because Rick would have to fight all the men off of me. Ha!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

7 Random Facts

Day 17: Post 7 random facts about yourself.

1. I'm left-handed. I write and eat with my left hand but play sports right-handed.

2. I have a phobia of balloons popping. I've finally analyzed it enough to know that it's a control-issue more than anything. If I know someone is going to pop it, it doesn't bother me. But it's the anticipation of the fact that it could happen when I'm not expecting it that gives me serious anxiety. I also used to be afraid of the toaster when I was a child for the same reason. Yep, I'm a freak.

3. I graduated from high school as a junior. Which makes the fact that Rick and I started dating when I was 17 and he was 22 slightly less creepy. Ha!

4. I was boy crazy since before Kindergarten. I actually remember "accidentally" dropping my earring on the ground at recess so a boy I had a crush on would help me find it. That was in 1st grade. Boy crazy and manipulative :)

5. I love architecture and house design. My mom used to clip all of the house plans out of Home Magazine and she kept them in a binder for me. I've been planning and even drawing out floor plans on graph paper since I was a child. Rick and I like to drive around looking at and walking through new construction homes just for fun. Maybe one day we will get to build our dream house? I don't want anything huge or extravagant but I have it all planned out in detail.

6. I love to bake but hate to cook. I am a precise, detail-oriented person and find it kind of therapeutic to measure out exact ingredients. I wish I was better at throwing spontaneous meals together but it 's hard for me stray from recipes aside from the staples I cook for dinner regularly.

7. I have a great memory and a terrible memory all at the same time. There are some details and facts and numbers and math formulas that are etched in my brain for eternity, yet there are some events in my life that I have absolute no recollection of. I'll be sitting there reminiscing with friends and won't remember a thing about the story they are talking about even when I was right in the middle of it. I'm also terrible at remembering movies and books. I can watch a movie and 2 years later not remember any of it. And this has only gotten worse after having kids...I used to be so with it and now there are times when I wonder if I have alzheimers. I think they sucked out a good portion of my brain when they were baking in my belly.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Moooo & Day 16

Friday was Cow Appreciation Day at Chick-fil-a. I don't know about you, but we mark this day on our calendars in advance because we are that cool. Free food and no cooking? Yes, please! I have no shame.

Harper and I met some friends for free breakfast while Bubba was at VBS.


Then we headed to back to pick him up. It was the last day of his 3-day VBS and they were singing all their songs for the parents. The theme was "Turn it Up" and everything was decorated with speakers and guitars and the songs were rock. He had SUCH a great time.

he wanted Sis to get in on the action, too

Then we headed to the vet. We are dog-sitting for Mom and Tim while they are at Disney World. If you are wondering, yes. I'm totally jealous. Anyway, Dakota had to have surgery and Friday was the day to have his stitches taken out.

After we got Dakota taken care of, Rick came home and we all got decked out in our cow clothes again. Did I mention we will go to great lengths for our kids...and for free food?

he is a good sport

say "moo"

wondering how he got stuck in there alone with all the kids. lol!

 Harrison has been looking forward to wearing his cow costume in public for a lonnnnng time. He insisted on squeezing into it even though it is size 18 months. Seriously, look at the joy on his face in the next picture. And this is why we don't mind looking like idiots, dressed up like cows for some free chicken.

And since I actually have a draft post about our Cow Appreciation Day from last year, I figured I'd just tack the pictures on here. It's definitely become a fun tradition in our house. And so neat to see how much they've all changed since last year.

Hamilton, Harrison, Christian, Carter, Abigail, Harper, Hollyn

Day 16: What's one thing that you've never done that most people have done?

We are planning to go in a couple of years though. I'm not sure who will be more excited.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Days 13, 14, & 15

I'm a catching up a few days but I can't believe I've actually been blogging this regularly! It feels good. Hopefully I can keep it up. 

Day 13: Would you rather be rich or healthy? 

I guess it depends on what kind of health issues we're talking about. If it was something treatable I guess I'd go with rich and then just pay for treatment until I was healthy again. But if I had to straight up choose one or the other, I'd definitely go with healthy. 

Day 14: Do you have any birth marks? Scars? Tattoos? Piercings?

I'm pretty boring in this category. No birth marks and no tattoos. Only have my ears pierced once in each ear. But I do have my fair share of scars. If I'm taking inventory: one in between my eyes from chicken pox, on my eyebrow from stitches, under my nose from the 3-wheeler accident, 3 on my arms from my IVs from being in the hospital with Harper, a lovely 5-inch scar from her c-section, and various others on my arms and legs from bike and rollerblading accidents when I was a kid. And a few more that I have no idea where they came from. 

Day 15:  What was the last good deed you did for someone / someone did for you?

Yikes...this question is kind of convicting. I don't know if this counts, but a woman at Bunco last week was collecting toys and clothes for a family in need and I brought some stuff. And then a couple of weeks ago we stopped to help a man who was stranded and brought him gas. I've actually been trying to plan some intentional activities that we can do together as a family to help others and show God's love, especially now that the kids are able to grasp what that looks like. I've been collecting travel-size toiletries to make blessing bags to pass out to the homeless. I saw an idea on Pinterest to put all the items in a sock so they also get a new pair of socks to wear. Now I just need to get past the "good intentions" and actually do it. 

And as far as a good deed someone did for me? Honestly, the thing that immediately comes to mind was really a small gesture but left such a big impact on me. The kids and I were at Chick-fil-a one morning for breakfast. I felt like a broken record correcting them at the table and telling them to eat their food or they won't get to play and etc., etc., etc. And then as I was herding/dragging them out of the play place when it was time to leave, an older man who was sitting near us stopped me and told me that he wanted me to know that I was doing a great job as a mother. I actually teared's amazing how far a little encouragement can go.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Day 12

Day 12: Write about one of your biggest accomplishments in life.

I'm not a fan of today's prompt. Nothing like trying to think of just one notable accomplishment to write about and drawing a blank to really boost your self esteem. Ha! I even asked Rick if he could come up with anything and his answer after "marrying me, duh" was "ummm...I think yours is still in progress." Thanks, hon! He did attempt to save himself by saying that all the hard work and energy I'm pouring into the kids will one day pay off and will be hugely rewarding, but still. I don't consider parenting my children to be an accomplishment since it's my job as a mom. I'm thinking I need to sign up for a marathon or set some kind of measurable goals so I will have a more fascinating answer to this question...

So other than my family, I guess I would say my greatest accomplishment would be getting nothing but As and Bs all the way from kinder through college. I have a BS in Finance and graduated Magna Cum Laude with a 3.8 GPA.

And I think I would also include the fact that before I quit my job we worked diligently at getting all of our debt paid off and succeeded (other than our mortgage, obviously). I had student loans and we had racked up some embarrassing credit card debt while I was in school and paying for our wedding. Now we only use one credit card for the reward points and pay it off each month. We went a while without car notes but I do have one now that we're working on paying off. And of course our diva's medical bills from the NICU...but we're finally getting close to having a free and clear title on her. ;)

Thursday, July 11, 2013


Day 11: Write about the worst injury you've ever had.

Thankfully I've been pretty lucky in the injury department. Which is a good thing because I am a big weenie very sensitive when it comes to pain.

I was in the hospital for 3 weeks when I was pregnant with Harper. I had placenta previa which led to an emergency c-section. I was also in the hospital for a few days last year due to complications from a lumbar puncture. But I don't really think either of those would count as injuries.

I would say as far as pain goes, hands down the worst injury was last summer when I ruptured my eardrum and didn't know it. I thought I just had water stuck in my ear so I poured some rubbing alcohol in it to dry it out and I swear that the pain that resulted was more intense than giving birth to my son whose head was in the 95th percentile. I'm still paranoid to go under the water when we're swimming.

Other injuries...let's see. When I was 4, my cousins and I were at my grandparents' house and were playing around on their 3-wheeler. Gotta love the awesome supervision of generations past, am I right? Ha! Anyway, I was sitting on the seat and Michelle was trying to climb on behind me but didn't quite make it on. Instead, she "accidentally" (hehe) caused me and the 3-wheeler to head down a hill. We got some momentum before crashing into a stone wall and flipping. Somehow, the only injury I got from the accident was a big cut right under my nose. I'm pretty sure I should have gotten stitches...but didn' I have a nice scar there now. I don't think my mom was too happy with her inlaws after this little incident ;) I only remember bits and pieces but I do remember my nice, compassionate cousin telling me to stop bleeding because I was going to get us in trouble. And then later that night I was lying in bed with an ice pack and just blubbering because I was in pain and missed my parents...and she kept telling me to stop crying so loud because she was trying to go to sleep and it was annoying her. Good thing I love her...

When I was 5, I was doing something to get myself in trouble and I remember running away from my dad when he was coming to discipline me. I jumped onto my bed and then bounced straight into the corner of my window sill where it gashed open my my right eyebrow. This time I did get stitches. Is it weird that I still remember my nurse's name? Marty, in case you're wondering. Apparently the rubber glove balloon he gave me as a distraction really left an impression.

The only other injuries that come to mind are all very minor. I took a line drive straight to the shin when I was pitching during a softball game. I pulled the tendons in both of my feet after an accidental roof-jumping stunt. I stuck a fork in a light socket once. Clearly I was a super smart kid. :)

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Day 10

Day 10: write about someone who inspires you.

I'm lucky to have a lot of inspiring people in my life. I think it would be unfair to try to narrow it down to just one, so I'm not going to attempt to go there. Instead, I'll talk about two people out there on the interwebs who inspire me to grow in my faith.

One of my favorite blogs to read is The Macs. I found Jess's blog when her sweet Cora was diagnosed with cancer. I went back and read every single post about that precious baby and sat there and sobbed. My heart was so burdened by what Jess and Joel were going through. Sadly, Cora lost her fight and went to heaven when she was just 11 months old. But even through the grief and mourning of losing her only child, what I felt through the words of Jess's posts was hope. She is transparent about her walk with the Lord and her faith is incredibly inspiring. She also goes to BSF and I love reading her take on the lessons since I'm studying the same thing. In addition to precious Cora, she is now also the mom to two adorable little boys, Levi (3) & Griffin (1). They live in a cute little farmhouse in Kansas and I love keeping up with their sweet family.

And I'm currently a little bit obsessed with Jen Hatmaker at the moment. She is hilarious and witty (have you read her viral post about being the worst end-of-year-mom ever?) but is also a great example of what it looks like to be the hands and feet of Jesus and not just his mouth. "As things were clipping right along, in 2007 God engineered a massive gear change for our family. In summary, He said: “My entire world is crumbling and starving and dying, and you’re blessing blessed people and dreaming about your next house.” Evidently He was serious about all that stuff in the Bible. A year later, we had moved, started Austin New Church whose mantra is “Love Your Neighbor, Serve Your City”, and learned that the easiest place to stay comfortably off-mission is in the western church, where we had been doing a lovely job of serving the saved and ignoring everyone else."

She's written a handful of books that I can't wait to dive into, beginning with 7. "7 is the true story of how Jen (along with her husband and her children to varying degrees) took seven months, identified seven areas of excess, and made seven simple choices to fight back against the modern-day diseases of greed, materialism, and overindulgence. In the spirit of a fast, they pursued a deeply reduced life in order to find a greatly increased God."

I guess considering I haven't actually read any of her books yet, I'm more inspired to be inspired. :)

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

My Food Philosophy

Day 9: What's your food philosophy?

1. Get in my belly.
2. Omm nom nom!


I don't really have a food philosophy per se, but I do try to keep our meals more on the healthy side. I limit my kids' sugar intake. I don't cook them separate meals -- they are expected to eat what we're eating. I do believe that lifelong eating habits are established in childhood so I try to make sure we eat balanced meals. I do try to buy organic when it's practical, but that does get expensive pretty fast. If I had to go with one "philosophy" I guess it would be along the lines of "clean" eating. I try to stay away from processed food and stick with fresh fruits, veggies, and meat. It takes a lot more work to clean and prep fruit versus doling out some goldfish crackers but I'm trying to be more disciplined in that area so my kiddos will learn healthy habits from an early age.

And I'm reeeeally trying to like whole wheat (I totally prefer white bread) and limit carbs as much as possible. Last year when all of my neurological symptoms began, I had a nutrient and vitamin panel of bloodwork done and met with a nutritionist. They firmly believe that the majority of our physical & mental ailments can be prevented, helped and even sometimes cured by diet, and I do agree. She gave me an outline of not only the daily calories I need and the # of servings of each food group I need each day, but also how important it is to pair certain food groups together. For example, she told me to always eat fruit with a protein. It impacts how our food is digested and processed. I did really good with this eating plan for a while but it gets hard to stay disciplined (ONE carb group a day, people! Compared to the, I don't know, TWENTY that I would prefer!) and plan everything out. So I just try to use it as a guideline and not put too much pressure on myself. I want my family to be healthy but I also don't want to put too much attention and focus on it because I feel like that can be unhealthy as well. 

So basically, I try to keep things healthy when possible and always read the ingredients list on food so I know what we're putting in our bodies. But I'm not so strict that we don't still indulge in yummy treats on special occasions. Because seriously, how depressing would life be without a cookies and cake and ice cream every once in a while?

Monday, July 8, 2013

Day 8

Day 8: How do you envision your life in 5 years?

Well, that is a loaded question. If I've learned anything in the last 5 years it's that God can take my carefully thought out plans and throw them out the window. 5 years ago I can honestly say I never pictured myself staying home with kids on one self-employed income. Becoming a business owner was NOWHERE on my radar for this risk-adverse girl. If you had asked me this question 5 years ago, I would have probably said that I would be finishing up my MBA and wearing business suits and traveling and that we'd probably have one child by now. Who would be perfectly behaved, by the way. ;)

All that said, obviously Rick and I do look ahead and dream about what our lives will look like in the future. We hope that in 5 years the business will be thriving and I'll be able to work in the office with him more regularly. We dream about building a house in the country but are on the fence about whether that's a practical decision for our family and business. Our babies will be 8 and 7 (holy cow) and the jury is still out on whether we want to have more kids or not. Some days the answer is most definitely and then other days (like today, where I thought it would be a good idea to take the kids with me to a lunch with some friends I used to work with and left completely flustered) the answer is more like I think I'm good with just two! Haha. Truthfully, we both feel like we're not done growing our family but it's not an easy decision. Both of my pregnancies were hard (here and here) and we are praying about whether we even want to think about pursuing that route again or if maybe adoption is what God wants for us. Or maybe we're supposed to stop at 2? Like I said, if I've learned one thing in the last several years, it's to not make too many plans and instead stay flexible for what God has in store, whatever that may be.

And if it's His plan for us to win the lottery, I wouldn't complain. Just saying. :)

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Day 7

Day 7: If you could live in any time period of the past, when would it be and why?

I think I would go with late 50s/early 60s. Back when life was simpler but they still had some modern conveniences like electricity and cars. After the depression but before the hippies. Back when it was cool to be a prude wholesome.

Because then that would mean I could wear pretty dresses like this:

And drive pretty cars like this:

And instead of the sea of skimpy hoochie mama bikinis of this day and age, our swimwear would be much more classy. All I'm saying is that sometimes less is....well...less.

For entertainment we would go to the drive-in movie and listen to Beach Boys and Elvis records.

And finally, my job would be glamorous and I would wear pearls and high heels and aprons and LOVE doing chores. Hahahaha!


Days 4, 5, & 6

Day 4: If you could rid the world of one thing, what would it be? 

I'm sure this was meant to prompt some sort of deeper answer, you know, like world hunger, disease, or war. But I'm going to keep it light and say SPIDERS. They totally freak me out, man. I've even tried to bribe my 3 year old to kill them for me, which so far hasn't worked because I'm afraid my completely-rational-and-not-at-all-overly-dramatic reactions to them have maybe, just slightly, made him scared of them too. I'm failing his future wife big time. 

Day 5: Post a picture of something or someone who made your day special. 

Harrison brought out lotion and said he wanted to rub my feet because, in his words, "I'm trying very hard to become a real man." Hahaha! I love it! The other day Rick rubbed my feet and I jokingly told Harrison that when he has a wife he should do that for her because that's what real men do for their wives to show love and affection. I guess it stuck with I'm either doing a good job preparing him for his future wife (that makes up for the fear of spiders, right?) or I'm screwing him up by letting him rub his mom's and sister's feet. Ha! He's such a sweet and thoughtful boy. 

Day 6: If you could spend 15 minutes with any celebrity, who would it be and why? 

Seriously? This is even a question? Because it seems pretty obvious to me. I mean, unless you're stupid or something. 

yes, please.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Broad Stripes & Bright Stars

We had a great 4th of July! Here is a video of Harrison singing the Star Spangled Banner. There is a video on YouTube that he loves to watch that gives the history of the song and when & why it was written. It's basically just a 10-minute documentary of a man talking and I would be thrilled if I never have to watch it again. :) I'm most definitely not a history person so he didn't get that gene from me! Anyway, it emphasizes the importance of showing respect for our country and our national anthem and somehow Harrison interpreted that to mean that anytime we see a flag we have to stop and sing the entire song to show our pride for America. I certainly love his enthusiastic patriotism but I'm pretty sure that song is going to be stuck in my head forever!

We started the morning off by walking in the Teddy Bear Parade. It's a cute little parade that our city puts on where kids decorate their wagons/bikes/strollers and then walk a couple of blocks to a fun festival at our downtown park. The kids (and most definitely not me; I'm not competitive at all) were excited because they won 2nd place in the contest this year!

Leave it to the 3-year old boy to ruin the family picture :)

These are my people

getting ready to start the parade
some of our competition friends
You better believe he was singing the Star Spangled Banner ;)
this kid was excited about the petting zoo
And Harper shocked us by saying she wanted to go in too. She refused to get down and looks pretty terrified, but hey! Baby steps.
She even braved her first pony ride! I was so proud of her.
We ended our fun with free hot dogs and cotton candy

Later on we had a few friends and family over for a BBQ. I feel so blessed to have a good group of mutual friends. Not only do I have great girlfriends but our hubbies are all friends as well. It's been a lot of fun to see all our kids grow up together over the last few years.

some backyard fun

Trina & Cullen

The boys digging into some firecracker popper thingies (technical definition)
Her first firecracker

Rachel, Katie, & Stacie

Mom & Tim came over too

The babies. Cullen & Scarlett Anne

I didn't get a picture of all the yummy food before it was devoured but here is a patriotic cheesecake I made.

This picture makes me laugh. The girls were going "shopping". Abigail kept wearing her headband over her eyes like star trek glasses and Hollyn was stirring up some girlfriend drama. Haha!

After dinner the boys all climbed up to the top of the play set and watched the fireworks in the distance. It was probably 11 by the time everybody left and midnight before my kids actually fell asleep yet somehow the meltdowns were somewhat minimal between all 10 kids. :) It really was such a great day full of memories made.

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