July Blogging Challenge

My BFF is participating (attempting to, with disclaimers) in a 30 day blog challenge and I thought I'd jump on her bandwagon (with the same sentiments of dedication). :) The good thing about this one is the majority of these can be answered with a simple sentence or two and won't demand a lot of time. Now I just have to remember to actually do them. So like I implied up there, no promises. How is that for setting up some low expectations? Ha!

So, for today. What are my goals for the month? I've been on an organizational kick lately (finally). I just wrote about how we got our garage done. Next is my car. I stumbled across this mack daddy of all car organization posts I had pinned on Pinterest forever ago but, you know, never actually attempted to do. Not that you have any of those pins and can relate or anything. Anyway, my mom and I are planning a road trip up to Oklahoma later this month and I thought it would be a good time to get my car prepared and decked out for traveling. I also want to get my house more organized as well. We have a few too many junk drawers that are slowly eating away at my soul.

And a side note -- when I was reading through the post from Pinterest, it took a minute but then it clicked that I knew the person behind the blog. Growing up she was my cousin's best friend back in Oklahoma. She got up and said some beautiful things at my grandma's funeral. Such a small world!

And while we're on a side note kick -- I took this video of my kids just 10 minutes into a car ride recently. Oh dear Lord, please help us make it through an 11 hour road trip. And please don't let my mom see this before we leave or she just might back out. Ha ha!

Did you notice the irony that in the midst of this clip Harrison didn't understand the definition of annoying? ;)


Tienna said…
Holy crap!! Heidi, right? She also went to Michelle's wedding. What a small freakin' world!!

Oh and by the way, I'm loving your end of July plan to come to OK. ;)

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