She's a big girl!

Harper had her 2-month well visit this morning. She weighs 10lbs, 7oz. and is 21 inches long. She is in the 50th percentile for weight, unadjusted. But when adjusted for her prematurity (which is what the doctors typically do with preemies), she is in the 95th percentile! I guess she figured she wanted to be chubby like her brother and coming 6 weeks early wasn't going to stop her. :)  She also takes after her brother in head circumference and measures in the 90th percentile, adjusted. Apparently Rick and I not only make chubby babies, but chubby babies with big heads. Ha!

On a more serious note, her doctor sent us to radiology to have an x-ray done on her abdomen. She's been extremely fussy and in a lot of pain lately and he wanted to rule out any obstruction or anything else that could be wrong with her intestines. He said it is most likely just really bad colic and reflux, but since her medication isn't working he wanted to look into it more just to be safe. Please pray that it's just colic causing her tummy issues and that she grows out of it quickly. They are supposed to call me to discuss the results of the x-ray this afternoon.

She also got her first round of vaccinations this visit. Poor girl. She's had a rough day!

The fun-bandaid-trick might work on my brother, but I'm not nearly as gullible as him.


Tracye said…
Poor baby. Poor *big* baby. :)

Glad to hear she's growing so well... but sad she's still having tummy problems.

Praying for good news!

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