#7 - Best of Blogs

I love blogs. Being at home with little kids can get a little lonely at times and it's nice to be only a click away from other adults...even if only virtually. It's also encouraging to read about other moms going through the same season of life and know that if other people are surviving, then surely I will too (or at least I hope).  Plus, isn't it fun to peek into other people's lives? Fun, and not at all creepy?  :)

I started this blog when I found out that I was pregnant with Harrison. I wanted to be able to document his life, and I'm SO glad I did. He's not even 2 years old yet and going back to read over the first months of his life is a treasure because I'm already beginning to forget the details. I remember looking down on him in my arms when he was about six weeks old consciously trying so desperately to memorize everything about him in that moment. But no matter how hard you try, the memories do fade. Which is totally NOT fair, if you ask me. So while my blog is pretty boring to read for everybody except for maybe the grandparents, my main goal is to capture everything about my kids that I can because the time and the memories are just so fleeting.

I read a pretty wide variety of blogs so I'm not going to list them all here. My very favorites to keep up with regularly are those who I know personally:  Tienna, Katie, Tracye (private), Jeff, & Amanda (and a few more friends but I'm not sure they would want me to link to them. Not sure that they even know I read them:) )

Then there are my other "friends." The ones whom I have never met, and many of whom have no idea that I even exist (and it doesn't help my anonymity that I'm a bad bloggy friend who rarely comments). I have been totally called out, too. There have been many occasions where I'll start a conversation with "My friend, so-and-so..." and Rick looks at me judgingly and asks if I'm talking about my "pretend friends" again. Such a hater, right? It's funny how you really do feel like you know somebody personally when you know a borderline inappropriate amount of information about the life of a complete stranger. That sentence sounds way more creepy than I intended it to, but you get my point. I just think it's neat to learn about and learn from people who I would otherwise never "meet" without the good ol' internet! And boy, don't I sound like quite a winner? Ha! I promise I'm not a stalker.

Like I said, I try to keep up with a lot of blogs I've stumbled across over the last few years. Way too many to list here, so here are just a few of the popular ones that I try to read regularly:

Wow, it took way more time to link to these than I expected. I think the next challenge is Pet Peeves...I better start narrowing down my list now, ha!


Tracye said…
Okay. Here goes.

Haven't read Kelly's Korner in too long to remember. How old is her Harper now? I'm sure past her first birthday already.

Never heard of Heir to Blair or Maybe if you Just Relax. Guessing that's a TTC blog? Dunno.

Been a loooooong time since Bring the Rain. I used to stay up late, sobbing over her posts, so I pretty much quit reading her. Love her, but can't read too often. She's not posting that much anymore, anyway.

Never heard of Life Sweet Life.

Faithful reading of PW. All of her blogs, acutally!

Never heard of The Macs, xoxo, Trina, or Hostess With the Mostess.

I like Money Saving Mom.

It seems like my google reader fills up way too fast, and I feel such pressure to read every single blog. I'm starting to get over that (I kind of have to. I think I'm subscribed to about 100 blogs, some of whom are quite prolific.) and just delete without reading.

I always, always, always read yours, though!

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