#3 - Favorite Things


Paired with wine when I'm feeling classy, and with elbow noodles when I'm seeking comfort. Or, just by itself when....well, whenever.

{Super Target}

My home away from home.

{catching a flick}

The best part, of course: popcorn with butter & a cherry coke with extra ice.

{snow cones on a hot summer day}

Mom Lesson #847: don't order The Toddler cherry red.


I can't even tell you how much $$ I've saved on diapers. Or how much I've spent on Kindle Books.


No, not the potato chips. Ok, the potato chips, too. Cheddar & Sour Cream, please.

 {fruity pebbles}

And all of her sugary friends. We buy The Toddler the boring healthy stuff, and sneak the good stuff for ourselves.

Oh how I miss my HGTV.

{monogrammed stuff}

Everything's better with a monogram.

{Dr. Pepper Icee}

I actually cried when it was out of order one time. But in my defense, I was pregnant. Which makes it a totally appropriate reaction, am I right?

{these p.j.'s}

And I pretend that he picked them out himself.


Especially on this sweet head.  

 {rainbow chip cupcakes}

seriously. THE. best.

 {Kenny Chesney}

::sigh, swoon, sigh::


Jocelyn said…
I also have a (probably unhealthy) obsession with Amazon and HGTV!

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