Good news and bad news.

This is going to have to be a short post because I'm pooped and it's tricky trying to type with one hand (sorry Mom, don't cringe) and hold a fussy baby at the same time.

The good news:
Harper's ultrasound was today and we don't have the "official" report, but the radiologist felt good about what he saw. Doesn't look like her issues are being caused by her pyloris, which we suspected but were still very relieved to hear.

The bad news:
The only thing the testing from today did was rule out pyloric stenosis. It won't help to diagnose any other issues, including GERD. That will require additional testing involving a scope of some sort. Yeah, that sounds like a great time for mom and baby. It was hard enough having an ultrasound done, which isn't even invasive. But she had to have an empty stomach, and they were running behind, so it meant that she had to go almost FIVE hours before eating again. Which meant we had a screaming baby for about 2 of those hours. Poor girl. I really don't want to have to do any more tests at this point, so I think we're just going to see if the change in medication will do the trick. I should talk to her pediatrician tomorrow to go over the test results and figure out the next step, if any. Kind of frustrating to still not know what's wrong, but very relieved that we haven't found anything serious.

More bad news:
Rick has fallen victim to the horrific stomach virus that invaded our house over the weekend. The poor guy looked like the walking dead, but still insisted on going with us for Harper's ultrasound. Which was a terrible mistake because he spent the majority of the appointment in the bathroom throwing up his insides. I'm surprised he caught the bug because he's usually one of those lucky, annoying people who never gets sick. I'm the complete opposite of those lucky, annoying people who never gets sick. Not that I resent him at all or anything. Okay, maybe there's a slight chance I do, but I'll give him a break since he actually got sick this time. It's safe to say that I will be sleeping on the couch tonight...I think I've done my fair share of puking over the last couple of years, thankyouverymuch.

Praying that Harper and I (and my MIL, who came up today to visit and help out) triumph over all these icky germs floating around this house. And that I don't get lung cancer from inhaling all the Lysol that I've inhaled over the last few days. Did I mention that I reeeeeally hate barfing?!

P.S. Apparently it's impossible for me to type a short post.


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