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I hate those ice-breaker games where you are supposed to come up with interesting facts about yourself. I reeeeally suck at it. As it turns out, I am a pretty ordinary (read: boring) person. But I'm okay with that, generally, except when I have to play ice-breaker games where I'm supposed to come up with interesting facts about myself. All that to say that I asked my mom and hubby to come up with the list for this post. They are the two people who know me best, and so I pawned off the burden of coming up with interesting facts about me on them. Suckas!

Here's the list. I'll let you guess who came up with what.

1. You hate the fact that your hair is thicker than anyone else in the world. True story. I. Hate. My. Hair. The thickness wouldn't be so bad if my texture was okay...then I wouldn't need to take the FOREVER that it takes to style it. I have to blow-dry and flat iron it even to look decent in a pony tail. Ugh.

2. You are a perfectionist and won't stop until it's perfect. Hmmm. I think this is their way of saying I have issues with control. :)

3. You don't know the lyrics to songs. Okay, okay. I'll admit to this one. But sometimes the lyrics that I think are the lyrics are actually better than the REAL lyrics. Just sayin'.

4. You are compassionate and will give the shirt off your back for anyone in need. But I need to act on this compassion a lot more than I've been doing lately. It's one thing to FEEL compassionate, it's another thing to ACT compassionate. This is one area I feel very strongly about teaching my kids by example. I want them to know just how blessed we are to have our needs fulfilled and share that blessing with others.

5. You have an irrational fear of insects that "scurry."  Ummm, what? I'm sorry, but it's common knowledge that it is TOTALLY rational to fear insects that scurry!

6. You analyze every detail (and I mean every detail) in a given situation, and are the Excel Queen. What can I say? Spreadsheets make my heart siiiiing.

7. You are strong-willed, know what you want and will do everything in your power to get it. Again with the control issues...I'm detecting a pattern here. And I'm being paid back big time with a son who quite possibly has bigger control issues than his mom.

8. You keep cell phones until the buttons fall off and you are unwillingly forced to get a new one. So I'm not tech-savvy. Big deal. For all you know flip-phones will come back in style!

9. You are extremely competitive. That's right, beaches! Be scared, because I WILL win.

10. You love your family unconditionally (pets included), even when they are plotting against you to steal your sanity. And the fight for my sanity may be the first competition that I won't be able to win. :)

Thanks to The Hubster and The Mom for participating!

P.S. I have no idea why I hate those ice-breaker games so much, because after reading this list I sound pretty darn interesting. I mean, excel spreadsheets are the epitome of excitement. Right? Right!


Tienna said…
I agree with every statement made (and I should have made the list, btw - I've known you WAAAAY longer than that husband of yours....just sayin'... ;)).
Katie Norman said…
Funny that you mention spreadsheets... I was just creating a pretty kick A spreadsheet and Jeff stopped what he was doing and asked what I was so happy about... apparently I had a pretty big smile on my face. Ha!

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