#2 - Spill Your Purse

Handbags. I'm not gonna lie and say I care much about them. I admire them from afar, but in all honesty, feel pretty intimidated when it comes to picking one out and spending the money. So I don't. I'd say my style is more of a  shabby chic, except without the chic. Hobo, but in the literal sense and not the fashionable sense. I haven't bought a purse in probably 5 years, and my impressive collection of 3 (2 of which were gifts...are they trying to tell me something?) are looking pretty ratty.

Not that it matters much at this point anyway, because this is what I have hanging from my shoulders these days:

both gifts from Ashley (who also provided one of the 3 purses I own, ha!)

Along with this monkey. He likes to hang from my shoulders, too.

I'm thinking a chiropractor might be in my future.

Here were the contents of the 2 bags as of today:

1. Hooter hider. Because nursing on the go is a must with 2 kids. And because I'm pretty sure nobody wants to see my boobs.

2. Extra outfits for both children. Because I've been taught the lesson about not packing extra outfits way too many times for my liking.

3. Kangaroo Pouchee. This was a birthday gift from my mom and has come in SO handy. It holds all my stuff and makes it a breeze to switch between diaper bags and purses.

4. Diapers (in size 1 and size 5) and wipes, and a changing pad courtesy of my sweet and crafty friend Trina. She always makes the cutest things!

5. Pacifier wipes. Because bobos are my son's crack. Seriously, he needs rehab.

6. The cutest burp cloth ever, right? My friend Traci has an etsy shop and I'm totally in love with all of the stuff she sells.

7. My beloved Kindle. A birthday gift from the hubby this year and I gotta say that after some initial reluctance, I have fully embraced this fine piece of technology. Currently reading The Strong Willed Child by James Dobson. I finally broke down and realized that I need all the help I can get. Ha!

8. Pile of random junk, including but not limited to: a clementine, a bobo, my sunglasses, hand sanitizer, purell wipes from Chick-fil-A, Mylicon drops, and paperwork from Harper's last pediatrician visit. Oh, and ironically, somewhere mixed in with this disorganized mess is an organizer that I just bought (but obviously haven't started using yet) at Target the other day.

9. Snacks. Because, FOR THE LOVE!, you never go anywhere with out snacks.

And now, just because I'm stupid and should be sleeping right now but instead I'm blogging about totally important and exciting things like the contents of my purse/backpack/diaper bag/luggage, I'll go ahead and show you the contents of my pouchee. Because I know you're dying to see what's in there, right?

I didn't take the time to label this picture, and I know you're extremely disappointed. Sorry about that. Let's see...what have we got here? I spy a few crumpled receipts, a checkbook (even though who in the heck still uses a checkbook these days?), an iTunes gift card (It's a birthday gift for my cousin, Hunter, and totally not for me seeing as I don't even own an iPod. I have my doubts whether that silly piece of technology is going to catch on. :)), a bunch of lip products (because you can never have too many (even though I rarely remember to put any of it on)), some nipple cream (glamorous, right?), hair clippies and ties, more snacks for the kid, a bandaid for the kid, library card/gift cards/reward cards, pens I apparently stole from my OB's office, the new phone my hubby forced me to upgrade to (second version, b/c I lost the first at the hospital), and Rick's new waterproof camera. I say Rick's camera, because it was his Father's Day gift from me. That I carry around in my purse. Wife of the Year Award right here, folks. Oh, and I can't forget about the couple packages of gum. What purse is complete without the couple packages of gum?

Speaking of sweets, check out this eye candy:

I just can't seem to get enough of this little lady!

In the rare event I'm going somewhere sans the kids, I ditch the diaper bags and  pull out this beauty:

My very first (and only) purse I've owned that cost more than $30.

Rick surprised me with this Coach purse on our 3rd anniversary. We always exchange traditional gifts, and year 3 is leather. Smart guy, right?! Makes me feel even worse for getting "him" a camera for Father's Day. :)

And with that, I must finally go to bed.

Next post in the series is Favorite Things. Sounds like fun!


Jocelyn said…
Love this post! Thanks for being so very detailed... It makes it that much more fun to read!
Amanda said…
Your purse or purses look way more interesting than mine! :)

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