#6 - What Would You Do With $100?

Hmmm. This question might be a little challenging because most of the stuff I want to do costs way more than $100. Lately I've been itching to do some home improvement projects, but since our daughter went all diva on us what little disposable income we have is going toward medical bills. But that's not too exciting to think about or read about, so instead I'll share a few of the things on my wish list (that are all well over my $100 budget of this post, but that's just how I roll. I've got expensive taste, what can I say.):

1. Repaint our main living areas. When we first moved in I obsessively searched and searched for the perfect color. I was so excited when I finally found exactly what I was looking for. And then I learned a valuable homeowner lesson: always (ALWAYS) paint a sample on the wall first. Because what looks like the perfect Tuscany Gold can very easily turn into School Bus Yellow once all the walls are finished and the painters have cashed your check. I kept telling myself it would grow on me, but after almost 4 years I can see that that's just not going to happen. But the thought of all the work involved in repainting (especially with how full my hands are these days) quickly makes it easier to deal with School Bus Yellow for a while longer.

2. New flooring. We bought our house new and it has upgraded flooring throughout, but it has carpet in the main living area and bedrooms. It's been great with small kids, but eventually I'd like to rip it up and put either hardwoods or tile down. We'll probably wait another year or two, so until then I'll just keep vacuuming an insane number of times each week because my pets shed an insane amount of hair.

3. Decorate the laundry room. I really don't know why I'm wanting to do this, because it's not like many people ever see your laundry room. But it's the first room we walk into from the garage and it's a pretty drab welcome. And maybe if I pretty it up a little it will make doing laundry more enjoyable? Ha.

4. Bedroom furniture. The hodge podge of stuff we have in there right now isn't really cutting it. It's the last room in our house that we haven't done anything with (except for the laundry room) and it needs some help. We also want to eventually upgrade to a king size bed so we can all snuggle from time to time (I'll just pretend that Harrison would actually snuggle and not immediately want off the bed). We found this furniture that we really like:

But if I only had $100? I'd probably pay for a housekeeper to come clean my house from top to bottom. Or buy myself some clothes that actually fit and are in style, since it seems like I've been pregnant for the past 2 years straight. Or even better, snag a babysitter and then take my husband out on a fancy date. Yep, time alone with the husband and food without the "fast" in front of it sounds pretty fantastic, if you ask me!


Amanda said…
I can totally relate on the gold. I left my walls the "buttercream" color they were when I moved in thinking it was fairly neutral and I could ignore it, but I'm starting to go crazy and it's starting to look really, really yellow. I want to paint as well, but it would be a HUGE project. Perhaps we should organize painting parties?!

You should totally decorate your laundry room! I can only imagine how much time you spend in there so you should definitely make it a happy, pretty place to be in! :)
Tracye said…
Some thoughts on #2 while they're in my head. Ummmm... #2 on your list; not the *other* #2.

If you think you vacuum an insane number of times *now*, just wait until you have hardwood floors. You will vacuum/sweep/dustmop/mop, probably in that order, waaaaaaaay more often than you vacuum. I don't know why, but wood *really* shows you where you don't dust.

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