Blog Challenge

My blog friend Jocelyn is doing a fun blog series and invited me to participate, and I thought it would be a fun challenge. I think they are supposed to be daily posts, but I'm most likely going to have to bend the rules a little and stretch out my posts since it would probably be looked down upon to neglect my children for a little blog fun on my part. :) My kids have become increasingly high-maintenance lately -- with Harper's colic going strong and Harrison's nasty stomach flu that we got the privilege of dealing with over the weekend (picture a barfing toddler who has no concept of what throw up even is, much less aiming in a bowl or trash can....LOTS of fun, let me tell you!), motherhood has been pretty demanding. And glamorous, I might add. Very glamorous.

Anyway. The blog challenge consists of the following series of posts:

#1 - Behind the Blog
#2 - Spill Your Purse
#3 - Favorite Things
#4 - What Do You Listen To?
#5 - Happiness Is...
#6 - What Would You Do With $100?
#7 - Best of Blogs (what are your favorite blogs to visit)
#8 - Pet Peeves
#9 - Favorite Restaurant
#10 - Goals for the Future

I'm thinking this will be fun to put together. And after spending the last couple of days cleaning up puke and trying to pacify a very fussy infant, anything to stimulate my mind at this point is definitely a plus. Jump in and participate if you're interested!


Jocelyn said…
Woo-hoo... I'm glad you're participating! And no, it doesn't have to be daily. I'm just (for once) an over-achiever on this!
how fun! anxious to read what you post. :)

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