Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday evening stroll.

It's been a great weekend!

Rick's mom came to visit and we had tons of fun hanging out. Harrison decided to show off for his Bamaw and start walking while she was here!

Here is a short video of what a good portion of our weekend looked like:

And here are a few pictures of what even more of the weekend looked like:

Bamaw decided to let Harrison have his birthday present a couple of weeks early, and he has a BLAST playing on it. I swear, he is afraid of nothing and proves it by constantly attempting to dive head first off the slide. It didn't take him long to figure out the ladder and you can tell he's so proud of himself when he makes it to the top. Tonight, he even figured out how to climb all the way up the slide. Now if only he would learn that he needs to sit on him bottom to slide down the thing...

Last night, Mary so kindly offered to babysit while Rick and I snuck out on a date. A date! And here is where I confess just how completely lame we are. We drove by the movie theater to check out movie times and were bummed that we got there a little too late to see the one we wanted to see. Then we had an epiphany. We could go to the 9:40 showing! A late show? ::gasp:: I know!  It meant getting home after 11:30, but we decided to be wild and crazy and bought the tickets anyway. (I wish this was where our lameness ended, but no, it goes on). Even though it was a Saturday night and extremely crowded (you mean to tell me that people actually leave their homes on Saturday nights?? :) ) we ventured to Olive Garden for some dinner before our movie. We finished up and had some time to kill, so we decided to stop by a convenient store and stock up on some candy for the show. I wasn't feeling so hot and stayed in the car while Rick went in to get the goods, and somehow I managed to nod off while he was in there. Then next thing I remember was my phone ringing 30 minutes later. I shot up, looked over, and saw that Rick was sound asleep next to me. He was being sweet and wanted me to rest until it was time to go into the theater and fell asleep himself. Thank goodness I had set an alarm on my phone so we wouldn't be late for the movie or else we would have slept completely through it sitting in the parking lot. Apparently the late show was a little more daring than we were anticipating. What can I say? I told you we were lame...

Hope you all had a great weekend, too!


Anonymous said...

i had a great time... love ya all mary

Anonymous said...

The boy is definately on the move. I looked forward to the day that he started walking but now I am getting worried that we might not be able to keep up. Congrats on taking your first step, H.
Love ya,

Tracye said...

Hubs says y'all are officially old.

This made us both laugh hysterically out loud!!! Too funny!

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