Party for a Prince

Harrison's birthday party was on Saturday and I wanted to share some of the pictures from the fun day.

Here are some of the decorations:

Birthday wreath

Just waiting for the cake!

12 months of Hare-bear

Decoupage letters

Monthly portraits

His royal throne

Here's the buh-eautiful cake my lovely SIL made. You can't tell in this picture, but the icing actually sparkled!

Gorgeous! I hated to cut into it. Then I tasted it, and was very glad I cut into it.

And the smashing smash cake she made for the birthday boy (which you will later see that he found quite tasty):

The Before

And now for the pictures of the party:
Isn't this hat just adorable (Thanks, Tracye!) Harrison wasn't quite as much of a fan, though...

He wasn't a fan of this one, either.

No, I won't smile with Pappy. Must. Get. Hat. Off!

Showing off his new mode of transportation

Let the eating begin

Can't tell I'm exhausted at all, huh? ;)


Next, it was time for cake. Mmmm...cake....

Why are all of these people staring at me?

And singing at me? Somebody is way off key...

Momma blowing out the candle and making a wish (for time to slow down).

What is this interesting new flavor you call "sugar?"

Hmmm. I think I might like it!

Let's taste a little more to be sure.

Hands just aren't efficient enough for this goodness. Face plant!

I'm not sure I'm making a big enough mess here.

I'm starting to feel a little sick...

Why is my tummy hurting?! I only ate 5 lbs of cake...

The After
 After the royal scrub down, it was time to open presents! Harrison had a little help with this activity, whether he wanted it or not. :)

Here are the favors we handed out as people left:

All in all, it was a great day. I think the final headcount was around 29 people! Thanks to everybody who helped out to make the party go smoothly and to everybody who came to wish our little guy a happy first birthday. He is one very loved baby, that's for sure!



Tracye said…
Love it! Thanks for all the pics... been watching and waiting for them.

I'm still disappointed about not being there, but I'm glad you (and Harrison!) liked the cakes.

Happy birthday sweet boy!
Anonymous said…
had a great time... love that boy. bamaw...see you soon
Tienna said…
I wish I could just wrinkle my nose and make Houston be only 10 minutes away from me, rather than 10 hours...I hate that we couldn't be there!! He sure is the most adorable thing in the world though!!
How adorable! And those cakes are impressive!
Very sweet! I love his cake.
Wow! That cake was gorgeous!
Erin said…
Very cute Color Scheme for the party! Love that cake !
Holly said…
I love the cake, and the photos of him wrecking the smash cake are hysterical!
awww, he is so sweet!!!

Leslie Maddox said…
Love the birthday wreath and decoupage letters. We're celebrating my son's second birthday next week, so I may have to steal those ideas! :-)

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