Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Road trip.

My mom and I loaded up and headed to Plano over the weekend. My almost 15 year old cousin Stephanie was in a musical and invited us to see her perform, and how could we possibly say no to that? She was born to be a star -- the kid (can I still call her that?) has drama running through her veins.

The play was "13," which is all about a 13-year old boy who is forced to move from NYC to a small town in Indiana and tells the story of him adjusting to a new school and new friends. Stephanie played a conniving cheerleader and did GREAT. I was so, so, so proud of her! It was a very funny and entertaining musical, and not to mention a little SHOCKING when I witnessed her on-stage kiss. I think I actually blushed a little. And I think it was just a little difficult for her dad to watch, too.  :)

I'm really mad at myself for not taking more pictures. I couldn't take any at the theater because of the flash, so I didn't get any of her in character. These are all I managed to take while I was there:

Hunter and his favorite cousin :)

Hunter and Beda

On the way home, we took the scenic route through a bunch of quaint little towns. You know you are in Texas when you drive through "Gun Barrel City." Ha! The rolling hills and fall leaves were beautiful.

And guess what we so fortunately happened upon? We of course immediately turned around to go back.

I've never seen a Mazzio's in Texas and only get to eat there when I go up to Stillwater to visit. It was a very unexpected treat. YUM! I managed to force down a slice and keep it down, so it was a success.

I had a lot of fun, but I sure missed my boys. It was the first night I've ever been away from Harrison and I was a little nervous. Especially since he started running a fever the day before I left. They had a really great time while I was gone. They went to visit Rick's family and I'm sure that somebody was showered with lots and lots of attention. When I got home he had learned a new word. Why does he insist on having firsts when I'm not around? Especially considering that's only about 1% of the time.

He's still feeling a little crummy and gave his crumminess to me, of course. We are both wheezing and coughing  and congested and I'm hoping it's just allergies. And I'm also hoping it goes away before the holiday and his birthday party!

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