11 Months

Today my baby is 11 months old. And now I really need the clock to SLOW. DOWN. PLEASE.

He weighs about 22lbs.

He is about 29 1/2 inches long.

So Harrison, what have you been up to this month?

You are into EVERYTHING!  You discovered the toilet paper rolls recently and have a ball unrolling them when we forget to shut the bathroom doors. You also learned how to turn on the faucets in the tubs and do it every chance you get. What else? You love to get into the dogs' water bowl and I have fished their food out of your mouth on several occasions. Your finger just cannot stay out of the gas valve on the side of the fireplace no matter how many times I shout "NO!" or swat your hand or redirect you. You broke the metal frame off of our fireplace. You are fascinated with the blinds so now all of them throughout the house are raised up several inches out of your reach. You are 100% boy and keep us on our toes constantly!

Now if only I could reach that TV and knock it over on top of me...

You are the biggest flirt and it's the cutest thing ever. You can be in the middle of the biggest meltdown and a stranger will say something to you and you become all smiles. Earlier this week a little girl toddled over to you and gave you a hug and you smiled bigger than I have ever seen you smile. I think you may have even winked at her, ha! You definitely love attention and you definitely get a lot of it.

Does this outfit make my hips look big?

You are sleeping a lot better! You still fight me sometimes, but usually I win and you take 2 naps a day for about an hour each. You are sleeping better at night as well. You don't make it through the night every night, but you've definitely improved. {knock on wood!}

Round 1 goes to Mommy...
and Round 2 goes to Harrison!

You learned how to climb this month and I think you're trying to give me a heart attack! My attempts at corralling you in the living room are about to come to an end because you can almost climb over the chairs. You even learned to push your toys against furniture and doors and then stand up on them to reach whatever you're trying to reach. Very crafty, you are.

Training for Mt. Everest

You are getting braver and I can tell you are thinking about walking. You love to walk pushing your high chair and walker around. You will stand alone without holding onto anything for about 10 seconds and I am just waiting to witness your first steps (You BETTER not take them when I'm not with you)! Until then, you can crawl at the speed of light. Your daddy calls you his little cockroach because you scurry across the floor so fast.

Harrison, crawl to Mommy!
2 seconds later: Harrison? You passed me!
4 seconds later: Harrison! Come back!

You are still taking 4 6-oz. bottles and eating 3 solid meals a day. You are pretty bored with jar food though because you love to feed yourself. You also refuse to let anybody eat in your sight without sharing with you. I am always trying to hide my meals from you because you want to steal all of my food!

I want some of that cereal, Daddy. Pweeease?

I said, I WANT some of that cereal, Daddy!

My daddy is the meanest daddy in the whole wide world!!!!!

You started making a really funny face this month. I call it "fish lips." It's cute!

Everybody comments on what such a happy baby you are. I agree with them. And I also want you to know that not only are you a happy baby, but you make everybody around you happy as well.

Harrison, your daddy and I love you so much and can't believe how fast the time has flown by. I am not ready for this month to be over because it will mean that this year is over. I am desperately clinging on to the passing days and trying to savor every moment of your fleeting babyhood. It seems like everybody else is rounding up your age and I want to scream STOP!  Your dad made fun of me just yesterday when somebody asked how old you were because I corrected him when he said you were 11 months. But you weren't 11 months. You were 10 months. 10 months and 30 days, but still 10 months. Can you tell that I'm going to be a wreck in 30 short days????


Stephanie said…
Super cute, love the fishy lips. And boy does it just keep getting funner & funner. Just wait!
Tracye said…
A secret between you and me? I cry when I sing "Happy Birthday" to my kids on their birthdays. On their first birthdays, I usually just lip synch as everyone else sings, because I'm too choked up to get anything out.

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