I'm still alive. Barely.

So, if you didn't catch Harrison's message in the last post (which several people didn't), I'm pregnant! We found out about 5 weeks ago, but wanted to wait until at least the first ultrasound to tell the world. Ideally I would wait until the end of the first tri, but my fetuses (feti?) never tend to cooperate with that strategy. Nope, they instead like to make their momma throw up a ridiculous number of times every day, sometimes without so much as even a kind warning, and I would much rather people know I'm pregnant than to think I have a severe eating disorder.

So, here are the details:

I'm about 9 weeks along. You so totally CAN get pregnant while breastfeeding.The baby is due June 15. My babies will be 18 months apart. We are going to have our hands FULL. We are really excited. We are beyond blessed!

What else? Let's see.

Oh. As of today, Rick and I are both officially unemployed. And even though just typing that sentence makes me want to curl up into the fetal position, it is actually a great thing. He starts a new job on Monday and was able to take a week off in between. I really think this is an answer to prayers because it will relieve some of the financial pressure for me to go back to work, which obviously isn't ideal with another baby on the way. I like to think that baby #2 was God's way of letting us know exactly where I'm supposed to be in this season of our life!

We had some big plans to organize our house and finish up some projects, but a nasty stomach bug hit all 3 of us over the weekend and while Rick and Harrison are both back to normal, my virus just transitioned into 24/7 morning sickness and I'm feeling pretty darn worthless these days. And while I'm on a complaining streak, I must point out that this is the SECOND time all three of us caught a stomach bug within the last 3 weeks. Seriously?! Then, the day after I got over the first stomach bug, I came down with a cold, which morphed into an upper respitory infection, which was easily one of the worst I've ever had in my life. Not breathing = not good. Luckily my OB gave me a prescription for some antibiotics, which were unfortunately interrupted by the second stomach virus, but seemed to have done the trick nonetheless. Still not gone all the way, but at least I can breathe. Or at least I can breathe inbetween bouts of heaving up my insides.

Annnnnd, done.

I know you love to hear me moan and groan about the state of my health, but I'm officially out of energy.

Not sure when I'll regain enough to crank out another post, coherent or not (as clearly this one isn't), so I think I might decide to just post a few I have sitting in my drafts that I was waiting to post until we made our big announcement. Not that anybody really cares to read them, but I love being able to document memories through this boring blog of mine.

Have a great night. And please, next time you sit down to eat a big, delicious meal, really enjoy it for me! Oh, how I miss food.


Anonymous said…
you are a trooper... hope you are feeling better. see you soon love mary

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