Baby's first Thanksgiving!

So this was officially Harrison's last "first" in terms of holidays. He was due on Thanksgiving day last year but decided on a fashionably late arrival instead.

The traditional Turkey Day meal is my absolute favorite meal. And the leftovers....don't get me started on the leftovers. Remember Ross's huge mental breakdown on Friends when someone stole his turkey sandwich? Well let me just say that I can totally relate to him and his love for the Thanksgiving leftovers!

I think it's safe to say that Thanksgiving food was a hit with Harrison as well.

I got stuck had the privilege of sitting at the kiddie table this year. Good thing I love, love, love the kids at the kiddie table. They were worth the seating chart demotion. 

Stephanie and Hunter stayed at our house. We have this fun tradition of moving our mattress into the living room and having a big sleepover out there. Stephanie has apparently outgrown this activity though and opted for the guest bedroom instead (which can really no longer be called that since it is soon to become nursery #2). The next morning was filled with the boys doing this:

I think Rick is zoning out the most...

... to Sesame Street no less!
 And Stephanie pretty much did this all morning long:

We had a great holiday. I am very grateful every day but I love Thanksgiving because it is a conscious reminder to count and reflect on each and every blessing that God has given me. I really feel the need to pinch myself sometimes!


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