Just a lot of rambling...

This is going to be a totally random post. Just warning you.

Here is the invitation I made for Harrison's birthday party.  To save a buck, I figured I would design the invite myself and just have it printed. I am poor cheap frugal and therefore don't have fancy things like Photoshop, so I spent a lot of time creating it and then even more time tweaking it in Word (think lots and lots of frustrating text boxes!). After several hours of working on it, I have to say that I was pretty proud of it when I was finally finished. That is, of course, until I tried to upload it to order the prints and realized that Word is not a supported file for ANY photo processor. So then I spent several more hours trying to convert it to an image file, and with the help of Google and my mom, we got it done. The problem is the resolution was so low that the quality was terrible. Lesson definitely learned!

Speaking of somebody's 1st birthday party, I've been pretty busy getting ready for it. Luckily I have a lot of help in the form of a best friend with lots of free time on her hands :) An added bonus - she's pretty darn crafty! I'm starting to feel the pressure to get everything done, especially since I'm going to Dallas this weekend and then Thanksgiving is next week, so hopefully I'll get a huge burst of energy and some motivation to quit procrastinating and get to work.

In other news, I actually cooked dinner last night for the first time in a month. Doesn't that make me sound like a terrible wife and mom? I just haven't been able to even think about preparing food lately, much less actually handling meat *shudder* or smelling all those kitchen smells *double shudder*. The good news is that Rick doesn't seem to mind eating cereal for dinner every night. The bad news is that he's been eating cereal for dinner every night. If I'm being honest, just stepping foot in the grocery store takes every ounce of my mental and physical energy to not to lose all of my stomach contents right then and there. So naturally, I've been avoiding such places. I don't really want to be the cause of clean up on aisle 12, if you know what I mean.  Well, Katie talked me into reacquainting myself with HEB and we went grocery shopping together on Monday, and I'm happy to report that I actually survived (shocking, I know). It's great to have her as an accountability partner (and finally a restocked pantry). And last night, even though I reeeeeeally didn't feel up to it, I forced myself to actually cook a meal. I made Taco Soup, which was super easy and the smells didn't bother me too much. And then I even managed to eat half a bowl of it! Progress, people! Progress! 

And now I am going to get off my couch and try to get something productive done. Try being the key word. Did I mention I have zero motivation lately? =/


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