Star sighting...well, kind of.

So guess who we ran into at my OB appointment this morning?

Mike Barajas
Mike Barajas, Fox 26

We were on the crowded (and really slow) elevator when I heard a lady say, "Are you Bill?" And then "Bill" responded by saying, "No, I'm Mike Barajas, Fox 26." I don't usually watch Fox news (and apparently the lady who thought Mike was Bill doesn't watch too frequently, either), but once I looked up I did recognize him. He was nice and even paid Harrison a compliment by telling him he was a very handsome little boy (which, sidenote, earns big points in my book because even still at almost a year some people still mistake him as a girl. Even when he's very obviously dressed like a boy. Sometimes he actually even has the word "boy" on his shirt.) I'm not sure if a news anchor qualifies as a star sighting but considering my human interaction is somewhat limited these days, I'm going to go ahead and count it.  :)

Speaking of my OB appointment, I got to hear Chicklet's heartbeat for the first time today! Dr. Klein turned and asked Harrison what he thought about it and Harrison had the most disgusted look on his face. Guess he's not too happy about the upcoming competition. Ha ha! Or, maybe it's just because he's cutting not one, not two, not three, but FOUR teeth all at the same time. He's been quite the little crab lately, which is of course understandable, but still makes his momma reeeeally flustered when he screams the entire time in the packed waiting room. Teeth, hurry up!


Anonymous said…
he just needs his bamaw...or beda...sorry you have a cranky boy...calling chicklet that may backfire when he is older... hoping for a girl also but in this family...who knows.. love ya mary
kelsey said…
haha! We don't call the baby Chicklet because we think the baby is a chick, we call the baby Chicklet because he or she is little like the Chicklet gum. Harrison was Peanut and Chicklet is, well, Chicklet.

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