Harrison has an announcement...


Anonymous said…
he is excited as much as i am... can not wait for another rugrat....love bamma
Tracye said…
I'm so happy for you guys!

I still can't believe I didn't catch what his shirt said!

I read it, but it just didn't click.

Maybe your middle child's shirt will register with me.

Don't hate me! I'm KIDDING!!!
Brigid Pitts said…
Congratulations!!!!!!!!! So exciting. Can't wait to check your blog an OCD amount of times when you find out the baby's sex.
kelsey said…
Thanks, guys!

Mary - I'm not sure Harrison is willing to share you with another baby. You will have to work that out with him.

Tracye - more babies? Um, no. That's ALL you! Didn't I hear your hubby say something about 5? :)

Brigid - I can't wait to find out the sex! I was really hoping it would be before Christmas but looks like the beginning of January. I seriously don't know how people can wait to be surprised...I am WAY too impatient for that!

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