Do YOU know what today is?

So, I have a confession to make. I'm sure it will only boost my coolness factor and not at all cause you to lose any of the respect you may or may not still have left for me.

When I woke up this morning and heard the date on the news, I immediately remembered what today is. But surely I'm not the only one who knows the significance of this date, right?

Ahhh, September 8th. When I was younger just seeing that date would elicit a huge smile from my lips. I used to doodle it on my notebook and daydream about the boy who was born on this lovely fall day. After all, it was the birthday of my first love! (I can still call him that even though he never even knew I existed, right?)

Happy Birthday, Jonathan Taylor Thomas!! There was once a day where I was SO extremely glad you were born. Years later, I'm a little more indifferent to this day. But then again I am devoting an entire blog post to you so maybe I have some unresolved feelings that I need to deal with. Hmmmm.

 Aww, flowers for ME?! Thanks, honey!

You are so sweet to care about my bones! Mwah!

Even though he was a whopping 1 1/2 years older than me, I just knew that it wasn't enough to keep us apart. Sure, 1 1/2 years seems like a lifetime at the age of 12 (he was a whole grade ahead of me!!!), but I was really mature for my age. And yes, I lived in Oklahoma and he lived in California, but no amount of miles could get in the way of love like this. I was SURE of it. And so I did what any normal, non-crazy girl would do and I wrote him a love letter to introduce myself, argue these points, and inform him of our future together. And while patiently awaiting his response I got busy planning our wedding. 

Sadly for him, his response was a little late. 2 years after sending him my heartfelt letter, I finally got a generic thank you note for sending him fan mail and a lame headshot print of him with a copy of his autograph. FAN MAIL? How dare he simplify my  grand gesture of love. What an insult! By the time I received it, I had moved on to bigger and better things (think: Jared Leto).
But there's something to say about a girl's first love. Every once in a while I'll catch an old rerun of Home Improvement and still get a rush of those giddy teenage butterflies in my tummy when Randy walks into the scene. (Which is actually pretty creepy when I stop and think about it, considering I'm 27 now and Randy is still 13 in all those reruns. Yeah, maybe I'll go ahead and retract that last statement.) I remember the absolute joy and excitement I would get when my parents would surprise me with a new issue of Tiger Beat that they had picked up for me at the grocery store. I had his pictures all over my wall and his name doodled everywhere. And my soon-to-be new name doodled everywhere -- "Kelsey Taylor Thomas" since for some reason I thought Taylor would become part of my name too, ha! I saw every movie he was in, and I even had a crush on Simba from Lion King just because it was JTT's voice. Yep. I just admitted that I totally crushed on a cartoon lion. Hey -- I told you that I was really mature for my age.

Not sure what my ex-boyfriend is up to these days but I'm pretty glad that it didn't work out between us. I like to think that I snagged a much better mate. Much better, and much taller.  :)


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