A Week in the Life {Thursday}

6:30am - after hitting snooze a couple of times I dragged myself out of bed so I could get a shower in before being bossed around by little people. She was ready and waiting for me when I got out. But at least she is so happy in the mornings. She talked and sang to my as I got dressed and quickly eased me out of my grumpiness. Everybody deserves a little bit of the sunshine that is Harper Grace in the mornings.

I got us all ready and packed for school. We had to leave a little early today because it was Muffins with Mom to celebrate Mother's Day. The kids were so excited to give me my gifts and sing for me on stage.

8:45am - arrived at Peewee School. Thankfully I thought to bring backup breakfast in my purse because a lot of the muffins had nuts in them. They didn't seem to mind at all and happily scarfed down their cereal bars and grapes.

I didn't video tape a lot of Harper's song because for the first 3/4 of it she was standing directly behind someone and you couldn't even see her. She was singing and doing the motions though and kept smiling at me. That girl melts my heart.

I'm happy that Harrison seems to finally be over his stage fright. He was still more reserved than normal but he wasn't scared like he was in previous years.

Here are the gifts the kids made me. Harrison also gave me a little tote with his hand print on it. I'm not gonna lie -- I actually teared up when I read this poem.

10am - I got home and got busy. It was absolutely gorgeous weather so I did some yard work and cleaned out my car. Rick told me about a little trick where you put toothpaste on your headlights to get the foggy looking film off so I tried it out. Not perfect, but it did help. I had to take a picture of one of the blooms on our magnolia tree. This is the one thing we've planted over the last 6 years that has flourished so I felt the need to document it. I also took a picture of all the junk I cleaned out of my car. It's insane how fast it gets cluttered. I really try to enforce the no-leaving-stuff-in-the-car rule but clearly we have some rebels. And my little shadows kept me company while I was outside. They are so old I don't even have to put them on leashes anymore. My sweet furbabies.

After working around the house I left to run by Target to try to find Harper a birthday gift. What a challenge this has proven to be. Yesterday while we were at Walmart we perused the toy aisles to get ideas and everything I was sure she'd love she gave me a disgusted look and turned her nose up at. She is so snobby particular! I don't want to buy her something just to buy her something and it really shouldn't be this difficult to shop for a 3 year old little girl. When I was tucking her in last night I asked her if there was anything special she wanted that we didn't see at Walmart and she told me she really wants a princess suitcase. So I looked for one at Target with no luck, but they did have Minnie Mouse and she loves Minnie Mouse so I thought for sure we'd be golden. I bought a couple of little things to stick inside and thought I was in great shape. And then tonight I tested it out.

Me: Harper, have you thought any more about what you might want for your birthday?
Harper: A princess suitcase that the little princess fairies make.
Me: Or you know what? Minnie Mouse would be pretty cool too, don't you think? She's so cute!
Harper: ::scrunchy face:: No, not Minnie Mouse. I just want a princess one. 
Me: hmmm. Well what if Target doesn't have princess ones? 
Harper: Then we can go shopping in all the other stores outside of Target.

Jeez. Next thing you know she'll just ask me for my credit card and the keys to my car.

2pm - I picked the kids up from school and there was not much cooperation getting in the car from a certain little boy. He took off running away from his teacher through the grass and of course his sister followed suit. Nothing like holding up the carpool line while everyone watches your kids ignore you followed by you having to chase them down and whisper threats through a fake smile. I got them loaded finally and then we came home. I tried to get Harper to lie down to rest but she was fighting me big time and I didn't have it in me to battle her over it. So I let them do "quiet time" together. It started off fine...

But then ended badly.


I never got the full story on how he acquired this awesome mark on his face. His answer was that it was a failed "maneuver", so whatever that means. If I had to guess it would involve climbing and jumping off of furniture. Because 5 minutes earlier I specifically told them not to climb and jump off furniture. And he never challenges the rules EVER. Ha!

And then I had to take a picture of this because it was hilarious. I was in the kitchen and heard him screaming for me. I need help! I have an emergency! I ran in there and he was stuck like this. I had asked him to put his shoes away and he was being lazy and tried to put them in the pocket without bending over and using his hand...and then he got his foot stuck.

I unpacked their backpacks and lunchboxes and they got their school pictures back today. How stinkin' cute are these two kids? They are pictures of pictures, but you get the point.

Then we just hung out and played a little bit. They dressed up like a cowboy and a cowgirl and we played "wild west doctor" where I was the patient, Harper was the cowgirl doctor, and Harrison was the cowboy nurse. Harper informed me that my heart sounded beautiful and Harrison diagnosed me with a case of "cold feet-itis". Love them!

5:30pm - I started cooking dinner. We had Harper's favorite: "cunchy tacos" with a side salad. I originally planned to have a craft night with Brandy but I bailed on her because I've seen my husband a collective 3 hours this week and I wanted to spend some time with him. We've been vehicle shopping over the last couple of weeks and there was one he wanted to go look at so we went down to Galveston to test drive it. Remind me to never go car shopping with children in tow ever again. What a pain to switch over car seats and of course they wanted to climb all over it and act like a couple of crazies. They wouldn't come off the price enough so we didn't buy it but at least we know what we want now.

8:30 - we got home and got the kids ready for bed. Rick wasn't far behind them because he's sleep deprived this week. And I have been hard at work making precious little tutus for some precious little girls. What a fun party to plan!

I still have 4 more tutus to make but I can hardly keep my eyes open. I'm going to kick myself tomorrow for waiting until the last minute!

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