A Week in the Life {Thursday}

5:30a.m. - Rick got up for work.

7:15a.m. - After hitting snooze a million times I finally made myself get up. Our bed stayed kid-free all night, holla! I got up and made the bed and got myself dressed and ready. I went to bed with wet hair and should have taken a picture of it when I got up. It was se-xy! Needless to say, it has been a hat wearing kind of day.

7:45a.m. - Kids are up. At the first sign of Harper stirring I have to go get her because this is what I find.

She chunked her sleeping buddies and I caught her in the act of disrobing and un-diapering.
Look who else had a nice case of bed head

8:00a.m. - While I was getting Harper dressed I heard a loud uh-oh! Mom, it was an accident! I'm so sorry, Mommy! I guess he decided he wanted eggs for breakfast and took it upon himself to get them out of the fridge. One of them didn't make it. May it rest in peace.

8:30a.m. - I emptied the dishwasher while I was cooking us breakfast. Then Harper came running into the kitchen holding her potty container full of poop. I'm trying to teach her that only grown ups empty it because obviously I don't want bodily fluids spilled all over the house. But I was so proud of her for taking the initiative and going in there all by herself to go #2! She's doing great. I'd say we're about 80% there!

9:00a.m. - We ate breakfast and then I cleaned up the kitchen. I put on an episode of Dinosaur Train so I could get a load of laundry started. Then we just hung out and played.

After a year of trying to get Harper to eat eggs she finally decided she likes them

11:30a.m. - I finished getting them dressed and ready and we headed to the gym.

12:30p.m. - We got back home and I fixed lunch. PB&J for Harrison and grilled cheese for Harper.

1:00p.m. - I got Harper dressed in her sleep clothes and put her down for a nap. Harrison threw a 20 minute temper tantrum because after asking him repeatedly to choose a couple of toys for quiet time and him ignoring me, I sent him to his room with none. Except of course the three drawers and toy box full of toys in his closet...but those apparently weren't up to his standard today. He finally calmed down and I went in to talk to him and he asked me, why are you always making me want to throw a fit? Nice, kid! Trust me, I feel the same way sometimes.

He refused to play with any of the toys in his room so he resorted to two chairs and one of Harper's old pacifiers...I have no idea where he found it because I haven't seen it in months. Good thing he put it in his mouth and sucked on it. Lol.
2:15p.m. - Harper never fell asleep so I went to get her up. Harrison had an appointment to get his hair cut so I was a little nervous about the no nap thing. I'm also a little nervous that she is already trying to give them up...I am so not ready for that!

Pillow, blankets, and dolls overboard? Check. Pigtails out = crazy hair? Check. Wired, cracked out toddler? Check!
3:00p.m. - Harrison decided he wanted a summer cut and I agreed with him. I hate how short hair makes him look even less like my baby boy but he was looking shaggy and that cowlick of his is impossible. He loves his new "really cool shark hair" and I do too. Such a handsome big boy!

and after!
enjoying their suckers

when he finished he asked me, "may I please have some more sugar?" :)
4:00p.m. - We swung by Hobby Lobby to get a couple of things. Oh how I love Hobby Lobby. I walk in the doors and immediately forget why I'm there and walk aimlessly down all the isles...or at least that's what I used to do before I had kids with me :) it's a good thing they keep my visits short or I'd be poor. Not even 1 minute after I buckled her in (I should point out that she INSISTS on climbing into her seat all by her self and putting her own seat belt on every.single.time we get in the car..."BARPER'S TURN! BARPER'S TURN!"...and it takes her 5 minutes...and if you attempt to help her she insists on starting over) she had already taken her pig tails out and kicked her shoes off. That girl. She's a mess!

5:00p.m. - Rick got home early tonight! We usually go out to dinner on Fridays for Family Night but since I'll be busy cooking and baking tomorrow we made plans to go tonight instead. The kids wanted to go to their favorite (other than Whataburger, lol) so we took them to Jimmy Changas. They did really great, especially considering no nap! They ate their dinner, so they got to play, and they didn't throw a fit when it was time to leave the playground, so they each got an ice cream cone. That pretty much never happens so it was definitely a successful outing!

too cool to smile
monkeying around (I'm hilarious)

6:30p.m. - I had to run into Ulta really quick and grab some makeup for me and some hair product for Harrison. Definitely worth waiting for the Hubster to get home so he could sit in the car with them. After Ulta we swung by Spec's (don't judge us...I promise we don't drink that often, haha!) and I returned the favor for Rick.

7:00p.m. - Baths, PJs, teeth brushing, playful kiddos, tears about bedtime (from them, not me :) ), and then they both out by 8:30. Rick is watching tv and after I finish this post I'm going to make some pasta salad for the party and go through my to-do list for tomorrow. It's going to be a busy day!

Here is what our Thursday looked like last time. Seems like a lifetime ago.


Tienna said…
Harrison's hair cut is so dang cool, it officially pushes him in front of his own father on the coolness-scale. Not that Rickles set the standard real high. Ha!!

Jimmy Changa's (chaaaynga's if you're me)!! I heart you!!

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