Dear Harper,

Today, my sweet girl, you are turning 3. I'm blinking back tears as I type this for a multitude of reasons. I'm thankful beyond words to have you in my life. I love everything about your vibrant personality. I'm sad to see your little years escaping behind us and yet I'm thrilled about the days ahead unfolding. Your birthday always makes your momma cry and I have a feeling that will never change. And I'm okay with that.

Two has been a privilege and a blessing for your momma. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching you learn and grow from a toddler to a preschooler. You are girly, spunky, feisty, & tender all rolled into one. You are kind to others, you are loving and sweet, you SHINE. You are beautiful inside and out, and you know where it matters most. Often times when people comment on how precious you are you tell them what we say to each other, "but I'm most beautiful in my heart." I pray you truly believe that and never, ever forget it.


Oh, Harper Grace. There is so much I could fill up this space with about you. Every day you make me laugh. Every day you continue to surprise me and keep me on my toes. Every day you fill my heart to the brim. Every day I thank God a thousand times over that he gave you to me.

Happy birthday, my sweet doll baby! You are going to rock Three.



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