A Week in the Life {Friday}

2:30am - Harper came in our room crying. I pulled her into our bed to try to comfort her and realized she was crying because she had accidentally peed in her pull up....which leaked all over our bed. AWESOME.

5:30am - Harper decided to wake up for the day. I tried to convince her to snuggle with me but it didn't work. I made the mistake of falling back asleep and she had free reign over the house for about an hour. I jumped up at 6:30 when I realized she wasn't in bed with me anymore. She was up to no good. She found my stacks of tulle I was using to make the tutus and had them scattered all over the house.

one of us is happy to be up...I'll let you guess which one

7am - Harrison, who ended up in our bed at some point between 2:30am and 5:30am, woke up when he realized he peed in my bed too. Seriously?! Needless to say, I did lots of laundry today. I am about to start locking my bedroom door when I go to bed. If only we weren't scared of what would happen with them wandering all over the house in the middle of the night.

7:15am - I was bathing the kids when I got a text from Stacie that she was taking her kids to Chick-fil-a for breakfast and wanted to know if we wanted to join them. Heck yes we did! At this point it felt like it should be noon already so I was happy for the chance to kill a couple of hours with friends. I got them dressed, teeth brushed, hair combed, and medicine packed. Then quickly got myself ready.

When I was digging through my purse to grab my keys I thought, man, I have a pharmacy in here. Between both of them I had 2 fiber gummies, 2 multivitamins, 1 probiotic tablet, 1 singulair pill, 1 prevacid tablet, 1 vial of steroids, 2 inhalers, and 2 epipens. Sheesh!

On the way there we went over my expectations of them. I try to do this anytime we are about to go anywhere in public. I always give them scenarios and they answer with "yes" or "no". Like, are you going to use restaurant manners? Are you going to play rough? Are you going to use kind words? Are you going to disobey when it's time to leave? Etc. They actually love it when we have these conversations but don't always love to carry out the correct actions. But today they did great! They ate all of their breakfast, used their manners, and when I told them it was time to go, they both said yes ma'am! and came right out of the play place immediately. I praised and praised them when we got to the car. It makes me so happy to be able to end fun trips like this on a good note.

kid selfie!

10am - I had to pick up Harper's leotard I had monogrammed for her birthday. This is when I could see Harper's lack of sleep catching up with her. She did not want to listen in the store and she also didn't want to get in her car seat. I gave her a warning and told her if she didn't get in and buckle up I would have do it myself. She didn't listen, so I shattered her world by forcing her in her seat and fastening the buckles myself. I have some nerve, right? She certainly thought so, as evidenced by the screaming and spitting in my face that took place. It definitely was not pretty. Less than 2 minutes later, this happened:

11am - We got home and I put Harper in her bed. She ended up sleeping for an hour an a half. During that time Harrison drew pictures at the table and kept me company while I worked on making the rest of the tutus for Harper's birthday party.

I found an awesome shortcut on Pinterest for cutting tulle for tutus I thought I'd share. You just measure a piece of cardboard to the length you need, wrap the entire spool of tulle around it, then cut at the top and bottom of the cardboard and you end up with a ton of strips with only 2 cuts. I ended up making 11 tutus total and averaged about 15-20 minutes for each one thanks to this handy little trick.

I have been desperately trying to break the kids of the nasty habit of picking their noses and eating their boogers. SO. GROSS. I've tried just about everything I can think of. I explained that it's disgusting. I've explained that it's a great way to spread germs and get each other sick. I told them they don't want to be that kid. I even resorted to looking up google images of bacteria and showing the "booger monsters" to them and fabricating a story that they come alive inside your tummy so you never want to eat them. Finally I have had a little luck with my latest strategy: anytime I catch them in the act, they have to eat something healthy that they don't like. For Harrison, it's raw carrots. He hates them with a passion. It's a texture thing because he likes them cooked (how in the world you can be a picky eater with texture issues but be okay eating BOOGERS is beyond me). But I told him when we eat things that are bad for us, we have to eat something that's good for us to offset it. He knows that 1 booger = 1 carrot and it's helped a lot. But you know what they say -- bad habits are sometimes hard to kick:

12pm - Harper got up from her nap. I seriously don't think she's had a morning nap since she was a baby and it felt weird! I fixed us lunch. Nothing fancy today -- mac n' cheese, raspberries, and leftover chicken. While we were sitting there a little friend vicious enemy decided to join us. I HATE spiders. You wanna see a girl freak out, you put me in a room with a spider. I tried to get the kids to kill it but they weren't going for that. I tried throwing a shoes at it but it was a stubborn little bastard and refused to die. Finally, when my son was sobbing I realized I needed to get it together. I kept telling him it's just a spider! You don't need to be scared! but on the inside I was thinking I feel ya, buddy. We're all going to die!!! I took a deep breath and went after it with a fly swatter and it crumpled up the way creepy spiders do when they die. Blech.

I tried Harper's birthday outfit on her and took her outside to take a few pictures. She was so excited. I'll share them separately but here's one of them:

We came back inside and I got her dressed for her ballet class she has on Fridays. The kids played  for a little bit but were bickering like crazy. I intervened at one point and Harrison apologized and offered her a hug which I thought was sweet. But even hugs can lead to more fights when it comes to siblings...



If I'm keeping it real, they were completely driving me up the wall with their fighting and tattling every 2 seconds. So I declared it a special movie matinee kind of afternoon so I could work on more birthday party stuff without going insane while my kids were zoned out entertained. Harper picked Monsters University and for the first 15 minutes Harrison refused to watch it because "I'm scared of monsters." But a little popcorn seemed to help. :)

I made 2 banners and also made marshmallow princess wands (dipped marshmallows on a stick). Then I thought I would get ahead of the game and make the pink lemonade and store it in the fridge until the party. And then I learned a very valuable lesson: Never again cram a 2 gallon beverage dispenser onto the top shelf of the fridge, because when you close the door the condiment shelf just might push the dispenser lever up causing 2 GALLONS OF STICKY PINK LEMONADE TO DISPENSE THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE REFRIGERATOR. I didn't realize it had happened until I opened the door to get my marshmallows out and it flooded out all over the floor. What a nightmare of a mess to clean up. It took me 45 minutes and 5 towels. It was in every crevice and I even had to throw out some unsalvageable food, including some of my freshly made marshmallow wands. Grrr. I guess the good news is my refrigerator has now been deep cleaned?

this is what every drawer and shelf looked like...sweet!
As if I wasn't stressed out enough during Pink Lemonade Fiasco that was quickly making us late for ballet class, another spider tried to send me over the edge. 2 spiders in 1 day is NOT OKAY! I swear they were bigger than the pictures look.

4:40pm - We rushed out the door to ballet and thankfully traffic wasn't as terrible as it sometimes is on a Friday at rush hour. I didn't get any pictures because a certain 4 year old boy fell asleep 10 minutes away from the dance studio. He was a real treat to deal with, let me tell ya. Can you say GROU.CHY.

6pm - We got home a few minutes after Rick. He and the kids played out in the backyard while I cooked dinner. Harrison made a bug house out of an old shoe box and collected a caterpillar and a few roly polies.

Breakfast for dinner, oh yeah! You really can't go wrong with a bacon, egg & ketchup sandwich. (Please tell me I'm not the only one who puts ketchup on my eggs?? Rick thinks I'm a freak.)

7pm - Friday nights are usually Family Night. We usually either go out to eat or grill out in the backyard and then either play games, do bubbles, or watch a movie together. It's also the one night they are allowed to sleep in our bed. HAHAHAHA. Fail! Anyway, I bailed on them because I had to escape to run some errands. I went to let my mom's dogs out since she's out of town, and then went by HEB, Kohl's, & Walmart to get groceries for the party and also to look for a princess suitcase for Harper's gift. No luck. But I did score a Minnie Mouse folding chair on clearance that I know she'll love. When we went camping last year she lived in Abigail's folding chair so I know it'll be a hit. And if not, too bad so sad!

9pm - I got back home and both kids were already in bed. Hallelujah for a night off! Rick and I chatted and had a drink while I finished the last of the tutus and made the cupcakes for the party. I also swept and mopped my sticky kitchen floor. I think I stayed up until 1am or so, which is why this post is just now getting finished 3 days later. :)

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Tienna said…
You are a tutu making MACHINE! I didn't comment on her birthday post, but what a fun day!! I love that she is so girly and into this stuff. :)

P.S. You are a freak for liking ketchup on your eggs. But you're in good company...Tony's entire family eats them like that.

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