Well, we are officially on summer break around these parts. I'm both looking forward to and dreading the lack of schedule, but mostly looking forward to it. This is going to be a huge summer for us and I'm excited to see how it all plays out.

(How do you like that little teaser? I'll be sharing some big news soon!)

The kids' last day of school was on Thursday. Look at how much they've grown and changed over the last 9 months:

They had an ice cream social to celebrate the end of the year. And it's at this point I feel the need to make a little confession.

That certain creepy truck with a pervy driver who passes by our house every day playing music to lure kids outside? My kids wholeheartedly believe that it's a Vegetable Truck. Some people might think it's a cruel lie but I personally think it's genius! We stole the idea from some good friends of ours and it all started out as a joke. But then our kids actually believed us and it got even funnier. Every time they hear it they yell, the Vegetable Truck!  I always ask them if they want to go outside and buy some vegetables but for some reason they are never interested. Ha! I'm a little nervous that the jig is up now that they've actually gotten ice cream out of one, but I guess we'll see soon enough. :)

Hanging out with Baby Cooper

Later that night they had their End of Year Program.

Harper was a hoot. She is the 7th from the right. Check out her classic Elaine Benes dance moves. And she kept lifting her dress all the way up...thankfully it had 2 layers. That silly girl!

And this is the first year Harrison didn't cry when he was up on stage! He was still a little timid but I was so proud of him. Never before have I seen such an avid performer who changes personalities so drastically when he gets up in front of an audience. But even though he was reserved he still sang and did the gestures. And he even improvised with a little crotch scratch. Yep, nothing like scratching your balls in front of hundreds people. He is 2nd from the right:

Mrs. Brittney, Mrs. Dana, & Mrs. Sucema

Harper was not in the mood for pictures so here is just one of her teachers: Mrs. Vickie

Afterward they guilt-tripped my mom into joining us for dinner.

And now I'm craving Five Guys...


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