Thursday, May 29, 2014

I used to be cool.

So, this happened over the weekend. We totally traded in our cool cards. We are now officially losers.

 I always swore I would never own one. Don't you hate it when you eat your words? Ugh. But it's what is most practical for our family right now so we sucked it up. Trust me, it took a lot of sucking.

And to make it even more painful, we bought it from a Mercedes Benz dealership. Nothing like pulling into a swanky Mercedes parking lot and driving out with a used minivan, right? We did consider the sweet SUV we saw in the showroom for a nice $130K. But alas, the Toyota Sienna won us over.

I do have to say that I could get used to shopping at Mercedes. The people there were all very friendly and accommodating. Our salesman couldn't have been nicer and didn't seem to mind that we took up the majority of his day buying a used minivan instead of a new sports car at 5x the cost. He even sent us this handwritten note and a lottery ticket -- I guess he knew we wouldn't be able to come back unless we win some big cash. Sadly, we didn't win any big cash. But I still appreciated his personal note.  It's refreshing to find good customer service like this these days.

I think I need to buy one of these to put on my back window:

But I have to confess -- after driving it around for a few days it has totally won me over. That thing is decked out. Every bell and whistle you could think up, it's got. Me and The Van? We've bonded. I'm 90% sure I'm going to name her Vanna White but I'm not fully committed yet. Here are a few others we're considering...tell me what you think.

Swagger Wagon?
Gus the Party Bus?
Minion Mobile?
Van-Gina? (when you open the door kids fall out?)

Clearly you can see we've embraced our loser status. I like to think of it more as we're growing our character. You know, not caring about what other people think of us. Sacrificing ego for the overall benefit of our family. Roll your eyes all you want, peeps! We will be too busy cruising around in the luxury that is our new van to notice your smug sneers.

Harrison did cry a little because he missed our old car. They both gave it a hug goodbye. But then a couple of hours later he told Rick, Daddy, when I am a teenager will you drive my mommy around so I can have the van? I love it! While I appreciated the compliment on my new wheels as well as his concern for my future transportation needs, OVER MY DEAD BODY, KID. No teenager of mine will be driving a van. Nope, the shaggin' wagon privileges are for mom and dad only.

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