Monday, May 26, 2014

Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3

I'm pretty sure 90% of what I've blogged about this year has been medical/health related. It has definitely not been our year. Relatively speaking though, all of our ailments and injuries have been mild compared to what so many people are facing so I've really tried hard to laugh about it all and count my blessings knowing that it could be much worse.

I especially had to laugh when a sweet friend on staff at our church approached us and suggested having our pastor and elders come over to our house to pray over us. This was the morning that Harper cut her lip and it was huge and swollen, which of course had followed almost a weekly incident of some sort for going on a couple of months now. She meant it with kindness and sincerity and I truly appreciated the offer -- but it made me feel like people must think we have some sort of voodoo hex curse on our family or something.  It really is comical, right?

But then two hours later, Rick had an incident with a citronella candle blowing up in his face. It burned his lips and nose and singed all of his eyelashes, even though he had his glasses on. He, of course, was a man about it and even though I could tell he was in pain he made it seem like no big deal. But a candle literally blew up in his face!!! Ummm, freaky.

And then 4 days after that, we were back at the doctor with an ear infection, upper respiratory infection, another rash, and lots of complaints of stomach pain (his scope is next week).

And then 3 days after that, Harper tripped walking into church and caught her fall with her head instead of her hands. The thud of a child's head hitting a tile floor is one of the most sickening sounds for a momma to hear. Thankfully, after a bunch of tears and ice she was fine other than a nice little (big) goose egg and bruise:

And now I'm thinking I might need to call my friend up and take her up on her kind offer of prayers after all! I joke about it but of course I know we're not actually cursed. Instead I feel like God is testing us and using this season to stretch and strengthen us and I hope we aren't wasting the opportunity for growth. I won't lie and say I'm not ready to rest my muscles and sit out on the bench for a while but I am encouraged by James 1:2 - consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, when you face trials of all kinds. I just need a little help with the "joy" part. :)

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